Phoenix Suns re-sign Shannon Brown for two years

The Phoenix Suns’ swing and a miss for Eric Gordon has resulted in the team re-signing shooting guard Shannon Brown, as KTAR’s John Gambadoro first reported.

Brown’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, confirmed the news to several NBA writers, including CBS’s Ken Berger. The deal is a $7 million contract for two years, and Paul Coro tweeted that only half of the second-year salary is guaranteed.

If true, the signing comes as a surprise, as Michael Schwartz pointed out in his season review of Brown. The fact that it’s a multi-year deal could possibly go against Phoenix’s promise it would be frugal and thoughtful when saving money this offseason for next, though the monetary size of the agreement could swing opinion either way.

Brown, who just finished a one-year deal with Phoenix, took more than half of a shortened, 66-game season to get comfortable in a system that at first looked promising considering that his light would always be green. He shot only 42 percent on the season, and that number could have been much worse had he not seen a rise in production while starting during Grant Hill’s injury.

Brown averaged 11 points and 2.7 rebounds this season, but his numbers increased to 15.8 points and 3.7 rebounds in the 19 games that he started.

With a failed push for O.J. Mayo, who signed with Dallas, and then Courtney Lee inking a deal with the Boston Celtics, the pool of free agents at shooting guard was running dry.

Familiarity with head coach Alvin Gentry, however, is one positive sign that Brown will get off to a hotter start this season. Meanwhile, the fact that he will have a shot at starting — depending on how Gentry decides to roll with Michael Beasley and Jared Dudley — and at the very least will have a bigger role than last season should give the Suns another scoring option to spread the floor for the likes of Marcin Gortat and Luis Scola.

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  • PennyAnd1

    very very bad move

    • Michael Schwartz

      Couldn’t agree more, but I really would be surprised if the Suns did not make that second year a team option if there is a second year at all. Just doesn’t seem to make sense with their plan.

  • bk

    Only benefits I can see are (1) cheap and (2) keep minimum roster change.

  • Dominik

    Surprise, surprise.
    Yeah, it’s not a good move, but may be the best possible.
    Hopefully his cotract (if that is acutally true) doesn’t take that much cap space.

    Personally, I wanna see Lopez leaving, now more than ever. I don’t see any possibilties for him to develop more skills and more important his rebounding. Gortat and Frye will be playing center, may be others as well, if Gentry plays a smaller rotation.

    If Lopez leaves, I’m okay with Brown. Not happy, but okay. Just leave a “little” space for ’13.

  • Bill_Thomas

    I’m disappointed we couldn’t get Courtney Lee. Couldn’t we have outbid Boston and gotten him without regard to whatever sign and trade they and Houston wanted to execute? Unless he just did not want to play here ???

  • cha cha cha

    honestly, i don’t think much of Brown without Nash. if they were going to recycle, they should’ve brought back Redd.

  • Tony


    I would be shocked if Brown was willing to accept a 2-year deal that would give the Suns a team-option on his 2nd year. He repeatedly has stated he wouldn’t accept a 1-year deal, a 2-year deal with a team option for the 2nd year is basically the same thing. The only way I could see him accept that deal is if his contract for the first year is exorbitantly high compared to the 2nd season.

    I think the FO is conceeding that they have no chance for James Harden next season, which any intelligent person could have told them long ago. So basically, they are putting together as competitively mediocre of a team, while keeping contracts low, and then rely on their “fan” support from the few remaining Suns fans, to justify their decisions.

    This team as constituted will win no more than 35 games tops. It’s also foreseeable they are in the bottom 5 in the NBA next season.

  • phxfan88

    So long as he is reasonably priced I love it. He will be the perfect recipient of Kendall Marshall’s transition passes, which is good since it seems like that might be all Kendall Marshall can do.

  • frenchysunsfan

    Not such a bad move in my opinion, Suns keep money for next year and I’m sure Brown will play better thus year. Now the FO should also resign Redd.

  • Shane

    7 million? Wow its even worse than we all thought. That second year better be a team option.

  • Ron

    7M/2yr I think it’s a good move.

  • Tim in BC

    I hope that this move does not hurt the Suns rebuilding processs. Barbossa or Redd would have been better…so much for that now!

  • Bill_Thomas

    I guess no one knows what we could have done or should have done to get Courtney Lee,
    much less OJ Mayo.

    Oh well, I’m sure James Harden will be coming.

  • Boris

    Not a bad move, for what was out there. So far the FO has done a good job considering all the options out there. Plus even if Brown does not have a team option, with his role on the team he will be easily traded next season even if it’s for nothing just to open up cap space.

  • Ned

    How did we swing and miss on Mayo AND Lee?? We had more money to offer than the Mavs and the Celts!!

  • Greg

    3.5 million annually is not the end of the world. thats what the shooting guard market was set at. I dont love the two years either but Shannon Brown did look much better as he got adjusted.

    To say they will win no more then 35 games? well they won 33 last year and they lost Nash and Hill. Oh and childress, ofcourse….

    They have gained Goran, Beasley, Scola. We dont know how it will all fit, and obviously Nash has shown he can take a crappy team and have them in the playoff hunt, but I think this team hovers around .500….but I am trying to be optimistic. They will have good spacing and they will give alot of teams fits i think.

  • Tony


    As I’ve said, along with countless others, money isn’t the only factor for free agents, they also usually want to play on a winning team or at least a team with reasonable potential to be a winning team. By winning, I don’t necessarily mean a championship team, but at the minimum, a 2nd round playoff team.

    On of the many other critical factors is the reputation of a sports team. Now, not to annoy the Sarver-lovers on VOTS because I’m tired of arguing with immature dingbats, but the reputation of the Suns FO doesn’t begin to compare with the Mavs or the Celtics front offices. They know, that by joining those respective teams, that they are playing for competent management with the primary goal of winning. The Suns FO on the otherhand? Not so much a reputation for winning, but rather, a reputation for incompetence in addition to frugility.

  • Trib

    Smart move. If you dig into the numbers Shannon Brown is equal to Mayo and superior to Lee regarding PER and per 36 minute averages.


    Is going to be better than people think. Thats a strong athletic starting 5.

  • chris

    its a good move considering all free agents are gone with the line up they have is still a good playoff team starting five dragic,beasly,gortat,scola and dudly or brown they will have to fight for starting position and next year when more free agents come available they can go for one

  • Shane

    Can people stop talking about Mayo and Lee already? They did not want to play for the Suns! Why else would they take less money? Let it go already, geez.

  • Greg

    initially mayo wanted 8+ sources claimed. maybe, after suns told him no way, other teams told him no way too, so he realized his value on the market was significantly less. Cuban gave him a good pitch, and he took it. We didnt necessarily strike out, at the time maybe Mayo was exploring options until he realized if 4.5/5ish million is his price tag, he would rather go to a Mavs team that is clearly ahead of the Suns at this point.

    and Lee wanted to go to the celtics from the beginning. His contract is 4 for 21 plus incentives. Lee isnt that much greater then Brown….his PER was a full point less then Browns…..maybe front office said. Id rather have Brown for 2 at 3.5 then Lee for 4 at 5,5

  • Shane

    Oh ok now I understand, so Browns contract is not that bad and is better than what was rumored.

  • Greg

    and please, im tired of hearing leandro barbosas name. if we missed on Brown, maybe. but he is an awful defender. literally a cardboard box on defense. and he makes worse decisions then brown

  • chris

    the way thay west is suns could make a good playoff run with all the starters getting better every year

  • cha cha cha

    “The Celtics are giving Lee a fully guaranteed four-year contract — reported by Yahoo! Sports to be worth $21.5 million”

    he wasn’t going to get 4yrs/$21.5mil guaranteed from the Suns.

  • Bill_Thomas

    Barbosa might be worth 2 years at 2.75 million.

  • Tony


    you really see this team winning 41 games? When I said they might win 35 games, even that’s a stretch. Firstly, integrating new players takes time and I doubt the chemistry between the new “mediocre” Suns players will be established before at least 15-20 games. Secondly, the only player currently on the team who’s played at least one full season as a starter and who is a legitimate starting player is Gortat! I don’t include Dudley or Frye, because frankly, they really are not starting material on most good teams. Although Dragic had a great stretch with the Rockets when he started in Lowry’s absence, he still only started in 28 games, which hardly qualifies as a sufficient sample size to guage how good he will be in an 82-game season.

  • Bill_Thomas

    Each year, LOL.

  • Shane

    Now we just resign Redd on a one year deal and maybe a back center and get ready for next season.

  • cha cha cha

    “the way thay west is suns could make a good playoff run”

    there’s no way that happens. at best, they’re a 7 or 8 seed, at which point they’d have to beat the Spurs, Lakers, or Thunder without having home-court.

  • Greg

    i said im being optimistic, meaning i agree with you realistically. Goran can be a stud. if he maintains his starters averages? 18 and 8 will help us forget nash a little quicker. lets not underrate Scola and his post impact. Beasley may once again be a near 20 PPG scorer. around .500 is def possible, im not saying they are going to be

  • chris

    suns are getting better

  • Greg

    Beasley isnt a good defender, but as a 3, he poses big time match up problems for alot of teams. He is a tough cover if he fits into their offense. Scola and Gortat will combine for around 30 id imagine. This team will be capable of scoring alot of points. like yo u said tony, chemistry will be a process, but we cant assume itll take half the season. we just have to wait and see.

  • Morgan McCoy

    I wasn’t the hugest fan of Brown last year. He hurt the offense by taking bad shots or holding on to it for too long. However he did play a lot better towards the end of the season. People seem think just because we play a fast pace pick n roll offense that it’s a easy transition. It’s not! It basically takes everyone a year before that understand and become comfortable with it. That being said we should see Brown playing better next year. I don’t understand why people think that his play is going to lack with Nash gone. He didn’t play off Nash that much, but created mostly his own shots off the dribble. I also don’t understand why you guys are crying about this contract. We are basically paying this guy 3.5 million a year. That is nothing! That is a cap friendly contract. That is something that we can easily deal next year if we wanted too. Plus it’s less than what Warrick is being payed and he may hardly play next year. He’s cheaper than what we would have payed Lee for, and he put up the same numbers as Lee as a starter. Lee averaged 14pts 42%fg 40%3pt. In the 19 games that Brown started he averaged almost 16pts 43%fg 40%3pt. This isn’t that bad of a deal, and I have to say the FO was smart not blowing their cap space on someone else.

  • Gosuns

    With who was left he was the best option especially considering familiarity and continuity with our system he might still continue to grow also, so I don’t think it’s terrible it’s just an ok move that we had to make for now and we don’t need to sign Lopez back anyway, I wish him luck though

  • Greg

    in comparison to what they have gained to what theyve lost, i dont see them to be “lucky” to win 35. i think 35 is a solid floor for them.

  • KLS

    Ouch – not a great financial move, I would have played SG for way less. $1mil for 1 yr. Haha (but I’m not kidding, I would have – and am still available.)

    Brown is a good backup SG to provide a punch off the bench. But who knows, maybe he’ll end up fitting in this system well. Then again, I would have preferred to see Redd resigned, though I don’t think Redd would have been a starter for 82 games. It seems like Brown is what was left, which isn’t bad, but could be better. Time will tell.

  • Morgan McCoy

    @Tony, I’m sick and tired of reading your b.s. How can you say that this team is going to win 33 games? That is how many games we won last year in a 16 game shortened season. This team is probably going to be deeper, younger, and more atheletic than last year. HATER

  • Trib

    The Suns passed on Mayo and Lee. Not the other way around. Those guys are not difference makers, they are highly drafted underachievers.

  • bk

    Courtney Lee is a 4 year deal $21M. The plan here on SG is to get a better FA or from draft pick. The talent level of Courtney Lee is same as Dudley so that he is not a better selection than Shannon Brown.

  • Nathan

    Shannon Brown on a partially-guaranteed 3.5 mil expiring contract next year can EASILY be moved. Not just dumped on some team, but actually traded for an asset. There are a TON of teams that are over the cap that would have been happy with this signing, and this will be true during the next off-season as well.

    What would a team like Chicago, absolutely desperate for help in their back court give to PHX for him? They’ve been looking for a guard to pair with D-Rose who can run the floor with him, defend well and shoot the three since Ben Gordon left. Brown would be a PERFECT fit there, especially given the small contract numbers and Chicago’s desire to shed salary.

    Phoenix still has great financial flexibility going forward, regardless of what they sign Robin Lopez to. Warrick is essentially an expiring contract this season, and he can probably be sent away at the trade deadline to a team desperate for scoring in the frontcourt(Boston?), and Channing Frye will not be hard to give away next season when he’s also in the last year of his deal.

    This signing gives PHX another tradeable asset. I like it.

  • Greg

    Frye has 2 years left plus an option so he isnt in his last year after this season…maybe we could politely ask him to leave after 2013/2014 and leave his 6.8 mil on the table….

  • Greg

    ehhh no, extend him

  • sun also rises

    @morgan – don’t even try to talk reason with this chump biscuit. he was whining like a little girl about signing mayo, crying in his glass of milk (the doc says he can’t have caffeine with his meds) about signing lee and now he’s probably typing with one hand about signing brown because it means that he gets to feed his disgusting fetish with hoping that the team fails.

    Phony has no answers, just pathetic delusions and bipolar disorder. go ahead and ask him how he would have handled the off season and watch him start ranting like an idiot about how Sarver let Tom Gugliota go eight years ago. The best part is that he realizes he’s this boards answer to a Mad TV skit because he now qualifies his mental disease with cute little asides about how everybody thinks he’s a total nutcase… as my uncle used to put it, “he’s making a minstrel out of himself.” rofl

  • Trib

    They key to all of this is Beasley becoming the man. He’s the only guy on the roster with potential to be 20+ every night. Scola, Dudley, Brown & Gortat are high level role players. Dragic has the ability to run the show.

    This project works if we build it around Beasley and give him 20 shots per night. He gets his average up to around 47% and goes for 25 a night. If that happens the Suns will attract the free agent SG they need to get into contention next year.

  • cha cha cha

    i wouldn’t be surprised if Chicago picked up Rose’s Memphis teammate Chris Douglas Roberts as a Sefalosha type. He’s 6’7″ and wouldn’t cost them much.

  • Gosuns

    Some people mentioned chemistry, remember last year we didn’t have a full camp and the season will be more spaced out again with more chances to have practice

  • Greg

    guys lets limit the personal attacks unless you include basketball debate with the post lol. some of these are getting out of hand. this should be fun for all of us.

    @Tony, just trying to gauge what a 32-35 win team is, look at the 2010-2011 clippers. yes they had gordon and griffin, but gordon missed 26 games. griffin, though outstanding, was still a rookie with poor defense. with all the injuries, and they had a ton. only 5 guys played full years (Griffin, Bledsoe (not good), aminu (not good), jordan(not great then), and ryan gomes(awful). If Baron Davis, Mo Williams, and Kaman were healthy, yes that team has way more talent then the suns. But even that injury riddled, young guy fill in roster, won 32 games. that team was pretty bad.

    barring injury, Suns will eclipse 35 games.

  • Nathan

    Totally don’t mind this signing, but I’m still wondering who’s going to guard larger wing players. I wouldn’t mind the FO going after Ronnie Brewer on a one-year contract.

  • Greg

    ive been thinking about brewer last few days, at 6’7” he would def give us the defensive length. last year was an unusually bad offensive year for him. career 50% from field, last year only43, and he has zero 3 pt ability. but that would be why we sign him, hed be a nice piece and relatively cheap

  • Greg

    wouldnt be* why we sign him