Jan. 7 2011; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns players Jared Dudley (3) , Mickael Pietrus (12) , Channing Frye (8) , Goran Dragic (2) , and Marcin Gortat (2) talk on the sideline against the New York Knicks during the first half at the US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

Who Will Start For The Phoenix Suns? 2.0

The Suns are about 3 weeks away from playing their first preseason game and their starting five is still in question. I wrote an article earlier regarding the Suns starting five and I felt that the Suns starting five would be Goran Dragic, Shannon Brown, Jared Dudley, Luis Scola, and Marcin; and I stand by those picks.

Despite the acquisition of high scoring small forward Michael Beasley I still don’t believe he’ll get the chance to start right away. However I believe as the season progresses Beasley would eventually get a chance at being a starter.

Shannon Brown or Jared Dudley at this point would start over Beasley because both players are coming off better seasons, and both has experience playing in the Suns system. Jared Dudley is pretty much a locked in starter at this point as he’s started 60 games last season and is also coming off a career year posting a career highs is field goal percentage, scoring average, rebounding and PER(Player Efficiency Rating).

The rumor as of late is that 2nd year player Markieff Morris is making great progress and playing at a high level during scrimmages so there would be competition at the power forward spot between Morris and Scola, however because of Scola’s experience in the league he’s all but a locked in starter at least to begin the season.

I stand by my call early this summer when I said the Suns starting five would be Goran Dragic at point guard, Shannon Brown at shooting guard, Jared Dudley at small forward, Luis Scola at power forward and Marcin Gortat at center.

However by the end of the season I believe the Suns line-up would look something like this:

Point Guard: Goran Dragic

Shooting Guard: Jared Dudley

Small Forward: Michael Beasley

Power Forward: Luis Scola

Center: Marcin Gortat

Michael Beasley is coming off a poor season posting career lows in nearly every statistical category, but it’s clear Beasley never wanted to in Minnesota and his production should improve dramatically now that he’s in Phoenix. When Beasley shows Alvin Gentry his ability to score the basketball Gentry will ultimately slide Jared Dudley back to the shooting guard spot and insert Beasley into the starting small forward position. Preseason play will be crucial for the Suns wing players as their play will ultimately determine their spot in the rotation.

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  • Rep316

    Beasley will def start. He didn’t sign with the Suns to eventually start. Unless Beasley gets injured, he will def be the starter come opening night.

    • Matthew

      @2212ab8f65ff931fccfe151541ad5c0c:disqus It’s certainly possible but I don’t see it happening on opening night unless an injury occurs. The Suns signed Beasley because of his young age and potential, but as of TODAY Beasley is coming off an awful season, worse than both Dudley and Brown, not to mention Beasley is new to the team.

      • Rep316

        What does last season have to do with this season? We all know that the Suns contacted Beasley first in free agency. I doubt the Suns would do that to someone who they felt would come off the bench at the beginning of the season. If Beasley comes in and out plays Dudley and Brown in training camp then he should start.

        • Matthew

          @2212ab8f65ff931fccfe151541ad5c0c:disqus You make a great point but any new player that joins a team needs an adjustment period. Jared Dudley is a lock as a starter, he’s been on the team the longest out of everyone on the team, and he can also play both wing spots.

  • John

    I believe the choice to put shannon brown in as starting SG will be the case, but I dont think that’s how the Suns philosophy works, and don’t think it will be the best case scenario. I think Redd should for sure get the starting role. We have this rag tag team in there that all have different philosophies of ball: Do we really need to add to that dynamic with someone like SB? That sounds like a nightmare to me. The best way we can use a shooting guard this year is to balance out the roster with a level headed and effective shooter who will be the one person on the court who is definitely reliable. I think if we gave him the least amount of minutes between him/dud/redd we would be the best off, really.

    • Matthew

      Well unfortunately John, Michael Redd isn’t on the team anymore he would’ve been a great mentor for Beasley and all of the young wing players @f3ceb656e3b4efbb3b8a3ee4ddcdb9be:disqus

  • John

    I think your starting 5 is definitely how we should do things at the start of the season, if we DONT have Beasley in there. If we do, I think Redd should be the starter. Yeah, Beasley’s a little too erratic to just come locked and loaded with on day 1.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Theofficialfabianyanez Fabian MiamiHeat Yanez

    Beasley is definitely starting. You dont have a press conference with the GM and coach calling you the go to scorer and having the ball in your hands for no reason. You also say Beasley is coming off a worst year statistically! Well duhhh Beasley wasnt starting last year lol if course hes not going ti average 19.2pts like when he started. Beasley will start, even in training camp the coach is going to see how good he really is. You dont call someone your #1 offseason priority for no reason and pay him that amount of money not to start!!!

    • Matthew

      Well you know Fabian, Beasley coming off the bench to start the season may not be a negative thing I think a lot of fans are perceiving it as a negative when I say Beasley will come off the bench to start the year. Coming off the bench Beasley will go against bench players, he won’t feel the pressure to succeed/produce right away which he would feel if he was getting a starting role right away. Also the Suns priority this past off-season was Nash, Deron Williams(until he ultimately narrowed his options to Brooklyn and Dallas), Eric Gordon, then came Michael Beasley. The Suns also didn’t offer Beasley a major contract, only about 18 million over 3 seasons and I’m pretty sure the 3rd year is a team option. But you never know, he might start, he might not, I personally don’t see him starting right away over Shannon Brown because Brown was coming off such a good stretch as a starting wing player.