Steve Nash officially traded to the Lakers, no finality on Eric Gordon situation

Suns fans, you might not want to click this link to if you just ate.

While the Suns and Eric Gordon waited to make his max offer sheet official, the Lakers wasted no time announcing their acquisition of Steve Nash.

Nash is now officially a Laker after the teams completed a trade that will net the Suns two first-rounders, two second-rounders and $3.1 million.

“He’s probably the most unselfish player in the NBA and one of the top assist players in the history of the game,” Pau Gasol said in the story. “Any player would be excited to play with Steve. He makes things so much easier for everyone else on the team. It’s very good news, and a very good time for a lot of Lakers fans.”

The rest of the Suns’ moves will have to wait until Wednesday, as’s David Aldridge reported.

I’m not sure whether that means the offer sheet has been officially signed and is in effect, just the Hornets have yet to receive it, or if it is not yet binding because it has not yet been delivered.

Once it is signed, the Hornets will have 72 hours to match and a sign-and-trade will no longer be possible. If they do match, New Orleans will not be able to trade Gordon to the Suns for one year and we will all need to move on to another topic of conversation as The Times Picayune in New Orleans reported the Hornets will in fact match the offer.

The Suns will need to renounce all their free agents, including restricted free agent Robin Lopez, and clear an additional $2 million in salary just to have enough cap space to sign Gordon with his $13,668,750 first-year salary if that report is false.

However, Paul Coro reported that the Suns are not expected to sign Goran Dragic or Michael Beasley until the Gordon situation is resolved so they will only need to cut that salary if he becomes a Sun. With their salaries not on the books, the Suns can keep Lopez and his $7.2 million cap hold around as well.

If there is a straight signing of Gordon, however unlikely that seems at this point, the Suns would need to amnesty Josh Childress or Hakim Warrick. If the Suns don’t sign Gordon, they will likely save the amnesty clause for next year because they would then still have $11 million-plus to spend on free agents.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, their first call if they don’t get Gordon will go to O.J. Mayo, a player who has been linked to Indiana recently.


Mayo would be a good fit roster-wise, but I feel the Suns really need to save cap space for a max-impact kind of player. As much as I like Mayo, that he is not.

With Warrick coming off the books next season and Childress an amnesty possibility, the Suns could be contenders for that max contract star next summer by preserving most of the remaining salary space they would be spending on Gordon. If they sign Mayo for say three years and $18-21 million, they are basically locked into an exciting young team with no discernible stars and thus no elite upside.

I would much prefer a likely lottery season to add another impact player with that cap space next summer.

But really, I would prefer Gordon because it’s not every day you get a 23-year-old star dangling on the line.

All indications appear he is headed back to New Orleans, but until they match that offer there’s still hope that he can be the Suns’ next cornerstone player.

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  • Scott

    So, does this mean the Suns have Lopez and that no offer was made on him?

    I was kind of wondering if the Blazers might try to make a last second run at him.

  • HankS

    I think this means no one really wants Lopez all that much, which surprises me not at all… The Suns can play the waiting game, as he’s restricted, and there’re much more pressing items on their agenda.

    As for Steve going to the Lakers, I think I can live with that. I was never a proponent of trading Nash before his contract expired, and I never heard a trade proposel that would really excite me; the four picks might be better than a hurt Schumpert, and the Suns weren’t getting anything better anyway. At this point, Dragic simply makes more sense for the Suns.

    Isn’t it ironic how blunders may come out just right, though? The Dragic-Brooks trade was horrible, but in the end it worked out fine. Dragic got a chance to prove himself, playing time which he’d never had gotten with the Suns, and now he’s back and the money looks well spent. With 20/20 hindsight, maybe it was even worth the first-rounder…

  • Tony


    so what will be the company line after the Suns strike out on both Gordon and Mayo? Is it going to be something along the lines of, “well, at least we tried…….” I’m just curious how clever the Three Stooges will be or will you guys come out with another “be patient, next summer we’re signing Harden!”

    If the Hornets are smart, they will wait until the very last moment of the 72-hour period before matching the Suns offer, just to keep the Suns in limbo and unable to make other big deals.

    As far as Nash is concerned, I am so sick of people saying he betrayed the Suns by going to the Lakers! It’s not as if the Suns even offered him a contract in the first place. Nor did they even request to meet with him during the FA period. That to me folks, is an example of disloyalty. Personally, I wish him well and hope he wins a championship this season.

    Hmm… do realize we lost out on a 1st round pick that would have netted us Marshon Brooks right? He’s an up and coming scorer, something the Suns will need following losing out most likely on Gordon and possibly Mayo. So, no, the FO’s blunder didn’t come out right.

  • HoopsNerdUK

    Might be a dumb question, but why does everyone (including me!) prefer Mayo to Shannon Brown?

    I didn’t like Brown’s shot selection for most of the season and he stopped the ball a little too much (he seemed to figure it out late on) but he puts up numbers not dissimilar to Mayo’s when they play similar minutes.

    I worry that we’ll overpay Mayo when he’s not that much better than Brown. Mayo is 24 to Brown’s 26, so “upside” doesn’t seem to be a strong argument.

    While we’re weak at SG, we don’t really improve significantly unless we get Gordon.
    I’m still more concerned about our bigs getting outrebounded and overpowered on the block. Frye improved defensively but it sounds like he could be out for a while. Morris hasn’t worked it out yet and just fouls and, despite years practising with Howard, Gortat was hugely disappointing guarding opposing bigs this year.
    If Channing is indeed out for a while, it might be worth picking up a defensive/rebounding PF to share minutes with Morris. Preferably sign someone on a 1-year deal (e.g. Humphries, Hickson) or trade for someone with 1-year left (DeJuan Blair thinks the Spurs will trade him).
    Has anyone picked up the amnestied Elton Brand?

  • Scott

    @Tony -

    MarShon Brooks was a 2nd round pick.

    While Brooks looked good against the Suns, he spent most of the season in coach AJ’s doghouse, and he also missed something like 8 of 8 shots in his first game in Summer League. (I don’t know how well he did in the 2nd game, because I didn’t watch it.)

    @HoopsNerdUK -

    As I see it, Mayo is preferred to Brown because Mayo can play excellent perimeter defense, plus he has a reasonably high b-ball IQ and good court vision. Originally projected to play as a PG, he can play SG as well.

    Brown, on the other hand, has such poor court vision he cannot pass the ball to anyone without a turnover. With his low-to-average b-ball IQ he cannot create a play for a teammate. He’s typically not that good on defense, often losing his man and ending up 20′ away. It wasn’t so much that Brown “figured it out” late in the season, it was that the team finally adjusted, running all other options for the offense in a set before giving Brown the ball, knowing Brown was going to try to score and not pass, and that was what was best for all concerned. And that worked out best when Brown started, because Nash could very competently set Brown up in position to score.

    Now, if the Suns do take Brown back (hopefully not on a long contract), Dragic and Marshall ought to be able to manage his limitations better than Telfair could, by simply not passing him the ball until he is in a position to score.

    As for Lopez, I kinda hoped Portland would overpay and steal him from the Suns. But with nobody making offers on him, hopefully he’ll be signed to a cheap contract. Maybe playing with Marshall will get him going again, because Marshall will want to pass to him for points, which means Robin will want to get close to the basket and in position to score.

    I’ve wondered about what the Suns might do at PF, in terms of possibly getting someone else, but they probably feel they have a ton of players for that spot right now, with Frye (not due back till January), Morris, Beasley, and Warrick. The problem, of course, is that none of those guys look really good at PF right now.

    I’d expect Beasley to start at PF, and Morris to follow, till Frye returns.

  • sun also rises

    Even if the Suns are due for mediocrity this season it’s nice to see that Tony is making big moves in keeping his various mental and emotional disorders going strong.

    I ain’t mad but I understand that even someone as in desperate need of therapy as him needs to act out in new ways, especially after playing on like a crappy broken record of a one hit wonder for the last two years (except for those times when he would claim he was leaving these boards forever and then show up a week or two later).

    But even with that “psycho exemption”, this idiotic nonsense about the writers on this blog using “the company line” is too much to take seriously. Everybody on here gave up on Tony and his multiple personalities/screen names years ago, but the fact that he now needs to lash out at our writers as being employees of the team or “stooges” shows just how pathetic, desperate and ill this kid really is. Should have known that his two-day praise of the front office would cause a total breakdown and a new level of pitiful delusion, starring Tony as “the voice of reason” and even the VOS crew as “the enemy”. It would be funny if it weren’t so damn sad.

  • Scott

    BTW, I expect to see the Suns’ 2nd unit perform a lot better this year, regardless of who’s on it. Telfair is basically a small SG playing at PG. He’s not very good at setting other players up to score, and the Suns have had few players capable of creating their own shot. So last year the 2nd unit wasn’t very good. The Suns really needed a better bench PG.

    With Marshall, the 2nd unit could really come to life. Whoever gets on the court with Marshall is suddenly going to look very good, I suspect. People expecting this next year to suck could be pleasantly surprised.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Tony you always seem unhappy, but you never give any ideas on direction or what you feel like the team should do.

    I’m actually interested in what you think the team should have done differently this off-season.

    They went after Gordon, HARD. He’s a RFA so if NOH keeps him they can’t exactly be blamed for not getting him. I also have this feeling that if we did get Gordon but it took say, 3 draft picks, Lopez and Marshall, you’d say the FO are terrible because they gave up too much.

    Also, they can’t go after Mayo in the same way if their main objective is Gordon. They play the same position. If Mayo is gone once the Gordon situation plays out, so what? He wasn’t the priority anyway.

    And then you mention MARSHON BROOKS as somebody we could have had as if that youngster is good.

    Right now? HE IS NOT GOOD. SHANNON **VOMIT** BROWN is better than he is right now, so are you saying you’re kind of irritated that we don’t have MARSHON BROOKS on the team?


    Also, in terms of Gordon versus Harden, there is a major difference.

    NOH can afford to keep Gordon. OKC will not be able to afford to keep both Ibaka and Harden, and do you really throw max money at a 6th man (Harden?) if you’re OKC?

    Personally, if we don’t land Gordon, I’m fine without Mayo as well as long as the Suns bring in some 1-yr contracts that protect the cap space going into next year.

    Maybe a couple of Summer League guys catch on and you let the youth grow so at least you know what you have.

    Outside of Harden and a couple others, the coming free agent class is very weak, and I’m happy to get those pieces through the draft.

    I liked that path when the Suns got rid of Starbury and Penny while drafting well, (JJ / Matrix / STAT), and letting those guys grow. The big fish will come. We always get one

  • Scott

    @Rich -

    JJ came as the result of a trade with Boston. Suns gave up Rodney Rogers and Tony Delk for Joe, Milt Palacio, Randy Brown, and a #1 pick.

  • HoopsNerdUK

    I shared your frustration with Brown for most of last season. Realised the rate at which I was tearing my hair out slowed as the season progressed. Thought if he came back on another short/cheap deal he might benefit from a proper pre-season, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

    As my post probably showed, I haven’t seen much of Mayo so I could only go on numbers, but if he’s as much of an upgrade over Brown (especially defensively) as you say, I hope the Suns FO goes after him (but don’t overpay). Need an upgrade on perimeter defense.

    I don’t really like Warrick or Beasley at PF either. Looking at the PFs n the West alone I can see them being overpowered every night.

    But I guess we don’t have a true SG at all so should probably plug that hole before getting a decent PF, bearing in mind the logjam of SFs/undersized PFs. Those Childress and Warrick deals are still haunting us!

  • Ball Cruncher

    As tempting as Mayo is as a consolation prize to Gordon, if the Phoenix Suns preserve cap space and flexibility for Summer 2013, there are quite a few quality players with a few elites sprinkled in for next year’s free agent crop. Below is a look at some possible free agents provided by

    Dwight Howard, UFA (*unlikely)
    Chris Paul, UFA
    Andrew Bynum, UFA
    Josh Smith, UFA
    Manu Ginobili, UFA
    Shawn Marion, UFA (ETO)
    Lamar Odom, UFA
    Al Jefferson, UFA
    Paul Milsap, UFA
    David West, UFA
    Kevin Martin, UFA
    Mo Williams, UFA
    Tony Allen, UFA
    Stephen Jackson, UFA
    Ben Gordon, UFA (P)
    J.J. Redick, UFA

    James Harden, RFA
    Serge Ibaka, RFA
    Ty Lawson, RFA
    Stephen Curry, RFA
    Tyreke Evans, RFA
    Jeff Teague, RFA
    Rodrigue Beaubois, RFA

    Most of the unrestricted free agents are near or well-above Mayo’s level; although, Mayo has room to grow in a new system, especially at only age 24. Looking closer, the real key to next off season will be which, if not both, of the OKC stud RFA’s will be available. Durant and Westbrook will combine for nearly 2/3rd’s of the team’s cap space next off season, so it’s hard to envision a scenario where OKC affords Harden and Ibaka, or that both players are willing to accept significantly less than what they will be able to get on the open market (max or near max). Harden is of course the dream scenario, but a consolation prize of Ibaka to pair with Gortat would not be too shabby, either.

    At any rate, beyond speculating about Harden and Ibaka, someone will pay the likes of Paul, Josh Smith, Bynum, Harden, Ibaka, and in a lesser tier, for example, Tyreke Evans. All the better for one of those teams to be the Suns! While trades are always an option to clear cap room, having the flexibility to pay an elite player, if Gordon falls through, next year is most desirable for the Suns.

  • JoJo

    I haven’t heard of a good reason for the Suns to actually sign the Gordon contract. If N.O. is willing to let him go then they would Sign and Trade him and take a few of our draft picks or Marshall and Morris. This means there is a 100% chance that N.O. will match. So why paralyze ourselves for three days and remove the chance of trading for Gordon at a later date? Portland ultimately didn’t sign Hibbert for these reasons.

    There is only one explanation for the Gordon signing that I can tell. We must have promised him that would would definelty do it…and in exchange for that promise Gordon promised to bad mouth the Hornets.

  • Eric

    why haven’t we heard whether gordon signed the contract or not. Am i the only one who thinks a sign and trade is being worked out?

  • nolakid21

    Hornets just created more cap space by trading Jarret Jack to the Golden State Warriors. The matching of Eric Gordon will come, but I don’t think Dell will do it right away. Maybe make Phoenix and Eric wait a couple of days and sweat it out. That would be great!

  • HankS

    As a matter of fact, we haven’t heard anything the Suns bosses might be up to since the agreement with Gordon some four days ago, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t sitting with their hands in their laps… so something must be being worked out… somewhere… with someone…

    Incidentally, I was wondering if Gordon is really dying to play for the Suns and hating the Hornets as much as he claims, why doesn’t he threaten them with signing the qualifying offer with them instead of the Suns’ offer sheet? They’d be faced with losing him for nothing in a year’s time–surely that would make them make a deal!

  • HankS

    Also, the Hornets now have practically no point guards. A Marshall deal after all?

  • Paul

    Warrick can score but his defense and overall mental firepower seem lacking. Frye is nearly as useless. Morris showed some promise and can hopefully progress.

    I don’t see how signing Beasely helps anything. He can light it up but he’s a moron and will almost certainly have more drug issues. Dude always looks high as a kite.

    Considering phoenix’ approach to character guys and immediate shipping out of screwups, I don’t know whey they’re even bothering with Beasely unless he submits to a “void my contract if I get busted again” clause.

    I mean, I’m sure there are lots of dudes smoking it in the NBA. It’s really not a big deal. Difference is, most of them don’t get caught. And in the NBA coddled reality where the players can get away with murder, you have to be a complete moron to get busted for anything.

  • nolakid21

    Lol no. No S&T. That was never an option for the Hornets office. They never wanted that. Austin Rivers will be the point guard for Hornets for years to come. This move was to help cap space and development.

  • bk

    Only Gortat has a decent rebound (10 rpg). Maybe he got the most playing minutes. Second best is Frye (5.9 rpg). Beasley seems not a solution on the rebound too. Hoping that Morris can develop there. So, if we don’t sign an available decent SG, it mades sense to sign some available decent big man for better rebounding.

  • Andres

    It seems that EG just signed the Suns offer sheet. Hope Nola doesnt match

  • Tony

    @Sun Also Loser,

    You do realize that resorting to insults is the last refuge for the ignorantly immature, right? You have never once rebutted the merits of my arguments, but instead make yourself look like a total loser unable to form an intellectual thought. Grow up and stop being such a moron.


    I’m not saying Marshon Brooks is the answer, but I do think he has the potential to be better than Brown. Last season Brooks averaged 12.6ppg, whereas Brown only 11.6 ppg; Brooks shot .428 fg%, Brown .420; Brooks averaged 3.6rbg, and Brown only 2.7. Furthermore, Brooks, listed at 6-5 is bigger than Brown.

    I know you typically make long-winded comments without much, if any, substantive or factual basis to back them up, so it’s not surprising that you would consider Brown much superior than Brooks, even though the statistical evidence indicates to the contrary.

    As far as the FO is concerned, pursuing Gordon, a guy there was never any indication that the Suns were going to acquire, even potentially overpaying him if NO didn’t match the offer, does not demonstrate prudent leadership from the FO. In effect, for Nash and Hill, all the Suns have to show for them is Dragic, Beasley, two late 1st round picks and two late 2nd round picks. Judging by the probabilities, the Suns won’t draft anyone of definitive value to the team, so it really boils down to Nash and Hill for Dragic and Beasley. Dragic has great potential, but at this point, this hardly qualifies as a roster improvement.


    you are mistaken, Brooks was a first round 27th pick.

  • Dan


    On behalf of everyone that has read these comments. . . Relax!

  • Scott

    @Tony -

    You are mistaken as well. Brooks was drafted by the Celtics with their 25th pick. He was then traded to the Nets for their 27th pick plus a 2014 2nd round pick.

    I did have the trade story wrong, though. I had been thinking the Suns traded their 2nd round pick to Houston when it was actually a first round pick they’d gained from Orlando.

    The true story is a bit convoluted.

    The Suns traded Dragic to Houston along with a first round pick that would either be the Suns’ pick, or a pick acquired from Orlando if the Suns missed the playoffs. So Houston got the Orlando pick, and traded it to the Nets in a 3-team trade between Houston, the Nets, and the Lakers.

    So … Orlando trades their 2012 1st round pick to the Suns … who pass it along with Dragic to Houston … who passes it along to the Nets in a 3-team deal … and the Nets trade picks with Boston … causing the result of the pick in the Dragic trade to be MarShon Brooks.

    If that pick trade between Boston and the Nets did not occur, then the result would have been JaJuan Johnson.