Phoenix Suns to wear 1990s throwback jerseys

The Phoenix Suns are running out old-school alternate jerseys.

Forget the gimmicky, harsh-looking alternate jerseys. The Phoenix Suns, among others, are bringing back some classics this coming season, according to

The Suns will run out their 1990s alternate black jerseys, according to the website.

“I saw the Spring 2013 Adidas NBA Catalog and there are some new on-court offerings,” says Chris Blackstone. “There are new jerseys for Christmas Day and for home weekend games during the second half of season, called the Winter Court jerseys. They’re monochrome like the all-black Miami uniforms from the past couple years, but in team colors. Also, there are Hardwood Classic jerseys for Indiana (home from 1997-98 through 2004-05), Milwaukee (late ’90s), Chicago (mid-’90s alternate), Atlanta (late-’90s road), Miami (late-’90s alternate), Sacramento (mid-’90s alternate), Phoenix (1990s alternate), Philly (early-’90s road), Cleveland (mid-’90s road), Toronto (late-’90s home), Houston (late-’90s road), and Utah (late-’90s road).” No word on whether the NBA plans to put ads on throwbacks in 2013.”

Sometimes in sports fashion we confuse freshness with blatant obnoxiousness. Under Armour has been the leader in obnoxiousness, and Nike has taken flak by giving teams inordinate numbers of looks — especially in college football with teams like the Oregon Ducks and college basketball with the Hyper Elite Platinum series — that scrapes off the importance of tradition in the eyes of some fans.

Tradition, though, is what these Adidas threads bring back. This might be a nice little look back at a jersey design that was simple and solid. For me, those retro jerseys define my first memories of the Suns.

Whereas the NBA has thrown out some frightening jerseys like these Miami Heat alternates, the Phoenix throwbacks are in good taste. Just after Team USA beat Argentina while wearing remakes of the 1992 Dream Team jerseys as a form of nostalgia, I think this is a good idea for a game here or there.

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