4 on 4: Luis Scola

When the Suns won the Luis Scola amnesty auction to be honest I was a little disappointed which is  little bias because I absolutely love Markieff Morris and with Channing Frye being his competition for the starting spot he would start in no time. However after about 20 seconds later I realized the bigger picture. This guy Scola is talented, he’s crafty, he’s a veteran and we got him at the super discount price for a player of his caliber. So what’s to be expected of Luis Scola this upcoming season?


1) What impact will Luis Scola have on the Suns?

– Luis Scola will immediately bring veteran leadership and scoring. Scola is one of the best players internationally however his game isn’t as well suited for the NBA as it is for the international game. Scola is also a great low post scorer, the best the Suns have had in years, and his low-post scoring ability will hopefully rub off on guys like Michael Beasley and Markieff Morris.

2) Will Luis Scola lead the Suns in scoring this season?

– No. I don’t believe he will because the Suns have a lot of offensive weapons this season and with the expectation that the Suns will play a slower pace game which doesn’t help with that at all. It’s reasonable to believe that Scola could be the 3rd maybe even 4th leading scorer this upcoming season.

3) Will Luis Scola be starting for the Suns?

– Yes. At this point Scola is one of the Suns best players and until Markieff Morris develops into a more reliable power forward that starting spot will belong to Scola. However Scola is getting up there in age as he’ll be 33 next season and if Markieff Morris improves as we would expect Morris can very well nab that starting spot next season.

4) What’s to be expected of Luis Scola this upcoming season?

– Scoring, some rebounding and toughness. There’s this story told by Manu Ginobili that in the Olympics back in 2004, Scola went up for a layup, got knocked down feel face burst on to the floor and a couple of his teeth exploded and when Ginobili went back to the court he noticed dents on the basketball court where Scola fell. Odd thing is Scola played the next night. The Suns lost a tough guy when they traded Steve Nash who popped his own nose back into place, and he’s replaced with a guy who can overcome tooth pains…Talk about warriors.

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