What Luis Scola brings to the Phoenix Suns

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  • Ty-Sun

    Scola may not fit into the Suns’ long-term plans but he’s a great addition at a bargain price. I am really looking forward to watching the new Suns play this season.

  • Scott

    Scola is so unathletic … Dudley is going to look like the Lord of the Dunks compared to Scola. :)

    I also think Scola’s lack of athleticism ought to preclude him playing C. He doesn’t block shots, and he’s not fast enough to keep up with a small ball group, either.

    What he’ll provide, I believe, is some essential veteran leadership, a role model in practices, and a scoring option close to the basket near the end of games when the pick and roll with Gortat isn’t unfolding.

    BTW, it’s hard to believe the Suns have so many authentic bigs this season, with Morris, Scola, Frye, Gortat and O’Neal.

  • Ty-Sun

    Scola’s lack of athleticism precludes him from playing as a starting C. His strength and smarts makes him more than a match for most bench 5′s but I doubt he’ll be called on to play the 5 in Phoenix much. He doesn’t block shots but he does have good, quick hands that strips other players of the ball before they can get up a shot that he knows that he can’t block or try to draw a charge while the other player is trying to get off a shot. Yes he’s a flopper but this year he will be flopping for the Suns :)

    I think he and Gortat will complement each other offensively. Perhaps not in the same games but when one is having a tough time inside then the other will be the go-to guy inside. Their inside strengths are so different that defending them both could be difficult for many teams. Then you also have Morris, Frye and O’Neal to bring in off the bench. The 4 and 5 positions for the Suns should be very solid this season.

    At the point, so many people moan over the loss of Nash but Dragic, Telfair and Marshall should be a strong trio.

    Beasley will be a weak defender at the 3 but should be a strong scorer. Johnson should be almost the exact opposite at the 3. Dudley falls somewhere in-between the two at the 3… a good scorer and a good defender but not great at either.

    The 2 guard spot is where the Suns are really weak from a scoring point of view. Brown could be a great help there IF he can just learn to think about what he’s doing before he does it. Everything I said about Dudley and Johnson playing at the 3 also goes for them playing at the 2. But there may also be times where Dragic shares the 1/2 position with Telfair or Marshall. That’s another wild card the Suns have to play this year.

    I’ve been keeping up with the ESPN player rankings this year and so far we have Frye at 191, Brown at 235, Morris at 238, Marshall at 296, Johnson at 322 and Telfair at 369. Unless everyone’s gone crazy and rated Tucker in the top 180 – of course he was probably just left out of the balloting for the top 500 this year – that still leaves Beasley, Dragic, Dudley, Gortat, O’Neal and Scola to be ranked. There are 150 starting players in the NBA every season. The Suns should have at least 3 of those players starting for them this year AND at least 3 other players who rank just below the top 150. If all the new parts mesh together, I expect the Suns to be a much better team than all the “experts” seem to think they will be.

  • Ryan

    Scola brings his incredible flopping skills (which are accentuated by his flowing locks) to the Suns.

  • Andres

    Scola was a great addition at a low price. When was the last time that the Suns had a hard nosed savvy player like Scola? He wont back down at all and those are the type of players we need

  • Jeremy

    I totally understand that he isn’t a shot blocking threat, but the video used had very poor examples. A couple clips there wasn’t even an opportunity for him to try and half of them were him against Blake Griffin who is an athletic power player the exact opposite of Scola I bet they gave each other fits in those games. That said I thought the video showed that he is a solid defender that doesn’t leave his feet so he is never going to jump then get burned leaving open path to basket. I think that makes his understanding of angles that much more valuable.

  • Joe

    I agree with Ty-Sun. It’s nice to have so many options. It’s also nice to have a legitimate starting line-up, which I didn’t think we had last year. We still need an upgrade at the two spot, but other than that we’re pretty solid.

    @ Mike Schmitz I like the music for the “How he won’t help” segment. Nice. :) Thanks for putting these video analyses together.

  • martin

    another great video, Mike.

    Are you going to do one on Dragic and Jermaine as well? Hope so. These are great for “field guides” this year- on what to expect.

    Scola is a good player on a very reasonable contract. he may do well here and be a keeper for more than this year, depending on how the season goes. Since Gorat is so good on PnR, scola can sit just outside of the lane in his spots for 15′ shots, which is great. That’ll give Goran and Gorat a great chance to use the two man game. This could actually work well.

    Plus we have good defenders now at the 1, 2, 4, & 5 spots, with Beas potentially our only really weak spot. And if Turner can turn him into a reasonable defender, they could be good on that side of the ball.

    This all gives me a somewhat higher expectation than I was thinking.

  • Ty-Sun

    I really think how well the Suns do this season will depend on defense more than offense. We have more solid defenders this year than any recent year I can remember. No one expects Phoenix to play tough defense. I think that they can. But that also depends on the focus of the coaching staff. There are so many new players on this team this year that, even with a full training camp and preseason, they can’t be completely ready before the season starts. But I think they should give at least equal time to developing the defense as they do to developing the offense.

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    Gortat just scored 27 pts and grabbed 21 boards in the EURO game vs Finland (which lasts only 40 min, not 48). Together with Scola they really could be one of the best frontcourts in the West!

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