Apr 14, 2012; San Antonio, TX, USA; Phoenix Suns head coach Alvin Gentry during the first half against the San Antonio Spurs at the AT

Phoenix Suns not done making moves?

This 2012 off-season will be one that Suns fan will remember for a long time, it’s also an off-season where the Suns made more moves than they’ve made in years. The Suns during this off-season signed 4 new players, traded away arguably the greatest Sun of all-time Steve Nash, traded Robin Lopez and resigned Shannon Brown. Talk about a busy off-season.

With all these moves the Suns have quickly positioned themselves to succeed in the future, after all they do own 6 first round picks within the next 3 years. Are the Suns done making moves though?

A rumor floated around yesterday on ESPN that the Orlando Magic could possibly make a move for Sebastian Telfair; a deal that would make sense for the Suns since he’s their 3rd string point guard. Another rumor came around today that the Utah Jazz were apparently hot after Ryan Anderson before Orlando traded him to the Hornets and attempted to make deal with the Magic that would involve Paul Milsap. The Jazz has great front court depth with Al Jefferson, Enes Kanter, Derrick Favors and Paul Milsap; all of them are quality players.

Utah seemed to be interested in a big to stretch to floor and outside of Ryan Anderson, Channing Frye is the only other guy who would fit that bill. It’d make sense right now for the Suns to deal Frye because at this point he’d probably have to play behind Luis Scola and Markieff Morris at the power forward position. Here’s a look at the Suns team depth chart right now:

Point Guard: Goran Dragic – Kendall Marshall – Sebastian Telfair

Shooting Guard: Jared Dudley – Shannon Brown – Jerome Dyson

Small Forward: Michael Beasley – Wesley Johnson – P.J Tucker

Power Forward: Luis Scola – Markieff Morris – Channing Frye

Center: Marcin Gortat – Jermaine O’Neal


Dyson and Tucker aren’t expected to play too many minutes and Dyson might not even be on the team by the time the season starts. So that leaves Channing Frye and Sebastian Telfair the odd guys out. Both of whom are quality players and I don’t think they’d want to be 3rd string insurance policies in case the first two guys get injured. With Telfair on the last year of his deal and playing limited playing time, trading him would be wise; same goes for Frye but he has a longer deal.

There are still a few free agents out there that the Suns could pursue, guys like Andray Blatche, Terrence Williams, maybe even a couple of guys that were on the Suns summer league roster guys like Charles Garcia and Marcus Landry. It’d be interesting to see what goes on the rest of this off-season, one thing is for sure though; the Suns aren’t finished making moves yet.

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  • bball

    Ryan Anderson plays for the Hornets…..

    • Matthew

      @bd85e2f58c6b8bc2b531183138342da2:disqus he was traded to the hornets by orlando but before the trade utah was in pursuit of him because they wanted a stretch big

  • jond

    What makes you think Sebastian Telfair is 3rd string?

    • Matthew

      @ec3e4b9d5fbdccf7a7d81b6ae011df06:disqus he is on this team, the Suns aren’t going to let a lottery pick be a benchwarmer, certainly not a rookie of Kendall Marshall’s caliber.

      • jond

        Kendel hasn’t proven anythingjust because he was a top pick doesn’t mean he will get playing time…. did you watch him in the summer games??? Unless he makes a huge improvement in training camp I doubt he will start over telf.

        • Matthew

          @ec3e4b9d5fbdccf7a7d81b6ae011df06:disqus Yes I did watch Marshall during the summer league games, he struggled in the first two games but he look GREAT during the final game when he absolutely dominated the entire game, controlling the pace and flow of the offense. Not to mention they were playing a good Memphis team that time too with Josh Selby who was just lighting up the summer league. You do have a point though, Marshall has yet to prove himself but it seems he already has a better overall game than Telfair as far as being an NBA point guard.

          • http://www.facebook.com/james.monroe.39108 James Monroe

            You couldn’t be more wrong. Bassy will definitely start the season backing up Goran. Also, logic says you’d have to actually see the kid play an NBA game before saying things like he has a better overall game than bassy as far as being an NBA point guard.

          • Matthew

            @facebook-100003139106153:disqus everyone has their own opinions, I guess we’ll see when the season starts. Theres actually a good chance that Bassy wont even be on the roster by the time the season starts. Remember last year Markieff played ahead of Hakim Warrick to start the season even though Markieff never even played a summer league game. We’ll see though! Go Suns!

  • The Nick

    when do you expect moves to be made as far as a trade? i feel like we are one solid player away at having no doubts about playoffs.

    • Matthew

      @bad675885372fd847ba24889c0ccbb47:disqus I think the small trades should take place before training camp as they often do, and the bigger moves would most likely happen sometime around the trade deadline or all-star game. I agree with you Nick in that we’re one player away, maybe not a player but I’d say like a upgrade at a certain position.

      • The Nick

        yea, i think that a shooting guard is what we need but who are they going to target???

        • Matthew

          @bad675885372fd847ba24889c0ccbb47:disqus It’s a tough call man, the pickings are slim, since we’re in a rebuilding mode we need that rising star like a Harden or Gordon but obviously both guys are off the market right now. Assuming Harden opts for free agency then we have a shot at signing him but as of right now I don’t think outside of those two guys there aren’t any other SG that would fit that bill. Harden said he’s open to playing the Suns and he loves the Phoenix area so it’d be interesting to see if he wants to stick with OKC or go somewhere next season.

  • Matthew

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  • phxdesertdude

    better question what makes you think that dudley is a sg?? wes johnson should be in the starting lineup with dudley and brown being the cornerstones of the bench. I imagine that channing will be back up 5 when he comes back from injury. Keef will see more playing time

    • Matthew

      @1e52d4dfa614f0f3d472c653b9f9ffb8:disqus well what makes you think he isn’t? I mean he played that position for the last year and a half….I was thinking Frye would be a back up 5 too, at thing point whether they signed O’Neal as a insurance policy or to actually play him is a different story.

  • mahazestar

    IDK why alot of these guys on here are thinking that Wesley Johnson will start over Dudley. Do you guys think that Gentry would start 4absolutely New players for the suns? Sure Brown can be thrown into the equation but I believe that Gentry would want some stability on the court and someone who knows the Suns offensive system, and that would be the very coachable DUDLEY.Obviously all the players would have to prove themselves in training camp but the start of the season the Suns are going to field DRAGIC, DUDLEY, BEASLEY, SCOLA AND GORTAT. Bench: Marshall/ Telfair, Wesley Johnson/ Brown, Wesley Johnson/ P.j Tucker, Morris/ Frye, Germaine O’Neal/ Frye.

    • Matthew

      @d8486b30dd6a349ede3620734262b1ac:disqus Everyone has a different in sports man it’s almost impossible for everyone to completely or even close to being unanimous on any particular topic. I do agree with you though, I’m not sure whether or not Alvin Gentry is going to start Beasley right away however I do believe Beasley would be the long term starter.