Phoenix Suns re-sign Shannon Brown for two years

The Phoenix Suns’ swing and a miss for Eric Gordon has resulted in the team re-signing shooting guard Shannon Brown, as KTAR’s John Gambadoro first reported.

Brown’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, confirmed the news to several NBA writers, including CBS’s Ken Berger. The deal is a $7 million contract for two years, and Paul Coro tweeted that only half of the second-year salary is guaranteed.

If true, the signing comes as a surprise, as Michael Schwartz pointed out in his season review of Brown. The fact that it’s a multi-year deal could possibly go against Phoenix’s promise it would be frugal and thoughtful when saving money this offseason for next, though the monetary size of the agreement could swing opinion either way.

Brown, who just finished a one-year deal with Phoenix, took more than half of a shortened, 66-game season to get comfortable in a system that at first looked promising considering that his light would always be green. He shot only 42 percent on the season, and that number could have been much worse had he not seen a rise in production while starting during Grant Hill’s injury.

Brown averaged 11 points and 2.7 rebounds this season, but his numbers increased to 15.8 points and 3.7 rebounds in the 19 games that he started.

With a failed push for O.J. Mayo, who signed with Dallas, and then Courtney Lee inking a deal with the Boston Celtics, the pool of free agents at shooting guard was running dry.

Familiarity with head coach Alvin Gentry, however, is one positive sign that Brown will get off to a hotter start this season. Meanwhile, the fact that he will have a shot at starting — depending on how Gentry decides to roll with Michael Beasley and Jared Dudley — and at the very least will have a bigger role than last season should give the Suns another scoring option to spread the floor for the likes of Marcin Gortat and Luis Scola.

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  • joey

    we need to bring redd back. his 3 point shooting is a huge asset and opens the floor up for scola and beasley to operate. brown doesn’t do that. teams play off him because of his driving ability, which clogs the lane. in today’s nba you must have good 3 point shooters and redd still is a big 3 point threat. plus with our training staff redd might end up being another huge comeback story like hill.

  • Tony


    I’m sick and tired of your fairy-tale and outlandish optimism. I’m just being realistic, but if you want to stay in fantasy land, by all means do so.

    Lastly, if you’re going to argue against something I said, at least be smart enough to correctly state my claim first. Did I ever say 33 games? Nope! My advice, take some reading comprehension courses!

  • Khalid

    Barbosa next please. The team is too young ! One thing is for sure, the team is gonna be fun to watch. All the players are exciting to watch, can produce good moves, and hopefully surprise us all. There are many worse teams out there.

  • cha cha cha

    yeah, Brewer’s interesting and still out there. (and so is CJ Miles, who i always confused with Brewer when they both were on the Jazz)

  • DBreezy

    Not only should the deal be easy to move if need be, it can also be stretched. By my understanding of the rules, the cap smack would only be 875,000 per for two seasons.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    I can’t believe Bad News Brown is back. I’m typing this while sitting on the beam of a high, unforgiving bridge.

  • cha cha cha

    ” I’m typing this while sitting on the beam of a high, unforgiving bridge.”

    in related news, i’m typing this while high on some unforgiving Jim Beam

  • PennyAnd1


    Brown equal to Mayo? lol man don’t look at the stats. Just like how the stats don’t tell the whole story of how Nash impacts the Suns positively, the stats don’t tell you how bad Brown impacts the Suns negatively.

    It’s bad enough that Gortat doesn’t know how to pick his shot, we don’t need another one in Brown, especially as a shooting guard. The best thing Brown can do is cut & slice and let Marshall find him. If he throws so many long distant shot, it’s going to be a very long season.

  • Cody

    You know if they were going to get Brown, they might as well try to get Jimmer. He is not worse on D than Brown and is a much better shooter. Gotta believe he can be had for a good price now…

  • steve

    I think cha cha cha has the right idea. Good old Jim always knows how to wash my sorrows away, even when that sorrow is another two years of captain facepalm, shannon brown.

  • Zack B.

    You guys are really starting to piss me off. Y’all are seriously considering washed up Michael Redd over a young, athletic SB??? This dude has potential, like it or not. Barbosa? I love the guy, but he can’t defend at all. SB is a very underrated defender, has constantly been improving his outside shot and off the dribble game. He’s not just a dunker anymore. And remember that was a condensed season. And the Nash-Brown connection? Come on now he barely got to play with Nash in games. I pray to God he breaks out within the life of this contract. You guys are going to bite your tongues. NOW, if he doesn’t, either season, I will be wrong and I will lose faith in him. I love this move, and he’s cheap! Same with T-Will, we could get him for even cheaper, and he’s better than SB and a very all-around player. Very few people are being positive about this, goodness, he is not that bad, at all. If he plays great this season, you guys will be hearing a lot from me.

  • steve


    Anyone want to venture to guess Zack B=Zack Brown?

    Shannon Brown is the type of player only his friends and family could love.

  • HankS

    I don’t see why I should dislike this signing. Brown is a young veteran who knows the system, he wants to play here and comes cheap; in fact, it’s almost a one-year deal, given only half of the second year is guaranteed. Easy to trade if need be.

    And what were the alternatives? While I’m still mystified why Mayo didn’t sign with the Suns, as they would have offered him a larger role than the Mavs and almost certainly more money, I wouldn’t want the Suns to sign C-Lee on the deal the Celts just gave him, thereby jeopardizing their future financial situation.

    On the whole, the Suns now have a young team that could click and surprise people. And if not, oh well, at least they have no huge contracts to weigh them down for years.

  • HoopsNerdUK

    As long as we’re not on the hook for a lot of $ next season, I don’t have too much of a problem with signing Brown, mainly because we didn’t have a single natural SG and it should be fairly easy to move the contract if we need to.

    Yes, this team should score a ton of points.
    The problem Suns have now (as usual) is defense. Beasley and Brown don’t play it (all those making the PER argument in favour of Brown/against Lee, PER undervalues defense). Scola gets beaten by taller/quicker bigs. Gortat got overpowered by a number of PFs/Cs in the post last year.

    On that PER/defense note, Sefolosha’s PER is under 10! Really?! Shumpert’s is under 11. Kleiza is apparently better than Grant Hill!

    For the last couple of years we put G-Hill on their best player every game. Now we have no-one capable of even coming close to fulfilling that role.

    The good news defensively is that the NBA did nothing to fix flopping. Scola and Gortat are safe!

    Now I hope we can work out some kind of trade for a good perimeter defender. Otherwise good luck Elston Turner and Alvin Gentry!

  • Mikey

    Thank you HankS!

    One of the few making sense on here. One more thing, the Suns need a starting shooting guard, not Harden. He is a streak shooter who is more of a three than two.

  • Zack B.

    Lmfao @Steve. @HankS, BINGO! And for all those saying the team is too young, OKC was “too young” and look at them now. I’m a guy that’s more into developing young talent rather than trying to make blockbuster trades. Shannon Brown’s defense, is not THAT bad, there are certain things stats won’t tell you. He has better defense than Beasley at least. And do any of you actually watch the Suns? All I see is stats being thrown around…for all I know y’all might not know nothing about basketball, anybody could look at some stats and make judgements.

  • PennyAnd1

    @Zack B

    LMAO. Has potential? Are you kidding me? He’s a veteran in this game now! When will his potential show up man? in 10 years? There’s a good reason Lakers let him good for nothin’. He just doesn’t learn! Nuff said.

  • Bill_Thomas

    Still no answers or even hints from management about why Mayo is not here.