Feb. 22, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Michael Redd (22) against the Golden State Warriors at the US Airways Center. The Warriors defeated the Suns 106 - 104. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE.

Will the Suns regret not bringing back Redd?

You know as a sports fan and most importantly a Suns fan. There are days where I spent a couple of hours on Youtube looking at Suns player highlights from the past and today I came across Michael Redd’s 25 point explosion against the Rockets and his 23 point burst against the Lakers.

Now that I think about it, I ask myself why in the world did the Suns sign Shannon Brown over Michael Redd. Michael Redd was a beast towards the end of the season and he showed that he still has the ability to score off isolations. Not to mention Redd’s leadership in the locker would certainly have an influence on the younger players and a scorer like Beasley who’s a lefty just like Redd could’ve certainly learned a lot from Redd who was one of the top scorers in the league.

There was a stretch during the beginning of April when the Suns went 5-1 and got back into the playoff races and coincidentally Redd during that stretch averaged 15.5 point per game in only about 19 minutes a night.

Michael Redd in my opinion certainly would’ve been a better fit for the Suns than Shannon Brown. Since the Suns no longer have Steve Nash and Grant Hill being the verteran leaders of that team; Redd seemed like the perfect man for the job. Redd isn’t going to be the Michael Redd of old but he’s still capable of averaging 15 points a game due to his shooting touch, basketball IQ, and his experience.

Shannon Brown would probably bring the scoring to the table that Redd would bring but probably not all the other intangibles that Redd has. On top of it all I think Redd would have a much cheaper price tag than Brown. Sure Redd came off two knee surgeries but the Suns training staff managed to keep him healthy during the past chaotic season with back to back to back games, so a normal regular season shouldn’t be too tough of a challenge for those training staff of miracle workers.

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  • Chris

    Hey don’t put an apostrophe after Suns in the title. Writing 101!

  • The Nick

    Suns want to get young and athletic, not old, slow and a shadow of a once great shooter. And lets just say that Redd returned as the elite scorer that he was years ago, his knees wouldn’t allow him to defend the younger shooting guards in the league and god forbid any attempts at fast break points. I think that every move the Suns made this year(other than not giving Mayo what he wanted)was perfect. We got something for Nash instead of him just walking, we dumped Chilly(thank god!) we move Lopez and Warrick(2 players that didn’t fit the mold) and went young, athletic and tough. Redd is soft. Sorry man I think that Brown was the better signing.

    • Matthew

      I don’t know about Redd being soft, but I would’ve loved to see him mentor Beasley and give Beasley a better chance to become a star.

      • the nick

        well by soft i mean cause of all the injuries. i think be easy will be ok as long as he realizes that this is pretty much his last chance to prove to the basketball world that he is worth a shit.

  • Chris

    Hey the apostrophe is still there! What gives?

    • Matthew

      I apologize for the error.