Phoenix Suns set to acquire Wesley Johnson, pick for Robin Lopez, Hakim Warrick?

Per Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

I’ll have a more detailed analysis later tonight, but this would be an incredible trade for the Suns. They would bolster their wing depth with an underwhelming former No. 4 pick whose option for 2013-14 they could always choose to decline, dump a worthless contract in Warrick and add another first-round pick. This is much better value than I thought the Suns would ever receive for Lopez so it almost feels like something is missing. If not, kudos to the front office.

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  • Shane

    God we suck :(

  • PennyAnd1


    WTF would you put Brown anywhere in the line up man, you crazy?!

    here should the line-up be:


    2 unit:

    Marshall – Telfair

    YES! AWESOME TRADE! Johnson could be a future star

  • The Real Shane

    @Shane Nice try troll, but in reality the Suns did very well this off season and have set themselves up for the future.

  • PennyAnd1


    How is Johnson bad? He’s the same height as has skills likeShawn Marion, he’s a good 3-point shooter, and he’s known as a good defender? Why is he bad?

  • PennyAnd1

  • Zack B. God I hate some of you guys. First SB sucks, now Wes is an AWFUL player? In this fan’s opinion, this is a WONDERFUL trade for us. He can shoot, he’s athletic as hell, and is a solid defender. Please don’t bombard me with PER stats, this guy is still young and has some potential. Plus we get that pick, and dump Hak’s contract, as well as get something in return for RoLo, rather than just losing him in Free Agency. I am loving this off-season for us!

  • cha cha cha

    so, i count 12 roster spots, counting Wes and Tucker. is it safe to assume they’ll pick up 2 more bench players, one of which will be a big?

  • PennyAnd1


    That’s true, plus his stats are deceiving since he only played 1 year in a system full of rookies. I see Wes Johnson becoming as the next Shawn Marion. He surely has some skills to match Marion. Besides, he’s not 2010s overall #4 pick for nothing. This guy’s ceiling is really high. It just really is too bad Suns made all these move right when Nash & Hill had to leave. Nash would’ve done miracles with these guys. But I believe Dragic can get it done. Let the season start already!!! Can’t wait for the throwback Jerseys!

  • JDazzla

    Love this move. Anyone remember who the heck Joe Johnson was before we traded for him? Me either. Wes could be that same move. Well done SUNS! This team, if constrcted right will make the playoffs. 1st Adding Dragic was a bigdeal. Getting him after his yrs learning with Nash and then going to become his own man where he flourished when given the startin gig was HUGE. Remember he single handedly taking down a team in the Spurs who we could never beat in the playoffs. 23 pts in the 4th and that was then. I cant wait to see what now is. Then we got my breakout player of the year Shannon Brown. Whats not to like??? Is it the nice spot up three point shot? The FREAKISH Russell Westbrook type athletisicm? The ability to cut to the lane and finish BEASTMODE style? I mean he has all the tools to be a star. Arent the coaches there to learn these guys up. Is it passion? Cuz u must have it and i believe he does. He just needs one thing. A chance! START THIS MAN and u will be pleasantly surprised. And Michael Beasley is a no brainor for me. u got him after all the growning up an learning had to be done. With other franchises! great for us. They do the work and we will now reap the benefits. This was a KID dont forget that. Not all of us mature as fast as others.His talent is undeniable, I think we got a man who has learned and grown and who will be the star he, and we all know he can be. Not to mention we will be putting him into a style that fits his game whcich is big. U must let the player do what he does best. I mean this sets up perfect with Scola at the 4 and Gortat at the 5, if you can build chemistry quick and get these guys to become a family this could be the start of the suns rising again. Now adding another young with loads of potential and getting another pick?! Well done SUNS! Now just do three things and we can get this going. Start DRAGIC BROWN and BEASLEY and get ur popcorn!

  • steve

    I won’t hold your hopeful attitudes against you, but some of you should honestly take a look at the past before you make predictions of the future. How often has a 25-year-old, 4-year college player ever made a significant leap in production after having the two horrid seasons Johnson has had so far?

    I’ll bet no one in johnson’s shoes has ever gone on to have a season with a PER above 17 or a WS48 above 0.130. And it might not matter to you, but it matters to any executive in the league, and it directly contributes to wins in a more real way than any subjective judgment does.

  • PennyAnd1


    Sorry to burst your bubbles, but I’d rather start Dudley instead of Brown and I think Gentry will be smart to do just that as well.

    Brown has been in this league for too long to already reach his potential. No doubt this guy has a freakish skills. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the brains to be consistent and play smart. He’s already been coached under Phil Jackson. Hasn’t he learned already? There’s a reason why this guy was dropped by LA, and the reason why he was the last option for the Suns to sign in the SG. Good athleticism + low bball IQ = bench player

    *I’m not hating on Brown, the guys is a nice guy. But he never learns. He has to know he ain’t Kobe Bryant.

  • Mac

    Wes is 25 and has a mouse motor, whatever his ceiling is it is (1) not that high and (2) the Wolf Among Wolves guys will attest that he shows no apparent interest in reaching it anyway. Adelman is a player’s coach and he was playing with Rubio who in theory should have been the perfect PG for him, and he regressed from his unremarkable rookie year. But he’s still better and younger than Warrick and the Wolves’ first round pick could be very high (they were 5-20 without Rubio last year and he is out till February), and frankly they didn’t add that much unless you think Roy will defy medical science and revert to 2009 form. So this is a no-lose trade for the Suns, they give up little, save some money and potentially get a huge asset. Works for me.

  • JDazzla

    I just feel like if you have a guy with such great physical talent, out of this world athletesism u have to teach basketball IQ. Teach him to have bettern bball IQ its ball not rocket science.Its the coaching staffs jobs do get this stuff done and maybe there not doing it. This guy is a potential star and if coaching him up to learn the game is the reason he never succeeds its a real shame in my opinion. Thunder Dan talk to Shannon!!! He can get it done. I think now is the time but he must start. If he does u will see.

  • bk

    Actually, I kind of prefer keeping Lopez for another year. He blocks like Lebron blocked Mayo.

  • Cam

    The value in this trade is the 1st round pick. The Suns essentially get a player that fits a need better (Wesley Johnson) while getting rid of a player with no true position (Hakim Warrick). Now the Suns have the ability to parlay their 1st and 2nd round picks to move up in the draft this next year to select a player that could possibly be the star they have been looking for. They could make a run at Shabazz Mohammed if he becomes a one and done at UCLA. I like where this team is headed right now. Maybe the Suns can convince Greg Oden to sign and have the warlocks work their magic. That would be amazing.I hope this trade goes through. Go Suns.

  • Roger

    I just read John Hollinger’s tweet.

    @LarryCoon think it got misinterpreted. BMiller should be going to Phx if that deal happens not Min.

    I’m confused….

  • PennyAnd1


    Like I said, Brown’s been long enough to figure it out already. He played under a great coach in Phil Jackson, played with greats Kobe & Nash, but you can’t teach guys who likes to jack up bad shots. Just like Allen Iverson was a hard-head selfish player, Brown will never change. Hasn’t since, and I doubt he’ll ever now.

    You can’t blame Wes for being passive in a Wolves team full of rookies who want to shine: Derrick Williams, Kevin Love, Rubio, Beasley, Barrea, etc…If he did, chemistry would’ve been in chaos. I think Wes fits well into the Suns system cause he plays well in an unselfish fast paced system. Playing alongside Marshall wouldn’t hurt as well. We could see highlights of Wes & Brown alley-oops that’s for sure.

  • Animan

    Miller is on the way to PHX as well in this deal, just so you all know. At least, that’s what ESPN is reporting.

  • sksyoshi

    The point to the trade is we needed a wing we had too many people who can play pf. Lopez lost his minutes as soon as we got gortat so there really isn’t that much of a loss there. Even if Wes sucks we don’t need to play him we had lots of games where we only really used an 8 man rotation. The depth is more for injuries even if Frye is out for a long time our frontline is more than capable with rotating Gortat, Beasley, Keef, and scola. There were times we ran Hill at pf so sliding Beasley over won’t be a problem. There has even been talk of a double pg lineup since the dragon can some sg’s. Our coach is flexible he will get the best out of what we got this off-season . Bottom line we get a pick n we don’t waste salary capspace over paying Lopez who wants more than FO is offering.

  • PennyAnd1


    Mike Miller? I think we got too many wings now where would he fit?

    I would definitely like to see Marshall & Dragic play together sometimes. Dragic is a shooter himself that’s true.

  • Roger

    Brad Miller, not Mike Miller…

  • First Mac

    @PennyAnd 1
    If I’m not mistaken Miller is retiring so we’re just nomming his contract.

  • tb

    you guys know that we picked up a PF in PJ Tucker. Right

  • Russell


    I’m sorry but comparing Wes J. to Shawn Marion is ridiculous. If WJ is half the player Marion was be happy. Marion was a freak of nature he can score a lot of different ways, he grabbed 11 rebounds a night and he hustles on every play. Wes J has a history of not putting in 100% on plays some people think he is just not in love with the game. And that’s fine, not every player is going to put in 100%.

    If Wesley J. becomes a decent bench player I’ll be happy. I guarantee you he is not in the Suns future, he has a 5.4 million team option next year and there is no way the Suns pick that up because it will cripple their ability to sign a max player next year. Hey enjoy the one year here.

    WJ’s #’s will look something like this off the bench:
    7pts, 3 rebs, 40% FG, 34% 3PT FG. That’s all he is. He is just a stopgap for us for one year until we get real players next year.

  • bk

    PJ Tucker is 6’6″. He should be a SF/SG only.

    The yahoo said Lopez is only asking for $15M 3 years. I think it is a good price to keep him instead.

  • Scott

    I’m not in the camp that wants to see Lopez go. According to PER, he was better than about 2/3 of the team last year, and that was in spite of being saddled with a subpar PG in Telfair.

    Put Lopez with a passing PG like Marshall, and his value on offense likely goes up. Also, if Robin is included in offense, his whole game opens up. We saw that a few times last year.

    So I wouldn’t want to just get rid of Lopez. However, if he doesn’t want to sign with the Suns, then a S&T is the best solution.

    Even now, by PER Lopez ranks above Telfair, Morris, Warrick, Brown, Beasley, Frye, and presumably Tucker and Marshall as well (if they had PER). Only Gortat, Dragic, Scola, and Dudley are ahead of him, and the latter two not by much. So, by PER, he’s the 5th best player on the team.

    Lopez is not as useless as some on this forum contend.

    If he goes to another team where he gets more playing time, there’s a decent chance he ends up looking significantly better, just like Dragic did.

  • PennyAnd1


    I’d like to keep Lopez too, but there’s just too much in Front with Frye Morris Scola & Gortat.

  • PennyAnd1

    Actually with Scola at PF, pressure is off the Centers to score, and I personally believe that that would’ve benefited Lopez. Unfortunately Gortat is in the Way. I also believe Lopez has a better court vision than Gortat and really knows how to read plays. If suns traded Gortat for a superstar SG like Eric Gordon, I’d go for it.

  • bk

    If we have lots of big, we can foul guys as much as we like. That’s very cool.

  • Mac


    I follow the Wolves and watched probably 20 games of theirs a year on League Pass. I’m not claiming to be an expert but I’m sorry . . . being on a young team didn’t keep guys like Pek and Rubio (to say nothing of Love who is younger than Wes) from showing what they can do. Wes has no motor and he’s not a little kid, he’s older than all three of the Big Three in OKC. They drafted him as a low-ceiling high character guy and he turned out to be a low-ceiling passive high character guy. You say “he was just in a bad situation” sure, that’s possible. But I feel quite safe in predicting he won’t amount to much. Again, I still think this is a good trade for the Suns no matter what, and they’ve made really good moves this offseason. But saying Wes has to be good because he’s Marion’s size and drafted high is like saying Hasheem Thabeet has to be good because he’s Mutombo’s size and drafted even higher. Wes is a stiff and he is not a freakish athlete except in the sense that most NBA players are freakish athletes. Just so you know what you’re getting.

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  • Greg

    Agreed @ Mac, and @ Penny.

    Marion!? Shawn Marion? The Matrix? A freak of an athlete in his prime who averaged 17 and 11 in his second season and ran everyone off the court and became a double-double dunking machine?

    If you really think that is a possibility, then I guess Beasley has a chance to be Lebron or Durant….Actually sadly, Beasley may have a better chance of being Durant than Johnson has of being Shawn Marion.

    Neither will happen, but lets not forget how good Shawn Marion use to be. He was an underrated monster on the court.

    As mentioned by Mac, Johnson is 25. T-wolves drafting a 4 year college player (only 3 seasons in 4 years because he transferred) who didnt have a good season until his senior year, was a big mistake in the first place. You dont draft late bloomers in the top 5.

    So at 25, his potential window is closing pretty quick. He could end up giving the Suns some quality minutes off the bench, I am not saying the guy is hopeless. I like what he can potentially bring to the Suns, but lets not start throwing out Shawn Marion potential possibilities.

  • Greg

    @ Penny, and if you have continued your Gortat bashing to the point of saying “he is in the way” of Lopez? haha Gortat is much much better then Lopez will ever be. Gortat isnt in the way, he is simply far superior to Lopez, meaning he is ahead of Rolo, not “in the way”
    Gortat for a “superstar” like Gordon (he is not a superstar at all….yet) would not happen, because a according to you, Gortat is an awful player that single handedly drove Nash out of PHX…so how would he be an option to trade for a superstar sg?

  • Zack B.

    I find it sad that you guys feel you can just determine when a player’s window is closed/closing. In my opinion, any player below the age of 30 still has a window. So to say SB, Wes’ windows are closing is weird to me. Athleticism can go a long way, let’s not forget that. These are grown men we’re talking about, we cannot determine what they are capable of. This is why I love the Most Improved Player award. SB was certainly a candidate. Point being, a summer is a decent amount of time to make significant improvements. Not only that, but you guys cannot forget that this was a condensed season. Either way, only time will tell.

  • Greg

    True, but I am speaking on a players potential. 25 is the universal age in the NBA where teams slowly back off of guys that have “potential” because realistically, if you haven’t put it together or atleast shown some type of success by 25, your window is closing in the NBA. 25 is also an age where athleticism is at a peak or a constant until like you mentioned, around 29 or 30. Then decline kicks in. Only superior work ethics are the cases where you will see guys make leaps from ages 25-26 26-27 and so on. Obviously Johnson’s windown hasn’t “closed” but its definitely creeping. And his 2 seasons up to this point just havent been bad, they have been horrible. literaly no light at the end of the tunnel or any type of glimpse that he has the potential to become the number 4 pick from 3 years ago.

    a 21-22 year old that has had the lack of Johnsons success would be given a pass. But Johnson was the age of a 4 year college guy, and he wasnt even a “great” college player. He had terrible production at ages 23 and 24, which any NBA team is much more concerned with that then a younger guy that struggles.

    Actually, teams stay away from 4 year college guys because what you see is what you get in alot of cases.

    Shannon Brown will never be much more then a 10-15 point guy, whether as a starter or a bench guy. Coming up on 27, we arent gonna see him make a huge leap. Not one that a younger guy, like Beasley, can make from 23-24.

  • PennyAnd1


    I agree with you about Gortat being better than Lopez athletic wise sure. But if you want to go to stats like you like, the PER thing, with more minutes, Lopez is actually more But! the only reason Lopez didn’t play much with Nash & the system was do to lack of speed, and it’s not his style. That’s why I was disappointed, Lopez & Gortat together on the court wasn’t utilized that much. Lopez is more productive when playing under the radar and not being the man playing pick n’ role. And besides, everyone knows smarts tramps muscles everytime.

  • PennyAnd1

    And1 Greg

    Wes only had 1 year to showcase himself. If he shows that player he was in college, where he was confident (due to chemistry = which comes through time), he’d be a superstar by no time. That’s why it’s too bad Nash & Hill are gone. Those two guys build chemistry to perfection in no time. But like I said, I believe in Dragic + Scola is around.

    I believe Wes Johnson was in a bad situation just like Boris Diaw was a bad fit in Charlotte with a bunch of rookies & low IQ players. A high IQ player exceeds well when playing with high IQ teammates. Just like when Diaw played with Nash & Hill the Suns were deadly.

  • Zack B.

    I see what you mean Greg. But no glimpse? At all? Come on man. Perhaps I overvalued him a BIT, you are undervaluing him. Creeping, I agree. Eh, we won’t know SB’s work ethic until this season. Yet I still have more faith in him than Wes. And he has shown more potential for sure. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. Now if they don’t have good seasons, that’s another story. I’m encouraged that with training camp, pre-season and a full season, most of our guys will come out and have good seasons. My All-Star predictions for our new team? Mike Beez and Gortat. Dragic can put up All-Star type numbers, but I’m not so sure he could beat Westbrook, CP3 in a popularity contest. SB could be too, but he would have to really breakout. Wes, I think he will be solid, never an All-Star. Scola, no, but solid. Morris, I can’t judge that just yet. It will be easiest for Gortat, judging by lack of dominant Centers. He’ll be competing with Bynum, Marc Gasol, DeAndre Jordan, JaVale McGee, etc for the next few yrs. While DJ and JaVale CERTAINLY are not on Gortat’s level offensively, they are quite popular. If Bynum goes to the Magic or Cavs, that makes it a lot easier. For Beez it’ll be tough. KD has locked up the starting 3 in the West for many years. Rudy Gay is a sure-fire breakout All-Star and he will lock up the backup 3. We’ll see.

  • Greg

    Penny and1…i didnt read any of your posts, except for the first couple sentences..

    find me where Lopez is more productive then Gortat. tell me which stat tells us that….

    i will be waiting forever for an answer because you wont find one .

  • Greg

    Diaw was a bad fit in Charlotte because his work ethic plummetted and he ballooned up to 270 pounds of soft blubber. Did you see him in Charlotte? He was barely running up and down the court…that was laziness, not chemistry. He’ll have you even seen him now compared to the Suns years? Boris also hasnt had a good season since 2005-2006….6/7 years ago…he was 23, not 30. Boris isnt very good.

    Superstar for Wes? You are kidding right?

    Kevin Love was in the same “poor chemistry” atmosphere you speak of?? So was ricky rubio. so was nikoli pekovic….

    So will Kevin Love averaged 36 points and 19 rebounds because of the improved chemistry?

    Will Rubio averaged 17 points 19 assist?

    1 year to showcase himself? he had two years at Iowa State, wasnt very good, trasferred, sat a year, and put up nice looking college numbers at Syracuse….And he STARTED 63 games last season….

    I dont want to ever have to debate or discuss basketball with you again because you are literally clueless.

  • PennyAnd1


    I stopped reading your comments along the middle paragraph. Obviously you don’t how the game works. Why do you think Diaw underperformed? because of the situation and teammates around him. Even a little kid knows that he won’t be effective in school if the environment is stressful. It’s logic. If you don’t understand that, you better take

    @Zack B.
    Sorry Zack, but Brown will never be a good player as long as if he keeps playing dumb.

  • Greg


    I have higher hopes for Shannon too, he is a nice scorer, good athlete, but not necessarly an explosive one. I only really saw him dunk if he had a clear path to the basket. Never saw him dunk in traffic a whole lot. He doesnt get to the free throw line and he doesnt penetrate. But, I like Shannon, I hope he does well, and I hope he improves….lets be honest, he isnt gonna be anything special. he will be a nice scoring spark. thats it.

    As far as Wes goes…yes I said it. No glimpse. The dude started 63 games and had 9 10+ point efforts. he doesnt rebound, his defense has been average maybe slightly better then average. He cant shoot 3s. doesnt get assist. He has literally shown no glimpse of being the talent people thought.

    So far, there hasnt been light at the end of the tunnel. His rookie season he showed some flashes, and then he completely fell off the face of the earth, despite starting 63 games.

    Beasley wont make an all-star team for a few years even if he does break out. He needs to win over some fans and get his reputation up before he makes an all-stat team.

    Dragic has all-star written on him. But, with Nash, Cp3, tony parker, rubio and now lin all in the popularity contest….it will be a few years for him too.

    Morris has ability to score a ton of points! Him and Beasley will be 6-9/6-10 scoring machines in a year or so. they will create matchup problems, on both ends, for many teams.

    Shannon Brown will never be an all-star. period.

    Gortat has a chance if he can develop the finer parts of his game and prove he can score without Nash. which i think he can.

  • Greg

    @ Penny…he had 3 poor/below average years with the Suns AFTER his only good year with the suns…..what are you talking about Penny???? what happened to the chemistry with the Suns? what happened to Nash? he was still there…. he wasnt in good situations then??? and it was still 7 years ago!!! you dont just all the sudden land in a good situation and start playing good because of chemistry, Boris isnt that good of a player….thats why he isnt good. we will see how good he is with the Spurs, the best chemistry situation possible…oh wait, he still wasnt good with the Spurs…..

    lol take psychology for logic?? why wouldnt i take a logic class….you are seriously an idiot.

  • Greg

    p.s. you never told me what stat shows that robin lopez is more productive then Gortat….still waiting on that one you pulled out

  • Zack B.

    To be honest I didn’t follow Wes last season, so I can’t argue about last season. And yeah I completely agree, why isn’t he posterizing EVERYONE? He has more hops than a whole lot of people who get plenty of dunks on people. The fact is, he settles. He could get to the line as much as Bron if he drove and went for more dunks in traffic. He’s really quick too! Frankly, if I had his leaping ability, I would try to dunk everything. Lopez > Gortat? I don’t think there is any aspect of basketball that he is better in than Gortat. I still disagree with the no glimpse part about Wes, but hey that’s your opinion, you’re entitled.

  • PennyAnd1


    Like I said, the stats don’t tell the whole story, get it in your head. Suns having Diaw made the Suns an elite. He stats may not tell the story but his presence did make a difference. Why do you think Nash wanted Diaw last season when he was available? Cause Nash knows having Diaw would make it easier for him. Psychology man! psychology.

    Man I don’t think you’ve played basketball in your life. I’ve been playing the game since I learned how to run, I know how the mind works in basketball. And I know a stud when I see one.

    I said Gortat was better than Lopez athletic wise true, he could even be better than Lopez in terms of rebound & defense. But Lopez is a better player in terms of knowing how to read the game. Man did you forget how Gortat chokes during critical moments? Like I said, stats don’t tell you the whole story. Gortat messes up during critical times everyone knows that.

    Oh and don’t get me started with Brown. Wes can drunk through traffic compared to Brown, that says it all.

  • Greg

    lol you are a joke

  • Greg

    you said Lopez, when he gets the minutes, is more productive then Gortat. If that is true, even though stats dont tell “the whole story”, there would be a statistic showing he is more productive. if the stats dont match up what does a guys “knowing and reading the game” have to do with anything? seriously lol, i smile everytime i read your post

  • PennyAnd1


    well I’m glad I make you smile. It’s all about the presence man. Just like when Jordan or Nash hits the floor, everyone is inspired. Lopez brings toughness that’s for sure.

  • Greg

    did you really just compare Lopez to Nash and Jordan as far as inspiration goes?? even if you werent making that comparison, mentioning Nash and Jordan in the same post with Lopez as far as inspiration and toughness goes made me smile again, thank you Penny, I am sure i will lead a much healthier, happier life smiling and laughing more often haha.

    on a serious note, you often make solid points on here, its just this tangent we went off on we are far apart on agreement, so lets agree to disagree.

    Go Suns