O.J. Mayo visits Phoenix Suns on Friday

As the Phoenix Suns continue to wait for the New Orleans Hornets to match their max offer sheet to Eric Gordon (tomorrow’s the day!), they moved on by holding a meeting today with Gordon’s presumed replacement, free-agent shooting guard O.J. Mayo.

Sources incredibly close to Mayo (the player himself), confirmed the meeting:

Saturday will likely be a huge day for the Suns as they will find out (most likely) that New Orleans matched on Gordon so they can move on with their other business, which includes signing Goran Dragic and Michael Beasley as well as securing another young shooting guard.

The 24-year-old Mayo appears to be their top target in that regard as the Suns seek to reunite the Nos. 2 and 3 picks in the 2008 draft.

Like Beasley, Mayo has starred at times, averaging 18.2 and 17.5 points per game as a full-time starter his first two seasons before being relegated to the bench and playing about 12 less minutes per game the last two seasons than he did his first two.

Mayo has never shot the ball particularly well, hitting 43.3 percent of his attempts for his career, and he’s barely been above 40 percent each of the last two seasons.

We will break Mayo down in further depth if he does in fact sign, but for now I’ll leave it at he’s been a solid player but certainly underwhelming for a third overall pick.

If (when?) the Hornets match on Gordon, the Suns will have about $11 million to spend on free agents, including Robin Lopez.

It appears Phoenix’s preference would be to give Mayo a healthy cut of that money, and it has always been the front office’s stated desire to bring back Lopez.

However, I am concerned about spending too much future cap space without landing any “stars” this offseason. Dragic, Beasley and Mayo are also very nice young players with tons of potential for improvement, yet are any of them even the third best player on a championship team in this Big Three era?

The opportunity cost of signing Mayo could be not having the space to make a max offer to a stud next summer. With the possibility of amnestying Josh Childress and declining the team option on Hakim Warrick, if the Suns keep some of this cap space dry with one-year deals they could be a major free-agent player once again next summer.

Perhaps they could figure out a way to front load a contract offer to Mayo to preserve some of this room as well. I worry about being locked into a Dragic-Mayo-Beasley-Frye-Gortat-Marshall-Dudley-Morris core for the next few years by giving Mayo the money he deserves.

In a vacuum, there’s no question the former Trojan could help the Suns, and he’s young enough that he still could become the special player many people have always felt he would be since grade school.

Yet it’s questionable how much future cap space the Suns would be wise to commit to a player who has shot 40 percent the last two seasons and disappeared in the 2012 playoffs.

Mayo: ‘It went well’

Hat tip to @nando_88 on Twitter for pointing out that Mayo tweeted the following tonight but soon deleted it.

O.J. Mayo Tweet

Hornets acquire Brad Miller, second-rounders with cap space

The Hornets acquired a pair of second-rounders (and Brad Miller’s contract) in return for cap space today from a Minnesota team desperately trying to cut money to make all of its free agent moves.

Deals like this are why Dell Demps will wait until the final minute to match Gordon’s offer sheet. Why not add future assets with your extra cap space that you don’t need now and will lose anyway if you don’t spend it?

Nash-Amare-Marion third-best trio ever

Neil Paine ranked the best statistical “Big Threes” ever, and wouldn’t you know that No. 3 on that list behind only the 1991-92 version of Jordan, Pippen and Grant and the 2010-11 Heat trio of LeBron, Wade and Bosh was the Suns’ very own high-scoring triumvirate of Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion.

Writes Paine for ESPN Insider:

It’s fitting that the second-most prolific regular-season and playoff offense ever would have representatives on the list of all-time great Big 3s. In 2004-05, Nash won MVP honors, Stoudemire made a strong bid for the award as well, and many observers felt Marion was actually Phoenix’s best all-around player. Together, they propelled the Suns to their first Western Conference finals since 1993, touching off one of the greatest stretches of sustained offensive output by a single team in the history of the NBA.

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  • Majestic One

    Did they renounce Brown? If not he has a $4.2 million cap hold with Robins $8.5 million hold.

    • http://www.valleyofthesuns.com Michael Schwartz

      @Majestic One I assume they have. By my calculations they would have had to to even make the Gordon offer. If not, I’m sure that will be happening tomorrow.

  • Tony

    Hey Michael, just out of curiousity, do you or anyone on the VOTS staff have any affiliation with BrightsideoftheSun? I ask because recently I discovered the site, and I have to say, the majority of the people on that site are knuckleheads without any sense of objectivity whatsoever. I thought this site was so one-sided in favor of the Suns FO, but Brightside takes the case. All they do is call Nash a traitor and dream of improbable trades such as Dudley for James Harden! And while I do find you too supportive of the Three Stooges, at least you do maintain some objectivity, unlike those dummies on Brightside.

    Now it is time for my proverbial Sarver, Babby, and Blanks bashing. They would be complete even dumber than I’ve thought if they overpay for Mayo. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do in fact make such a ridiculous signing, but even the 2nd Stooge Babby must realize that a lineup of Dragic, Mayo, Beasley, Morris, and Gortat is at best a 9th seed team destined to perpetual mediocrity. That’s not an efficient way to rebuild whatsoever.

    • http://www.valleyofthesuns.com Michael Schwartz

      @Tony I enjoyed the one day that you supported the FO! I have no affiliation with Bright Side and neither do any of my guys. As I have told you before, all the things I write are my own thoughts. I understand that at times I skew in favor of the FO, but I called them out as much as anyone for the Brooks-Dragic trade. I think in general it’s my personality to skew positive on some of these things, but I what I try to be more than anything is fair at all times.

  • bk

    It looks like Mayo is staying in a hotel in Phoenix tonight and waits for the Gordon mess clean up tomorrow. It means he tends to sign right away as soon as tomorrow.

  • Roger


    He’s staying at Ritz Carlton, probably on Sarver’s tab.

    I have the same feeling Suns are going to sign him Sat afternoon after NO matches Gordon offer sheet. I also feel they sign Lopez tomorrow.

    Watch for presser with Dragic, Beasley, Mayo and Lopez at the podium. That would be nice!

  • Jason A.

    I think adding Dragic, Mayo, and Beasley is just the first step in getting to where we’re going. We’re not winning a championship within three years no matter what, so why not pick up some players on reasonable contracts with breakout potential. We’ll see who pans out and who fails and then we’ll build from there. With some smart moves we’ll still have room for a max player next year.

  • chris

    Lopez fuckiiiiin sucks ill rather sign Elton Brand!!!! For one year!

  • Roger

    Too late, Elton Brand claimed by Dallas! They got Kaman, another center. They might also bid on L Scola.

    My guess is Cuban is making all these waiver moves to dry up the bigs from joining other teams. Pretty clever!

  • Scott

    I wouldn’t want to overpay for Mayo. As usual, I was calling for the Suns to get him back when he was cheap.

    On the other hand, I’m not too concerned about the Suns keeping their powder dry for a star FA next year. I envision the Suns making gradual improvements over the next few years, taking in young free agents who get squeezed out on other teams (like Mayo) and hopefully drafting well. Eventually they might trade for star, as was done with Barkley and others.

    I don’t know what Mayo is thinking is good, or what other people think he deserves, but a multi-year contract with an annual salary of $6m is what I’d be looking to pay out.

  • Joe goodman

    I think your not giving Mayo and Beasley there do! There not far off that star level and beasley averaged 19.2 ppg playing a little over 30 mpg if he had gotton 38-40 like most stars he could have been around 25 ppg and he’s only 23 if he matures he has super star type talent. And Mayo in my opinion is not a eric gordon talent but still an All Star talent I kind of see him as a rich mans Ben Gordon. And besides who are you going to sign James Harden hes has a great talent but on a max deal vs Mayo on a much cheaper deal I’ll take Mayo and his potenial to score 20+ a game over Harden just youtube Mayo he hit a ton of clutch shot for the grizz he first two seasons.

    A little more on Mayo he got benched because he wasn’t playing great Deffense. But I think people forget he only 6-4 he’ll never be a great deffender. Then the Grizzles tryed him as a 6th man but at the same time made him more of a spot of shooter rather than a scorer.
    It really wouldn’t shock me if Mayo out plays the Contract he’ll likley get from the suns in his first year if there was one of the contracts/players that I’d worry about is beasley will we get the guy that could average 25+ppg or the guy thats ok getting 15-18ppg

  • Joe goodman

    I haven’t really though about it but if we get Mayo we’ll have 3 guys that can get there own shot in Dragic,Mayo and Beasley when the last time the suns had that. It was always on Nash to get shots even if he wasn’t taking them.

    It will be intresting to see will this team mature and win 45-50 games or will they struggle and win 25-30 games at this point its a toss up for me.

  • Joe goodman

    Anybody though About Serge Ibaka next year instead of James Harden who the thunder are likley to keep anyway.

    Dragic,Mayo,Beasley,Ibaka,Gortat – Starters

    Mashall,Morris,Dudley,Lopez – Bench

    Thats a pretty talent and deep team plus all the draft picks the suns will have in the future. I would think that with Ibaka that could be a 50 win team easy.

  • Scott

    @Joe -

    Any time you can get players like Frye and Dudley back onto the bench, it’s a good thing.

    Marshall would definitely be able to do something with a bench like what Dragic used to have (Barbosa, Dudley, Amundson, Frye).

  • http://NA $un$FAN

    I like your thinking Joe.

  • http://NA $un$FAN

    Mayo signs tomorrow, 3 year, 21 million. Calling it now. They will front load the contract as followed: 11mil. year 1, 5mil. year 2, 5mil. year 3.

    They will have to amnesty Childress in order for that to happen and resign Lopez to a 2 year, 8 mil type of deal.

    Warrick comes off the books, Mayo’s contract would go down by 6 mil, and we could trade the LA first rounder to someone to take on Frye’s contract. That would open up 15-16 mil for next year which puts us in position to add a max player along with keeping the core of Dragic, Mayo, Beasley, Morris, Gortat, Marshall and Dudley.

  • Fan in Chi Town

    Whether Mayo or Gordon signs, or neither, we still need another big. The Gortat/Frye combo is way too soft. I like Morris but he’s not experienced yet. I would like the FO to get a tough, defensive-minded big. I like the ibaka idea for next season, whoever mentioned that. Or maybe try to trade for kendrick Perkins, if OKC wants to keep one or the other.

  • SUNS fan on Oahu

    I hope that they make a bid for Scola..

  • Tony


    I appreciate your response. I’m very glad to hear that VOTS has no affiliation with those clowns on Bright Side. In addition to calling Nash a traitor despite all he’s done for the Suns franchise and the city of Phoenix, now one of their writer’s is even going so far as to say Nash is trying to corrupt Grant Hill by recruiting him to sign with the Lakers! Those people are seriously pathetic.

    So once again, thanks for all your hardwork writing these articles and doing so while maintaining objectivity and class unlike those yahoos over at Bright Side of the Sun.

  • http://asdf Jacob


    Remember this. If we sign Mayo to lets say 6 million a year, and resign Robin Lopez, that may not give Phoenix any stars in the present, but all of these players could be traded for a star. In an era where players are demanding to be traded so often, this puts Phoenix in a solid position to trade for one of those disgruntled stars (remember, we also gained extra draft picks from the Steve Nash trade). Dragic, Mayo, Beasley, Gortat, Marshall, Lopez, and Markieff are all tradable assets… I could see the Suns giving up Gortat, Beasley, Lopez, Marshall, and some draft picks to pick up a “Dwight Howard” next year or two years from now. While this may put a dent in plans to grab a star player in free agency, this dramatically raises our ability to trade for a star.

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    If you folks get a few moments google the scouting reports on Mayo coming out of college. It looks like half of the scouts were for Gordon and half for Mayo.

    Both Beasley and Mayo have real upside potential.

  • Scott

    @Roger -

    FWIW, I think visiting players often stay at the Ritz Carlton. It’s centrally located and right across from the Cheesecake Factory, which – due to large portion size and reasonable prices – is the preferred dining destination of NBA players throughout the league.

    A couple years ago I had to stop for a red light at the intersection there, and I saw Mike Conley and Darrell Arthur cross the street right in front of me, dressed in sweats, no doubt on their way to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. ;)

  • RC3973

    Suns to me shouldve took the offer off the table with gordon and got him next year.In the mean time get mayo and scola.and lopez.I would trade frye, gortat,scola and the picks the lakers gave us for howard to free up cap space then get gordon as well.then get lopez back like dragic.Think about the lineup for a sec.
    Starters: Howard,Morris,Beasley,Gordon,Dragic
    Bench: Marshall,Mayo,Dudley,(draft a PF),Lopez
    Wow that would be a championship let alone 60+ games won

  • If anyone remembers mayo sucked off the bench and since gordon will get 25-30 minutes, Mayo’s productivity will drop severely. but besides that I think that’s a good lineup

  • Greg

    @RC3973, the Magic would not do that trade, why wouldnt they just go get scola themselves? they are trying to get rid of bad contracts, not take on Frye’s. none of the picks they have, have a whole lot of value to the Magic, Lakers picks will be late in first round. That trade is beyond wishful thinking. and your lineup looks like fantasy basketball.

    @…., Mayo and Gordon wouldnt be on the Suns at same time? They get on or the other, and Gordon would play 35-40 mins a night….i dont see how any of this becomes financially possible.

  • Andy

    Traveling today, so can’t access the salaries page or vouch that my searching on my phone was maximally efficient. So apologies for any errors. With that said, I’ve been unable to find any indication that a front loaded contract for mayo violates any rules. Given the 21 total and the 11 available you mentioned, I get the following cap math:
    IIRC, big if, with Hak gone, Beasley and Dragic signed, we clock in at 42 million next summer. If we let Lopez walk. rGiven an 11/5/5 deal structure on Mayo, 2 mil for a low lottery with our pick and 1.5 with the puck from LA, that’d be 50.5. Amnesty for Chilly gets us to 43.5. At that point, a slight cap bump or moving one of the three 2 million plus rookie contracts (into a trade exception, possibly costing that other Laker first) would let us make a max offer, with a Dragic, Mayo, Dudley, Beasley, Gortat, Frye line-up in tact and Bird rights to all new FA’s. If (big if) my math is right and I understand everything. But that front load borders on essential. Otherwise we have to move two plus years of Frye. I don’t even think that’s going to be possible, but even if we can, we would have to pay through the nose to do it.

  • Andy

    In that scenario, of course, we could not amnesty Chilly or trade the rookie until the deal is in place. If we sat out non one year deals that summer, we’d be able to offer a max the next year if we struck out on true franchise guys. I mentioned this before, but Kevin Love is already disgruntled and would be a great fit with that lineup, if he opted out of his player option that year. All roughly sketched, but it could really walk the tightrope between reloading and rebuilding that is at the center of so much discussion.

  • Ty-Sun

    Anyone know that status of Frye’s shoulder? Will he even be able to play by the start of the season? If not – and if the Suns do sign Mayo – I would be surprised to see a starting line up of Dragic, Mayo, Dudley, Beasley and Gortat instead of having Morris start at the 4. I would expect to see the Suns playing Beasley at the 4 at times during the season anyway.

    And does anyone know the time today that NO has to match Gordon’s offer or not? I hope they don’t wait to the last freaking minute to do it. I’m sure we’re all ready get that out of the way and move on.

  • Nick

    I hope I’m not getting overly excited, but gotta wonder if Saints giving Brees $100 million yesterday is going to have any impact on EGordon decision! Different sports yeah, but same checkbook, definitely have my fingers crossed

  • Roger

    Front-loading Mayo’s contract is a GREAT idea. Next year then you’ll have max $ to go after at least one of the premier max players – Ibaka (my choice), Kevin Love (2nd choice, may require Frye + 2 first rounders + Dudley) and Howard (if he’s still avail, we’ll have to gut our team + kitchen sink + Sarver’s bank).

  • Ty-Sun

    I doubt it, Nick. Gordon is too valuable to just let go for nothing. They’ll match his offer just so that they can work out a better trade for him later on even if they don’t want to keep him.

  • http://none.com Russell

    @Roger, are you high today? Why would the T’Wolves trade Love for 2 late first rounders+ Dudley and Frye? basically you are giving him two players they don’t want, and two terrible picks.

    Love is signed for 4 more years, which means it would take a big package to land him. And Frye + Dudley is not a realistic package.

  • http://none.com Russell

    Let me break down what I see with the Suns for 2012-2013:

    Center: Gortat is with out a doubt the 2nd best Center in the west along with Marc Gasol, flip of a coin for those 2. The Best, right now is Bynum (in the west). Gortat is only making 7 mil a year the next 2 years, you can bet that if Gortat had been a free agent this summer he would have gotten a max offer of 14 mil per season.

    Back up Center: Lopez is fine for one more season, at 4 million. his per 36 minutes stats are actually decent.

    Power Forward: This is the only position of weakness . Frye is better suited as a back up PF/C coming off the bench. He has 3 years 19 mil left on his contract which means he will be here at least for 2 more years. Morris is a good young defensive PF but very raw.

    So what should the suns do? No doubt Phoenix needs to be in a bid of $4 million for Scola, he is a better rebounder and better scorer then Frye.

    SF- Beasley is a very talented player. However, I disagree that he will be a 25 pt a game scorer. Nope. He will be what Shawn Marion was a 19-21pts per a game scorer, unfortunately he wont be the rebounder that Marion was (11 rebounds a game). But, Beasley should be able to avg. about 7 rebounds a game. So 19-21pts 7 rebounds is good for 6 mil a season.

    SG- This is where Mayo comes in, the Suns will give Mayo the same deal they gave Dragic, 4 years 30 million. I believe this deal will be a steal. Mayo will come in and avg 18-19 pts 4rebounds, 4 assists a game, after that he will only get better.

    Dudley will back him up, Dudley will still play about 27-28 minutes a game because he will play the 2 and the 3 position off the bench. At 4 million per a season over the next 3 years he is a good deal. Expect about 11-12pts and 4 rebounds from Dudley, plus the hustle.

    PG- This is a an area where we have a lot of depth. Dragic showed last year he is ready to be a starting PG in the NBA. Dragic has all the talent in the world to be an ALL star, it’s up to him to prove it. He should put up 16pts 9 assists a game next year.

    Marshall, is only 20 years old and will spend at least 3 years on the bench learning the NBA game. he is a pure PG, which means he passes the ball a lot more then he shoots. He is slow defensively, so he’ll have to improve on that.

    Telfair played very well last year as a back up. Especially last few months.

    Ok, the two guy’s I haven’t mentioned: Warrick and Childress. Let me go on record and state right now, I do not believe Sarver will amnesty Childress, not this year at least. I think what Sarver will do is trade away the 8.9 million $ trade exception they received for Nash that is taking up cap space right now, the team they will send that exception to is most likely the Rockets. If the Suns sign Dragic outright, then Dragic takes up cap space and so does the exception, if however there is a deal where a sign and trade happens the Suns can send the exception for Dragic, thus clearing 8.9 million in cap space while still acquiring Dragic. And by signing Dragic last they will be allowed to go over the cap to sign him.

    Now Childress, really hasn’t gotten any playing time so who knows maybe he will actually play and do well.

    As far as Warrick, he only has one guaranteed year at 4.6 million which means he can be traded. The Suns got 3 million in cash from the Lakers, Phx can use some of that cash to pay for half of Warricks salary, send say 2.3 million in cash to a team like the Bucks and Warrick, at 2.3 million it would be worth it for a team to take a flyer on Warrick.


    C- Gortat 16pts 11 rebounds (back up Lopez, Frye)
    PF- Scola 14pts 8.5 rebounds (back up Frye, Morris)
    SF-Beasley 19pts 7.5 rebounds (B- Dudley,Childress)
    SG- Mayo 18pts 4&4 (B- Dudley)
    PG- Dragic 16pts 9 asst (B- Marshall, Telfair)

    Contracts 2012:

    Gortat 7.2 mil
    Lopez 4mil
    Scola 4mil
    Frye 6mil
    Beasley 6mil
    Dragic 7.5 mil
    OJ Mayo 7.5 mil
    Childress 7.0 mil
    Dudley 4.2 mil
    Morris 2.0 mil
    Marshall 1.5 mil
    Telfair 1.5 mil

    this gets the team to 58 million. And they still have their mid level exception (5mil) and mini mid level exception (3mil) that they have not used.

  • Greg

    I am not disagreeing, but lets keep in mind that Gortat was made by Nash, many of his buckets were easy pick roll points because Nash would set him up, no one does it better. We can’t count on Gortat’s points to increase unless they focus on him as a main scoring option, and with beasley dragic, and mayo around he wont be primary option. However, his rebounding and defense will probably improve and his conditioning will be better. He will be an efficient player still, just probably will score a little less

  • Lloyd Cadle

    John Reid of The Times-Picayune has just reported that the Gordon offer sheet has been matched by N.O.



  • Manny

    Offer is matched. Time to get Mayo

  • Ty-Sun

    While I like Scola, I think putting in anything more than a minimum bid for him would be a mistake. As I understand it, picking up a player on the amnesty waiver would be required to pay him for the remaining 3 years of his present contract even at a much reduced price. It’s not just a one year deal. If no one picks him up through that process, THEN he would become an unrestricted FA and be able to sign with any team for any length of time. If my understanding of how claiming an amnestied player works is correct then I’m not sure the Suns would want to commit to having him on the team for 3 years because it would adversely affect their ability to go after other FAs during that time.

  • Ty-Sun

    Finally! NO made it official and we can move on! Whether Mayo accepts or rejects the Suns’ contract offer I think we’ll see what next season’s team will look like fairly soon.

  • Scott

    @Ty-Sun -

    The projection on Frye’s shoulder is that it could take as long as January before it is healed. After that, I imagine they’ll work him slowly into the lineup.

    While he could come back earlier, I would hope they’d keep him out till he is completely healed, because another shoulder injury would put him out for the year.

  • Ty-Sun

    Thanks, Scott. That actually makes even more sense of signing Beasley since he can play the 3 and 4 spots. If Frye can’t come back until January, the Suns need more than just Morris and Warrick at the 4.

  • Pingback: Suns miss out on Eric Gordon, Turn eyes to Mayo

  • Ty-Sun

    If Frye is going to be out until January and the Suns sign Mayo I see the starting five as Dragic, Mayo, Dudley, Beasley and Gortat. Lopez of course will be the bench 5, Marshall should be the bench 1 and Morris should be the bench 4. That leaves Childress and Warrick as the bench 2 and 3. Scary. Telfair makes 11 but he’s going to be the 3rd pg (maybe the 2nd early in the season) and that leaves 2-4 spot left to fill on the Suns’ roster. 2 minimum, 4 max.

    Do we go after more one year contracts to fill in? I think that is most likely unless someone really steps up in summer league play. Should we try to bring Brown back on another one year contract? I wouldn’t offer him more than that unless it was a 2 year contract with a team option on the second year. Or should we try to bring Redd back? I think that there are other teams that would be willing to offer him more than a vet’s minimum one year contract (not much more, but more).

    Any ideas as to who the Suns should go after to fill out the roster?

  • Charleston

    Phoenix needs Mayo for sure. Re-sign Shannon Brown, perhaps sign Greg Oden/Lopez. Sign Louis Scola, as Frye will probably be out until mid-season.

  • cha cha cha

    i don’t like Beasley at PF at all. that’s got “early foul trouble” (and “Gasol points in the paint”) written all over it. he should be the designated 6th man (as a sf), otherwise there’s no bench points at all.

  • http://none.com Russell

    I agree. Beasley is not a good fit for PF. While he will probably score more playing PF, he will be completely outmatched on defense.

    At this point Scola makes the most sense. 3.5 mil-4mil for Scola really wont hamstring the suns, even if it is for 3 years.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    I could see Beas at the 4 depending on how Gentry wants to run it.

    If he’s going to go SSOL mode on offense, Beas will be at the 4 the same way Matrix was at the 4. He’ll be instructed to “bend but not foul” on defense, and punish the other team’s 4 cardio wise on the offensive end.

    If he’s going to go with more of a Gentry-styled SSOL hybrid, then Beas will be at the 3 and Morris will start at the 4.

    Then the Bench would be Telfair(Marshall) / JMZ / Chilly / Warrick / RoLo

    Without Frye there isn’t enough shooting coming off the bench, which is why I feel like a couple of those summer league guys have a good chance to make the team if they perform.

    What that bench does have is the ability to RUN. If given playing time, I can see Chilly leaking out. A LOT. Same with Warrick on perimeter switches.

  • Andy

    Re Beasley at PF, for 2010-2011, 82 games has breakdowns of his time at each position. I don’t know about other year’s numbers, but given a fairly even minutes split with a large sample size on both positions, I think it’s useful information. Playing 33% of his team’s total minutes at SF, Beasley recorded a PER of 13.1, and allowed his counterpart a PER of 19.3. In 24% of his team’s minutes at PF, he recorded a PER of 18.4, and allowed his counterpart a PER of 17.7. This definitely supports the idea he has more offensive value as a PF, in fact, that year at least, he was a below average SF and above average PF. But, that extends so far as to say there’s not much support for the idea he’s better off defensively at SF. Sure, his coach is going to try and pick favorable match-ups, but you can say the same thing about SF. And playing almost a quarter of the team’s total minutes at the position, there’s only so much hiding you can do. All this is to say, I think history shows we’re better off thinking of him as a PF that can play some SF in a pinch than the other way around.

  • cha cha cha

    nice post, Andy. i was looking around for split stats by position, but didn’t find them.

  • Andy

    Thanks cha. FWIW, I’m right with you on the thought he might be better bringing scoring off the bench, just at PF. With bringing in Scola at PF, maybe the suns agree.. or maybe they want to start Beasley at SF. We’ll see, but I know which I’d vote for.

  • RC3973

    So i see the suns is going to sign mayo and now have their eyes on courtney lee.So with that being said the suns have a lit offerto get howard if they want to now.as for right now the roster is going to be:Dragic,Mayo,Beasley,Scola,Gortat.
    The Bench is going to be.Marshall,Lee,Dudley,Frye,Lopez,childress,warrick until next year.The suns are going to have money for howard if he dosent get traded as well and would trade for star caliber players to make a Championship Run.The suns will have a big three next year with a bench