March 26, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans (13) controls the ball in overtime against the Houston Rockets at Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

The back up plan?

James Harden has been linked with Suns for some time and now that the Thunder gave Serge Ibaka his extension, Harden wearing purple and orange seems a lot more like reality. However Thunder owner Clay Bennett can always bite the bullet the re-sign James Harden as well despite the luxury tax situation( What if the Suns don’t get Harden though?

At this very moment it’s a scary thought if the Suns don’t get James Harden, with a lack of young players with Harden’s potential the Suns will pretty much have to bottom out and rebuild through the draft. Fortunately for the Suns the 2014 draft will be much deeper than the 2013 draft coming up and who knows maybe one of the Suns young guns will live up to their potential but hey let’s not go betting our houses on that.

Assuming if Harden somehow winds up somewhere else or does indeed stay with the Thunder the Suns should turn their attention to someone like Sacremento King’s swingman Tyreke Evans. After Evan’s great rookie year and winning rookie of the year honors he seemed like the second coming of someone like LeBron James, a big strong athletic wing who can handle the ball, get to the basket at will and create shots for others.

However since his rookie year Evans has struggled in Sacremento and has worsened in just about every statistical category. It’s not completely Evans’ fault though, he’s dealt with as he’s dealt with some minor but nagging injuries, family issues and a constant change of position by the coaching staff from point guard to small forward to shooting guard.

The Kings are set to pay Evans 5 million dollars this season on the final year of his rookie contract, the Kings can also extend a qualifying offer to Evans worth close to 7 million which they may not do if Evans doesn’t play well this season. There has been multiple rumors of Tyreke Evans being on the trade market, now whether or not these rumors are valid is a different story.

It seems at this point a change of scenery is good for both parties; especially for Tyreke Evans. Evans can certainly leave his troubles behind in Sacremento and if he finds his way to a team like the Suns it’ll be good for him and the Suns. The Suns training staff will limit his missed games as Evans missed 25 games during the 2010-2011 season. Evans would also thrive in the Suns run-n-gun offense being the athlete and playmaker he is.

Assuming Michael Beasley fails to turn his career around and the James Harden dream goes on down the toilet the Suns should turn their attention to Tyreke Evans. Under the guidance and stability the Suns coaching staff has been known to offer Evans might just live up to the star everyone thought he’d become after his rookie season.

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  • mahazestar

    your crazy to think this guy would do well in the suns run and gun system…

    • Matthew

      @d8486b30dd6a349ede3620734262b1ac:disqus Why wouldn’t he?

    • doodoo

      there’s no room for ballhogs on this team.. we already have beasley

      • Matthew

        @1ee504048ae4287000c6c5f0e542cad3:disqus I don’t know about Evans being a ball hog, he’s definitely a scorer. He’s also a much better play maker than Beasley.

  • Zel

    I would look to gerald henderson or paul george.

    • Matthew

      @3275da5d08a642dd31f158830081996b:disqus I don’t know about Henderson but yeah man Paul George has game and crazy potential at both ends of the floor, the Pacers got a steal in him however I doubt they’d let him get away.

  • Sam

    what about a trade for kevin martin? He is a pure go-to scorer and a veteran presence which is what we need. He wouldn’t do much else but he could score 20 points a game and Houston would do it to let Lamb get playing time and also to get more young players which we now have plenty of.

    • Matthew

      @disqus_AHnLc7FlNm:disqus Martin is good player and I really like him game but he’s not going to help us late into the future. He’s on the final year of his contract and he’s going to be 30 in January, as good as Martin is he’s not going to make us into contenders. The Suns right need either need a rising young star(James Harden, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans). Those guys may not be as good as a guy like Kevin Martin right now but because of their young age they can still improve and get better every season.

  • SunsWillRise

    Hell yeah! I personally prefer Tyreke to Harden. Tyreke is my favorite player since he first came in the league and showed off his supreme handles and buttery smooth finishing skills. I also think he’s a better player now and in the future than James. With all his tools a solid J would open up his game tremendously and put him back on the path to greatness. Don’t even waste time on Harden! REKE TO PHX! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • SunsWillRise

    With the Kings and Tyreke reportedly not seeing eye to eye, this is a golden chance to snatch up a potential franchise player and the most realistic. The beard is likely to stick in OKC or be S&T’ed to a bottom dweller for picks, so going through déja vu all over again (the Gordon situation) and allowing Reke to be pounced upon by another squad would be foolish.

    • Matthew

      @sunswillrise:disqus I don’t know about Tyreke over Harden at this point but if were to ask me if I would take the Tyreke Evans after his rookie season or the James Harden of now I’d take Tyreke, but after his rookie seasons it’s been just going downhill for him hopefully he’ll get back on track once he finds a new team. But as of now there’s a good chance Harden doesn’t remain with OKC because he’s going to have to take less money to stay and asking a young kid like Harden to walk away from millions is asking a lot.

      • SunsWillRise

        Harden looked fantastic last year, but as a sixth man (only started 2 games). That means he was up against mostly second unit players. Then he disappears in The Finals. My point is that he’s still a question mark and spending anywhere near Max-deal money on a career 6th man is ludicrous to me. Reke’s #’s have fallen off and you can credit a number of factors for that but you know what you’re getting in him: Just as much (maybe more) talent, legit superstar potential, proven go to guy ability and he WILL be cheaper to re-sign. I wouldn’t be disappointed with Harden but Tyreke is my first choice.

        • Matthew

          @sunswillrise:disqus Well the thing is, yes Harden did mostly go up against second unit players but he also finished the 4th quarter for the most part. He also LED the league is 4th quarter free throws. Harden has proven to be a solid play maker and a far better shooter than Tyreke Evans. Obviously at this point either player added to the Suns would be fantastic. As far as the money goes, yes Evans would probably command less cash on the open market than Harden but Harden has played well throughout the entire playoffs last year except vs. Miami in the finals which I don’t put on him but instead I feel it’s Scott Brooks fault. Harden has no business guarding LeBron James, that just took everything away from Harden. Either guy would be a great addition to the Suns at this point because both guys have enormous potential except we’ve seen Tyreke can do when given 37 minutes to play every game, while Harden only averaged 31 minutes a game last season(career high)