ValleyoftheSuns Live: Offseason wrap-up edition

The ValleyoftheSuns team breaks down all the moves the Phoenix Suns made this offseason and discusses what they mean for the franchise’s future.

  • Harry

    Had to stop listening about 3/4 of the way in. Reminds me of the quote “I’m not young enough to know everything.” I sure hope the players don’t have your attitude.

  • shazam

    i wish u could work the glitches out w/ this technology…some times minutes go by with pixilated garble..not just this time but every damn time you do it..that is why you have no questions from the listeners or one can tolerate this much glitch in their life…you have no listeners..and that sucks because when it does work you guys sing..its really really good,compelling and not knocking content guys im knocking the format

  • Dustin

    I really enjoy the blog articles they give great analysis just the videos are glitchy enough to loose interest. Here is your solution

  • Scott

    And the videos are too long. 48 min? I’m not going to watch that, sorry.

    Now if I was making a video about the upcoming season, one point I might make is this: if the new additions to the Suns (Scola and Beasley) allow them to move Frye and Dudley back to the 2nd unit, the Suns this year could be significantly better than people think.

    • Michael Schwartz

      I appreciate the feedback. Let me know if you have other thoughts. One of us always seems to have some sort of issue with Vokle and I don’t know what I could personally do about the glitchiness since it seems to be a back end issue, so switching to a Google hangout could be the solution there. What do you all think would be an optimal time length? I have gotten that complaint before and I talk about making them shorter but we never do. We’ll do a better job of making it more manageable time-wise in the future.

  • shazam

    scott if there was no glitches u would so watch the 48 minutes…cmon dude you can recite the bleacher report word for word…i think the real problem is that 48 minutes becomes an hour and a half of garble…scott i usually agree with your equal signs even though i know bleacher has crept in to your factoring but this time bro i just can’t

  • Ty-Sun

    @ Michael – As to the time length, if you have a video longer that 15 mins (at most) break it up into separate parts. Just that would work better for me.

  • Tony


    I have no problem with the length of the video. Personally, the way I see it is the more, the better! If it possible, I do recommend you guys creating a chapter menu within your videosso that we could easily find particular segments of your show that mosts interests us.

    In any case, to the entire VOTS’ writers/producers, thanks so much for all the great articles and videos!


    come on, 48 minutes is not long. As a Suns fan, don’t you appreciate more information and other dialogue about the team? I certainly do.

    • Michael Schwartz

      Thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far. I generally skew toward the “more is better” argument with both articles and videos (which is why our articles and vids are the length they are), but I know many people prefer bite-sized packages. With Vokle I think we could pose each topic as a question to kind of get the same effect as a chapter menu. I’m not familiar enough with Google hangouts to know what we could do there, but that could be the solution to get rid of the glitchiness.

      As long as we’re on this topic I’d like to open it up to more than the Vokle videos. What would you like to see more of or less of on the site in general? Where can we improve?

  • Scott

    Whenever I call up any video I look at how long it is, and I rarely watch anything over 5 minutes.

    I did watch a lecture by economist Marc Faber the other day which was 46 min long. It was soporific, and by the time I got to the end I realized I’d wasted my time because I already knew everything he said.

    With text I can glance here and there and decide if it is worth my while. With video … not so much.

    If I was producing a video, I’d probably keep in mind that many people have limited attention spans or time constraints, and try to have some scripted points to hit in a short period of time. If you’re organized, it’s easy to say a lot in just a little time.

    I’ve not watched a Vokle vid yet, so no … I don’t know what I’m missing. But with my video aversion, I’m probably not the intended target audience.

  • Andres

    Great video Michael and team. I also dont have any issues with the length. Keep’em coming!

  • Tony


    You know my feelings about the topic, but just to reiterate, I would love to see your articles place greater emphasis on the incompetence and penny-pinching ways of Suns management;) Although it is insufficient on its own, to win championships, one of the necessary requisites that franchises’ must have is competent and innovative leadership in the front office, particularly with respect to the non major-market teams such as the Suns. Therefore, I sincerely hope in the near future to read articles holding the true culprits who have prevented the Suns from remaining an elite team accountable for their disasterous decision-making! Remember, a true fan isn’t oblivious to reality, but instead demands better from those responsible for turning their favorite franchise into a perpetual lottery team.

  • Scott

    @Tony -

    There will be plenty of opportunities for such discussion during the season if it should happen that the Suns have the record the “experts” are predicting.

    15-30 wins? That’s epic fail.

  • Tony


    I am not so sure about that even if the Suns win only 15 games. The Suns FO is in a “win-win” situation now because of the “rebuilding” plan, nobody is expecting the Suns to be any good next season, so the bar that is set for them to exceed expectations is so low that it won’t take much for them to surpass it. Moreover, even if the Suns only win 15 games, which I expect them to win more than that, but for argument’s sake if they only wn 15 games, the FO will hide behind the “rebuilding” concept and all attention will be paid toward them landing a number 1-3 draft pick. The attention on the draft will deflect much of the issue with regards to the FO.

    Alternatively, if the Suns finish the season with even a .500 record, we’ll see a plethora of articles praising the FO even though all it means is more mediocrity. Thus, I find it very unlikely we will be seeing much critisism directed towards the Three Stooges.

  • Joe

    Hi Michael,

    I’d like to see an Alvin Gentry interview or even better, a live chat, on the topic of the Suns off season and what he initially envisions the roles will be for each player. I’d also like to know what he thinks of the media’s pre-season predictions for the Suns. Lastly, which free agents would he like to target next year?

    It’s nice to chat with other fans on VOTS but a live chat with the coach once in a while is something I’m sure we all would enjoy.

  • Scott

    @Tony -

    Well of course the Suns FO will say, “I wish we’d have won more, but we’re rebuilding.” But that won’t stop fans from having their say. And if things go bad, I’m sure there will be a lot of complaining.

    However, at this point the Suns have the opportunity to outperform official expectations, and if that should happen it will make the FO look good. You’ll have a harder time making your case.

    It won’t take much to exceed expectations. I can see where the Suns might even play better than last season, despite lacking Nash, Hill, and Redd.

    How can the Suns be better than last year?

    They added 2 players who can create their own shot: Scola and Beasley.

    Dragic maybe can’t play as masterfully on offense as Nash does, but he can play decent defense. With players who can create on the floor with him, Dragic will have an advantage Nash lacked.

    Furthermore, the 2nd unit just improved and gained depth. Two starters from last season are likely to be in the 2nd unit: Frye and Dudley. Also, if he can play, O’Neal could be a significant upgrade over Lopez, simply due to his experience.

    Furthermore, the backup PG status is more or less settled. Whereas last year there was a struggle between two marginal PGs – Telfair and Price – now Price has been replaced with a floor general PG in Marshall, and Telfair knows the system and will have better help than last year. If Marshall can beat Telfair for court time, which I expect he can do, his passing will provide a quantum leap over last year for 2nd unit scoring.

    So the Suns lost their uber offensive creator – Nash – but they gained 4 players who can create: Scola, Beasley, Dragic, and Marshall. They lost their top defender – Hill – but gained a younger defender in WJ.

    We’ll have to see how it goes in pre-season, of course, to get a better indicator of how well it will work, but there is at least a premise by which the Suns could outperform the dire predictions of ESPN.

  • HankS

    I predict quite a bit of infighting on this young Suns team next year… and any success will depend on which kind of infighting it’ll be.

    If it’s the good kind, the one that prompts guys to stay sharp and ready whenever someone isn’t playing well, cover up for each other to prove their valuability for the team, and show the coach they deserve to be on the floor, the Suns are going to surprise people.

    If it’s the bad kind, the one that makes people selfish, only care about their own stats, and spoils the locker room atmosphere, then the Suns are doomed, and we’re in for quite a bit of pain.

    But I’m guardedly optimistic. At least four of the starters (Dragic, Beasley, Schola and Gortat) should average in (low) teens for points, and the second unit should outplay their opponents much more often than not. Fight for a play-off spot isn’t out of the question, and then anything can happen in the mid-season, too.

  • Scott

    @HankS -

    I see players mainly making each other sharper. Marshall is likely to have the worst of it, as he’ll be defended in practices by Dragic and Telfair. Any craftiness in O’Neal’s game ought to help sharpen Gortat’s game, and Scola should be educational for Frye and Morris. Dudley should be a good sparring partner for Beasley at SF, and WJ for Brown at SG.

  • Ty-Sun

    Scola’s a very crafty low-post player. I hope that he imparts some of that to Gortat too.

    One thing I am fairly certain of is that – once the lineups and rotations are established – the Suns are going to have a much stronger bench than last season or the season before. That could make a big difference in close games. Last season, especially early on, the bench (and rotations) was a mess and lost ground for the starters which cost the Suns a few games. I don’t expect to see that this year.

  • DBreezy

    The length of the video is just fine with me, I like content, but the glitches are rough.

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    I like your work too, keepi it coming!
    And I would love to see some Gortat-related stuff, an interview, some articles, whatever :) !

  • Michael Schwartz

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone, it’s much appreciated! Seems like the glitchiness of the Vokle platform was the biggest constant, so we’ll definitely look into moving the show onto Google Plus if that might alleviate the issue. I’ll keep the articles topics you all broached in mind as well for down the road.

    It seems like there was a real mix of opinions on the length. I’m personally of the opinion that it should be however long it naturally goes, but that’s obviously how we get vids that are too long for many people. There’s been talk of shooting for about 30 minutes but then it often goes over. Especially when we start doing postgame shows, we’ll make sure to keep those vids particularly speedy.