Jan. 7 2011; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic (2) drives the ball against the New York Knicks at the US Airways Center. The Knicks defeated the Suns 121-96. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

4 on 4: Goran Dragic

The Suns drafted Goran Dragic 45th overall in the 2008 NBA draft and was an absolute steal for the Suns; until they traded him away for Aaron Brooks who ultimately the Suns let walk for nothing. The Suns managed to get Dragic back this summer as a free agent inking him to a 4 year 30 million dollar contract. Dragic is all but penciled in as the Suns starting point guard, who had a great season last year in Houston and averaged 18 points and 8.5 assists as Houston’s starting point guard. So what should be expected of Goran Dragic this year? 4 on 4 time!!


1) Will Goran Dragic be able to maintain the same production he had in Houston in Phoenix?

- I’m going to have to say no, Dragic averaged almost 37 minutes a game as a starter and it’s obvious he won’t be getting as much minutes in Phoenix with rookie Kendall Marshall as his back up. Dragic will likely play a couple minutes less than he did in Houston so I’m doubtful that he’ll be able to maintain the same production with less minutes nightly.

2) Who is the best compliment to Goran Dragic?

- It’s a tough call at this point, but I’m going with Luis Scola. Dragic and Scola were teammates in Houston and will have chemistry right away. Scola is capable of finishing post shots, a decent pick and roll player and he’s also one of the best mid-range shooting big man in the NBA.

3) What’s Goran Dragic’s long term role in Phoenix?

- Well at this point he’ll be their starting point guard for the next couple years, but hopefully for the Suns Kendall Marshall will come along quickly and overtake Dragic as soon as possible! Dragic is a very good point guard but his potential is limited whereas Marshall’s is much more wide open. If Marshall shows solid progress within the next year or two, Dragic will probably be moved.

4) What kind of impact will Dragic have on the Suns team?

- Goran Dragic won’t bring elite athleticism, deadly shooting or “Nashty” Passes, but he will bring it 100% every game. Dragic will play very tough defense, attack the rim, and be the fearless attacking point guard the Suns haven’t had since probably Stephon Marbury. Dragic is a very talent offensive minded point guard who can also help mentor Kendall Marshall and show him how to attack defenses in the NBA after all Dragic did burst on the scene with a 23 point second half against our “Beloved” Spurs in the west semis back in 2010.


I still don’t think Dragic is the long term answer for the Suns, but rather they signed him as an insurance blanket incase Marshall doesn’t work out. Dragic’s contract is also pretty reasonable for a player of his caliber and he can definitely have a positive influence on any team. With a guy like Dragic running the show I expect the Suns to be competitive but the playoffs still a long shot.

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  • a

    I disagree. Marshall is the one limited physically/athletically. Nash wasnt Nash ’til he put in the practice with Dirk, always remember that. It took him quite a few years before he was considered legit and all-star caliber. Goran could do the same or better. It really depends on his internals as far as what drives him, and injury fate/luck/destiny. With hard WORK the potential is there for Dragic but moreso as he has the athleticsm to go with it that Marshall just does not.

    • Matthew

      @d10ca8d11301c2f4993ac2279ce4b930:disqus Nash was always a good point guard, he struggled a lot his first two years in Dallas but ultimately he became good then when he came back to Phoenix and was placed in the correct system that’s when he flourished and played at the highest level. The thing is with Nash though is that he was always a very good shooter, he was always one of the best shooters in the league from every category. Dragic just doesn’t seem to be great at any aspect of the game, is he very good in some aspects? Sure. But not great.

  • joe

    “Dragic is a very good point guard but his potential is limited whereas Marshall’s is much more wide open.” ?? what is this based on? terrible lopsided article based on “OPINION” not facts

    • Matthew

      @8f2a9478253d99b6ca2dce3474192118:disqus Fact: Dragic isn’t elite at any aspects of the game. Fact: Dragic is already 26 and has shown what he can do with a load of playing time, was he really good? Sure. Great? I don’t think so. Fact: Kendall Marshall is only 20 years old and he’s a very gifted passer, and WAS the best passer in college basketball. Then again Joe everyone is entitled to their own opinion especially when it comes to sports.