Phoenix Suns to wear 1990s throwback jerseys

The Phoenix Suns are running out old-school alternate jerseys.

Forget the gimmicky, harsh-looking alternate jerseys. The Phoenix Suns, among others, are bringing back some classics this coming season, according to

The Suns will run out their 1990s alternate black jerseys, according to the website.

“I saw the Spring 2013 Adidas NBA Catalog and there are some new on-court offerings,” says Chris Blackstone. “There are new jerseys for Christmas Day and for home weekend games during the second half of season, called the Winter Court jerseys. They’re monochrome like the all-black Miami uniforms from the past couple years, but in team colors. Also, there are Hardwood Classic jerseys for Indiana (home from 1997-98 through 2004-05), Milwaukee (late ’90s), Chicago (mid-’90s alternate), Atlanta (late-’90s road), Miami (late-’90s alternate), Sacramento (mid-’90s alternate), Phoenix (1990s alternate), Philly (early-’90s road), Cleveland (mid-’90s road), Toronto (late-’90s home), Houston (late-’90s road), and Utah (late-’90s road).” No word on whether the NBA plans to put ads on throwbacks in 2013.”

Sometimes in sports fashion we confuse freshness with blatant obnoxiousness. Under Armour has been the leader in obnoxiousness, and Nike has taken flak by giving teams inordinate numbers of looks — especially in college football with teams like the Oregon Ducks and college basketball with the Hyper Elite Platinum series — that scrapes off the importance of tradition in the eyes of some fans.

Tradition, though, is what these Adidas threads bring back. This might be a nice little look back at a jersey design that was simple and solid. For me, those retro jerseys define my first memories of the Suns.

Whereas the NBA has thrown out some frightening jerseys like these Miami Heat alternates, the Phoenix throwbacks are in good taste. Just after Team USA beat Argentina while wearing remakes of the 1992 Dream Team jerseys as a form of nostalgia, I think this is a good idea for a game here or there.

  • steve

    They should go back to the classics of the ’70s and ’80s, in my opinion. Remember their roots.

  • http://NA $un$FAN

    How often will they wear them Michael? I love em!

  • Artur Mascarenhas

    Awesome, I love this jersey. Still got my Majerle’s black jersey!

    I just hope they ban that orange jersey forever! Its so ugly and soooooooo bad luck.

  • Boris

    I love these we need some change i do not Like the the gray sides on our current jerseys. Maybe a new style black jersey would be cool but i hope the suns wear these often

  • PennyAnd1

    oh man! I can’t wait! I love the purple version though, not the purple that we have now. The old purple version that looked like sunset was just too awesome!

  • Ty-Sun

    I love those jerseys! I hope the Suns wear them full time next season!

  • hECTOR

    Man I wish they had these a couple of years ago, would love to have a Vince Carter suns jerey in this style.

  • bk

    I’m disappointed that they don’t have a Phoenix bird logo one so far

  • PHZ-Sicks

    The Suns are suppose to get new jerseys for 2013-2014 season so I hope the Phoenix Bird is apart of it (love the logo design but it doesn’t get enough love) and we have a black alternate again rather than the orange.

  • bakesler

    The Phoenix Suns current jerseys are easily in the top 5 worst jerseys in the league. Especially the Phoenix bird logo, that one doesn’t make any sense, we are not the Phoenix phoenix’s, it is horrible, ugly and just plain stupid looking. That said, I am overjoyed that the Suns will be wearing these old school ones, I would even prefer it if they wore the jerseys from the 80′s those were the best. If only they would do away with the current jerseys all together. I hate them so much and will never purchase one. If anybody agrees with anything I just said, feel free to check out this Facebook page

  • KeZ
  • steve

    @Bakesler – Top 5 worst?

    Here are some I think are worse:

    1. OKC
    2. Miami
    3. Houston
    4. Dallas
    5. Minnesota
    6. Philadelphia (their classics were amazing, but I’m not digging the new look)
    7. Clippers (cursive, really?)
    8. Cleveland
    9. Milwaukee
    10. Orlando
    11. Sacramento
    12. Toronto
    13. Charlotte
    14. Memphis

    And that’s just off the top of my head. There are at least 10 I can think of that I definitely like better than the current Phoenix unis, but top 5 worst is an overstatement, I think.

  • bakesler


    Your list surely has some horrible jerseys on it. I would agree with Houston and Miami in that top 5,(definitely don’t agree with OKC at #1!?) but Phoenix has to be in there as well. I do not agree that the Clippers, Cleveland, Memphis and Minnesota should be on this list. Those teams did a decent job at changing their uniforms yet still have a nod to their roots. Phoenix just strayed completely from the path to make a bland, boring and dumb looking uniform that has nothing special about it. Just look at the jerseys from the 90′s and earlier and look at what the organization has now. It is such a drastic downgrade that I cannot believe they actually approved them. Especially the orange alternates, so stupid. Another thing that I hate about the current Suns jerseys is the cut of them, I wish they would go back to the normal cut of basketball jerseys like the Celtics and Bulls have maintained. Seriously, what would you rather where, one of the current ill fitting jerseys, or one of the throwbacks?. It is a no brainer, and the Suns organization would be wise to revamp the current uniforms with a nod to the originals similar to what Utah has done. The Suns would not only look way better on the court, but the organization would make a killing in sales.

  • steve

    Yeah, OKC listed first doesn’t mean I think they’re the worst. It wasn’t ranked in any sort of order. OKC is on the better end of the jerseys I think are ugly.

    I would agree about the new jerseys being too far from the “roots” of the franchise. I think the Suns should go back to the classic look. What’s wrong with a simple, timeless jersey? It has worked for Boston for all these years.

    Also, I totally agree about the cut of the jerseys being awful. I’m a big fan of the traditional tank cut. Overall, I think we’re in agreement that the current jerseys aren’t great to look at (especially the alternate), and the best thing to do would be to honor the original look in some way.

  • PennyAnd1


    Is that a real project jersey for 2014? Looks awesome! BUT…why can’t they stick with the classic tank-top jersey look? I’m not a real fan of the sleeveless t-shirt looking jersey.

  • bakesler

    I pray that those jerseys are not a real prototype, they are almost as bad as the current jerseys. Please Suns management create a jersey that has elements from when the Suns actually had cool jerseys.

  • PennyAnd1

    I want purple mixed with more orange in them. like flames. Suns is all about purple & orange.

  • Kris

    love the 90′s splash uniform! orange, purple, white or black. I’m a die hard Suns fan and have been since i knew what basketball was. being from Phoenix all my life, the Phoenix bird logo on the current jersey to me represents my city and i love it. however, i do feel that with a new era upon the franchise, should come a new Jersey design. i would like to add that these black alternates are my favorite of all time. #suns4life #allaboutorange

  • Ben

    Love the new jerseys, but can’t find them to buy anywhere. I was wondering where you got the telfair jersey posted in the picture.

  • Robert Scalice

    The Phoenix Suns should go back to wearing the EXACT same jerseys and
    warmups they used during the ’70′s and ’80′s- they were beautiful, classy and would bring back memories of their greatest players like Walter Davis, Alvan Adams, etc. The western style lettering of “Phoenix’ on the front and last name on the back with the orange sunburst on the side of the shorts. PLEASE!!