Michael Beasley’s estate sale has something for everybody

So Michael Beasley was signed by the Phoenix Suns this offseason, and obviously that means he has to move to Arizona from Minnesota. But instead of bringing all of his belongings with him, Beasley apparently has set up an estate sale at his old home.

Twitter users @jakenyberg (Jake Nyberg) and @ccfMRF (Dan Murphy) were kind enough to tweet the diverse collection of items being sold by Beasley, and NBC’s Kurt Helin brought it to our attention.

I scoured both Nyberg and Murphy’s Twitter feeds and below have compiled a list of items that Beasley was selling. While some of said items went for a dollar or two, the more expensive things he’s trying to get rid of were for sale for upwards of a couple thousand dollars.

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Fox Sports North’s Joan Niesen took a stroll through Beasley’s estate sale today and shared some very interesting thoughts.

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  • Carter

    Women’s handbags…that’s a little odd

  • Scott

    BTW, ESPN has listed what they believe are the bottom 100 NBA players in the league, and none of the current Suns are on it.

    Surely there’s some mistake … ;)

    @Kevin -

    Bergman was influential before your time. Don’t worry too much about it. :)

  • http://www.valleyofthesuns.com Michael Schwartz

    Haha, I was kind of thinking the same thing (Tucker at least), but aside from him who really would be in that bottom 100? I think #NBARank will showcase what we already know about the team: lots of mediocrity.

  • Scott

    @Michael -

    Tucker would have to be in this group. He must not have been on the NBA’s player list when names were gathered for the project.

    Some of those players in the 400-500 range are probably there because the judges don’t know how to evaluate them properly.

    I’m sure some Suns fans who read this site probably would want one or two of those guys on the team.

    BTW, four of that bottom 100 play for the Blazers, yet for some reason it is the Suns who are ranked at #29? Heh.

    Unless the rosters change significantly, I expect the Suns to win every game against the Blazers this year. Not necessarily win by a huge margin, but I think the Suns have more talent.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com Michael Schwartz

    @Scott Very true. I’m actually one of the voters and I guess I don’t remember Tucker’s name being on there. The ESPN editor in charge of the project tried to get everybody on there but it would be easy for a player like him to slip through the cracks. Will be interesting to see where everybody ends up.

    Very true, kind of embarrassing where we ended up putting Jeremy Lin and Lavoy Allen last year because nobody knew them.

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    Really? You don’t know Ingmar Bergman? Americans… ;)

  • steve

    100-250 is going to be littered with Suns players.

    My question is who will be the top Sun? Obviously, the easy money is on Gortat, but I wonder if Goran’s outburst and Gortat’s fading at the end of last season stuck out in the minds of voters enough to give Goran the edge.

    Or maybe there are people who still believe Beasley will be a superstar…

    If Gortat is actually the best player in Phoenix this coming season, the Suns are in for a LONG year.

  • http://jtshoopsblog.blogspot.ca JT’s Hoops Blog

    WTF is he doing with pricey women’s handbags? Is there something we don’t know about the Beaz?

  • sun also rises

    @JT sounds like you’ve got an inside track on why that might be, but that’s not surprising. Takes one to know one.

    and @ bergman screenplays at Beasley’s house: my Sprite Spark “somehunh” moment for the week. Good to get it out of the way, lol.

  • Ty-Sun

    I’m sure there will be several Suns players in the top 100.

    Unfortunately they will all be former Suns players.

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  • Jimmae

    Can people stop being such colossal dicks about the handbag thing? Seriously, we’re in the 21st century and 20 years post-Rodman. Even if they didn’t belong to a past girlfriend, why the hell does it matter?

  • steve


    Our lives can only be completed by the ridicule and slander of those more famous than us. Welcome to ‘Merica.

  • Scott

    @steve -

    It’s not at all limited to those more famous than us. ;)