How does Wesley Johnson help the Phoenix Suns?

  • NBA G

    He doesnt.

  • Scott

    @Mike -

    Good job. He seems like a nice guy, and a talented defender and shooter. A lot of questions about him remain, though.

    For instance, why did he struggle so much with the Wolves? He sounds like what they’d want at SG: a good defender who can spread the floor for the front court players.

    Also, can he play at SF, or would he lose his advantages on offense and defense there?

    Last question: is Gentry planning on playing him with Brown? Because two guys who have the same weaknesses (creation for self and others, court vision, ball handling) may not work so well on the court. Sure, WJ is an efficient scorer, but the team may have difficulty moving the ball if Dudley doesn’t play with one of them.

  • martin

    really good stuff, as usual, Mike.

    We have to allow him to play SF, I think. That may have been one of the problems at MIN. And I’m not sure the 2nd unit can gel within one year to allow him to find his comfort zone. It could take some time for Telfair to find WJ’s spots, and work to his strenghts.

    The “lows” of the video are really telling. People from MIN were saying the guy cannot dribble to save his life. But I didn’t realize what a horrible passer he is. Wow. That’s bad, because if defenders get in his face, he can’t dribble, drive, or pass his way out of trouble. That is scary. So- he’d have to be the last offensive option on the court and only when he’s open. Or he’d have to learn to pass to the open man under Gentry. Though he could be on the court for his D alone. Maybe he’ll play like an involved, locked-in Pietrus who gives a damn.

    Chances are he’s only around for a year, and maybe just as expiring contract trade-bait. But it would be great to see him work out. He seems like a great kid.

  • RosstheBoss

    Players like Wesley johnson are the scariest to acquire because the source of what is holding them back is not their talent or abilities but their mentality. Players like him struggle with confidence or the mental approach to become a consistent professional.

    With Jermain O’Neal in the fold, that plant Michael Beasley firmly at the 3 (Small Forward) and with Phoenix’s desire to feature him on offense that means few minutes for his backup. We both know Dudley will play and Shannon Brown has NBA Championship pedigree (with Lakers) to earn his coaches confidence.

    Make no mistake Wesley Johnson has his work cut out for him.

  • bk

    Nice video. He looks better than my initial thoughts.

  • HankS

    Also, let’s not forget WJ was acquired for Robin Lopez, who we were probably going to lose anyway, and Hakim Warrick, who were were dying to get rid of. Plus, WJ brought a future first-rounder with him, so even if he’s a bust and gone after the season, there’ll be some justification for having brought him in.

  • D.P.

    Nice video, seems about accurate. I think he will make a great backup at SF. Unless he develops his all around game that’s all I see him being unfortunately.

  • JT’s Hoops Blog

    It’s sounds as if Wesley is at best a rotation player that plays well in transition. He certainly does not sound like someone to build a franchise around.

  • steve

    @NBA G

    You stole my comment. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    In fairness, it’s clear that Wes has talent. You don’t go #4 (even if it’s a weak draft) without being able to do SOMETHING very well. I hope Wes can bloom on Planet Orange, but I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Huskerchas

    Very good analysis and breakdown with the video. He has a quick release and nice looking shot, and is a very good finisher. He is quick and athletic on defense, and I liked the video showing his defense on Kobe. He’s quick and long enough to bother a great scoring guard or small forward. He reminds me of a Shawn Marion type player. As is obvious though, he’s a poor ball handler. It’s not likely that his dribbling skills will improve, but he could become a better passer, especially by making better decisions.

    He’ll need to either shoot it quickly or pass it once he gets it, and not mess around. I wonder if he will get enough minutes to develop here. I assume he’s going to back up Beasely, so I would expect he’ll need at least 20 mins./game to develop.

  • silver

    his contract will free up cap space when we waive him