Mar 22, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels guard Kendall Marshall (5) looks on during practice the day before the semifinals of the midwest region of the 2012 NCAA men

4 on 4: Kendall Marshall

Kendall Marshall was drafted 13th overall in the 2012 draft by the Suns. When the Suns selected Marshall many Suns fans already knew that meant our beloved point guard and franchise star Steve Nash was on his way out the door and Marshall was going to take over. Then the Suns went on the sign Goran Dragic which was kind of shocking to me because it kind of now creates a log jam at the point guard spot with Goran Dragic being the starter, leaving Marshall and Telfair to fight for that back up spot. I’ll be very surprised in Marshall doesn’t get his minutes although this it wouldn’t be the first time the Suns organization uses a high draft pick as a bench warmer(COUGH COUGH EARL CLARK). So let’s have ourselves a four on four to clear up this dilemma.


1) Who should get that back up spot behind Goran Dragic?

– Absolutely it should be Kendall Marshall. Goran Dragic is a fantastic point guard who can develop into an all-star if he’s willing to put in the hours at the gym during the season as well as the off-season, but as of right now he’s not that great of a set-up guy which is why Marshall is the perfect compliment. Marshall can come off the bench get guys’ great looks and impact the game without scoring. This combo would be the total opposite of the Nash/Telfair combo last year when Nash was the set up guy and Telfair would come off the bench and attack. A Dragic and Marshall 1 2 punch is a much strong combo than that of Dragic and Telfair.


2) Can Dragic and Marshall play together on the floor at the same time?

– Yes and no depending on what the situation is. When Dragic was still in the Valley, he often played alongside Nash and played as a two guard and was the attacker and spot up shooter rather than set-up guy. Dragic and Marshall can do the same thing with Marshall playing point and Dragic being the off-guard, Dragic is certainly athletic and strong enough to guard the smaller two guards in the league but if the other two guard happens to be a Kobe Bryant or Joe Johnson then I’m afraid Dragic is going to have to stick to being a point guard.


3) Will Kendall Marshall eventually over take Goran Dragic as the permanent starter?

– Yes he absolutely will, because Marshall already has an NBA ready game he just needs to work on some minor mechanical issues like his jumper, footwork, and things like that which can be fixed if he puts in countless hours at the gym. If Marshall has a strong year off the bench don’t be shocked if Dragic gets packaged along with draft picks to another team for a high pick or an all-star player. Again rookies need playing time to flourish, just look at Dragic who was just average when coming off the bench but once he got the chance to start and play heavy minutes he became a very good point guard.


4) Can Kendall Marshall become a superstar?

– I’m going to have to say no, I still say the ceiling for him is the kind of the guy that could be an all-star a few times and be a top 10 point guard in the NBA but is he going to overtake a Chris Paul or Derrick Rose? Doubtful. He’s a pure point guard who isn’t going to drop 30 on any given night, he just doesn’t have the offensive tools to do so. A guy like Nash was able to be a superstar was because not only his elite passing ability but also his ability to score 30 on any given night especially during his prime. Should we shut the door on Marshall in regards to him being a superstar? No. But we probably shouldn’t go betting our life savings on it neither.

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