Feb 3, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat (4) dunks against the Houston Rockets in the second quarter at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-US PRESSWIRE

Why Suns Should Trade Marcin Gortat

Marcin Gortat had a great season last year and was regarded as one of the league’s top centers. Gortat’s mobility and rebounding makes him a good player at both ends of the floor, with the help of Steve Nash last season Gortat averaged 15.4 points and 10 rebounds and also 1.5 blocks per game. Gortat also posted a solid 56% shooting from the field. Gortat without Nash would still be a double-double guy, his ability to hit the mid-range shot and run the floor should easily get him over 10 points a game and his rebounding as well as his mobility shouldn’t diminish either.

I’m actually surprised Gortat is still on the roster at this point because we all knew Steve Nash was leaving this off-season and I thought the Suns were going to trade Gortat to move up in the draft this past June. Gortat is the most valuable piece the Suns have right now. Talented big guys who can be productive at both ends of the floor are hard to come by and had the Suns been a winning team last season around all-star break both Nash and Gortat would’ve made the all-star team.

There are a several reasons why the Suns should move Gortat right now. Gortat right now is at the peak of his value, he’s coming off a strong season and he still has two years left on his contract for only around 7 million a year which is an absolute bargain for a player of his caliber. The Suns can use Gortat into perhaps making a trade for James Harden if they involve another team.

Gortat can easily reel in a couple more first round picks and a quality young player for Suns and at this point that would be only add to the already loaded assets for the Suns and the reason they should trade him right now is because he’s going be 29 years old by all-star break so his value is at it’s PEAK right now.

Potential trade partners for the Suns could be the Cleveland Cavaliers who could be in the market to find a center to give rookie Tyler Zeller time to get accustomed to the NBA game. Atlanta Hawks could be another possible partner even though they have Al Horford, Horford is a bit undersized for a center and with Josh Smith there Horford pretty much has to play center and with all the turmoil in Atlanta, the Hawks may be looking to unload Smith; should Smith be gone, Atlanta could add Gortat and slide Horford to his natural position.

The most realistic trading partner for the Suns at this point though may be the Cavs. Cleveland improved a lot from the prior year and could’ve finished with a better record had rookie of the year Kyrie Irving not gone down with injury late March. Cleveland would want to be competitive and try to sneak into the playoffs to give their young team some playoff experience but most importantly they have valuable assets to offer the Suns in young players as well as draft picks.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, expect Gortat to be gone by all-star break if the Suns are struggling. It would be foolish to keep him and watch his trade value go down if the Suns aren’t at least competitive. However any team that the Suns deal with would most likely involve a third team to make the deal work.

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  • Shane

    What good is james harden if your team just gave up the only legitimate low post player theyve had in years. That seems like a zero sum game.

    • Matthew

      @65881c3281e7a47e65ec1cf36b100a5d:disqus Well here’s the thing, James Harden RIGHT NOW can bring more to the table than Gortat, and long term wise Harden will bring A LOT more to the table than Gortat. Gortat also is not a low-post threat, he got most of his buckets last season off Steve Nash pick and rolls rather than his post up moves. Gortat is also an aging player, he’s going to be 29 by all-star break so why not trade him for a permanent solution like James Harden rather than keep Gortat as a band aid. Because Gortat has such a good contract he has a lot of value on the open market the Suns might as well get a lot for him now as oppose to keeping him.

  • Robert Vasquez

    REALLY , are you serious how many Phx Suns centers from the previous years can you even name , besides “shaq” whatever, sure glad you are not GM of the Phoenix Suns. make a move for Harden and lose Gortat just wait and offer Harden max deal next year.