AP reports that Lopez, Warrick trade for Wes Johnson and pick is done

The proposed three-way trade that will send Robin Lopez and Hakim Warrick to the New Orleans Hornets is apparently all but finished, The Associated Press is reporting.

The Phoenix Suns will receive wing Wes Johnson and a first round draft pick from the Minnesota Timberwolves in this one.

Though the AP reports that veteran big Brad Miller’s contract will go to Minnesota, contract rules say he’ll be sent to the Suns, as a player is not allowed to be traded back to his prior team within the same season, Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ states. Miller, who is retiring, was traded from the Timberwolves to New Orleans on July 13.

The trade only has “routine logistical matters” to become official, the AP reports.

The Timberwolves will receive two second-round draft picks from New Orleans along with guard Jerome Dyson while the Hornets will get cash from Minnesota, according to the AP.

  • Ty-Sun

    Scott is correct. If the Suns decline picking up his option this October then WJ’s contract with the Suns is only binding for one season. And I think he’s worth a shot for one season.

    And I don’t really like loosing Lopez but the price for keeping him as a backup was just getting too high… especially for a team with a LOT of question marks going into next season.

  • Jason A.


    You are correct and I doubt they’ll exercise the option. But if they think that WJ will be a much improved player with the Suns and will command attention when his (extended) contract is up, they could gamble and exercise the option in advance and hope to get assets back later in a potential S/T.

  • http://gmail.com Jenks D.

    (Im not reading all of the comments, so someone just answer me please haha)

    We get Brad Miller, but don’t pay him anything, because his contract went back to the TWolves?

  • Nick

    Im left wondering how hard the FO went after sign and trade for egordon if the hornets liked Lopez this much?

  • bk

    Is the pick we get from Memphis or Minnesota’s own? What year?

  • Kevin

    What about Andray Blatche for back up center? He cleared waivers after Washington amnestied him making him an UFA. He could be a good fill-in.

  • WonderBoyRoy

    It’s Memphis’s first round pick in the year coming up. @Jenks Brad Miller’s contract will be bought out for around 800K to clear cap space so he can retire.

  • bk

    Thanks. Kind of unbelievable that people are happy with a Memphis first round pick for Lopez.

  • Scott

    @Jason A -

    If I understand the situation properly, the Suns would have to be astounded by WJ’s performance in pre-season to sign him for another year at $4-5m. It’s very close to certain they would choose to end his current contract after this season.

    If he plays well, WJ might get re-signed with the Suns for something like Brown’s current contract.

    After playing so poorly in Minnesota, his reputation is damaged so much that I don’t think any team wants to risk more years or money.

    BTW, it’s always possible the Suns will play WJ at SG and thus he will continue to stink. I know some here think Gentry is a genius, but I’m not convinced of that, and I could see Gentry playing WJ at SG regardless of all the logic that indicates it would be bad.

  • Scott

    @Kevin -

    Shhh! Blanks might hear you. ;)

  • Kevin

    Hearing that the deal has a 50/50 chance of getting done. Not good.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    I’m not too worried about Gentry putting Wes at the 2 for the starters or the bench mob.

    Dudleu is a superior fit with this new unit. Dragon and Beasley will be attacking; you need somebody who can play out of the way.

    Off the bench, he’d be perfect at the 3. Brown will be at the 2. It’ll be fine.

    I still can’t believe so many of you are upset RoLo could be leaving. He’s been terrible for years

  • D.P.

    This trade was perfect for the suns. I’ve always looked at waricks contract as a problem that I for a while beleved couldn’t be traded. He never fit into the rotation, so he was like a waste I’m glad to get something for him; especially a young player who fits a position of need (back up sf). Lopez was always horrible (except in year 2) so a first rounder was a good pick up. I sense a big time trade coming up. We’ve got lots of picks good contracts an plenty of cap space.

  • Scott

    @Rich -

    I agree that’s how Wes should be played. However, I wouldn’t put it past Gentry to plug him in at SG.

    I don’t have a lot of confidence in Gentry’s ability to recognize player strengths and weaknesses and put them in the right position with the right teammates. My observation is that he all too often does something … different.

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