NBA Summer League: Phoenix Suns announce Vegas roster

The Phoenix Suns released their official NBA Summer League roster today that will travel with head coach Dan Majerle to Las Vegas, to play in five games from July 15-21.

The group is headlined by second-year pro Markieff Morris and rookie point guard Kendall Marshall, both of whom were taken 13th overall by Phoenix in the last two NBA drafts.  Behind Marshall, the Suns have 5-foot-8 New York bred Erving Walker, who started for Billy Donovan at Florida, along with Kansas State’s former floor general, Jacob Pullen.

One of the more intriguing inclusions is that of Patrick O’Bryant, the 7-foot center who was selected ninth overall in the 2006 draft by the Golden State Warriors. Out of Bradley, O’Bryant played for the Warriors, Celtics and Raptors before leaving the league for the D-League and overseas after 2010.

Phoenix also welcomes back Wisconsin Badger forward Marcus Landry, who was on the short-lived training camp roster heading into this past season.

Here’s the entire roster:

#              Name               Pos   Height  Weight  DOB            School                    EXP

10            Diante Garrett  G         6-4     190     11/03/88  Iowa State/USA              R

25            Matt Gatens      G          6-5     212     06/13/89   Iowa/USA                   R

54            Matt Howard      F          6-8     220     01/23/89   Butler/USA     R

16            Akos Keller      C          6-9     230     03/28/89   Albacomp (Hungary)/Hungary R

40            Marcus Landry    F          6-7     225     11/1/85    Wisconsin/USA     1

23            David Lighty    G          6-6     216     5/27/88    Ohio St./USA        R

12            Kendall Marshall G          6-4     195     08/19/91   North Carolina/USA         R

14            Tasmin Mitchell  F          6-6     235     06/25/86   Louisiana State/USA        R

11            Markieff Morris  F          6-10    245     09/02/89   Kansas/USA          1

26            Patrick O’Bryant C          7-0     248     06/20/86   Bradley/USA            4

8             Doron Perkins    G          6-3     195     05/06/83   Santa Clara/USA     R

0             Jacob Pullen     G          6-0     187     11/10/89   Kansas State/USA       R

32            DeShawn Sims     F          6-8     224     01/21/88   Michigan/USA               R

2              PJ Tucker        F          6-6     224     05/05/85   Texas/USA                 1

20            Erving Walker    G          5-8     176     1/17/90    Florida/USA                R

HEAD COACH: Dan Majerle (Central Michigan)

ASSISTANT COACHES: Noel Gillespie (Wisconsin-Whitewater), Elvis Valcarcel (Seton Hall)

HEAD ATHLETIC TRAINER: Aaron Nelson (Iowa State)

  • Scott

    I’m curious about how well David Lighty will play in Summer League for the Suns. He was projected in the previous draft (during the lockout) as being a player in the mold of Raja Bell, which could generally fit the Suns’ needs at SG.

    As for the other two games in today’s Summer League quadruple-header … they sucked even worse than the first two, and I found them unwatchable.

    My notes – if I was keeping any – would say that Detroit’s Drummond moves well, but is offensively raw. No surprise there. Michael Stockton (son of John) played backup PG for the Utah team. He seemed crisp, but he didn’t have much to work with.

    In the final game, between the Pacers and the 76ers, Indiana’s Plumlee showed he simply cannot score, no matter how big he is or how often he gets the ball. I might have seen Matt Janning in the lineup, but I didn’t stick around long enough to see him do anything. And from what I saw, Philly’s Harkless didn’t work on his shot as much as he should have during his time with IMG, because he had no confidence in it and deferred on offense the whole time I watched (which was not long).

    All 4 games were really raw. Not recommended viewing unless you have time and beer.

  • Scott

    BTW, Hollinger notes that Houston will have to cut or trade some of its guys in order to have room for Lin and Asik.

    A lot of Houston’s team will be playing in the Summer League, as there are so many rookies and undeveloped young players.

  • cha cha cha

    i watched that Sixers/Pacers game (rough) and the first half of the Pistons/Jazz game. Singler looked half decent, and that Tunisian center didn’t look terrible either.

  • HankS

    Patrick O’Bryant might be an interesting prospect in case Robin Lopez leves via sign-and-trade for Gordon (the Hornets just traded their back-up center) or an outrageous offer from somebody else.

    @ Scott:
    I don’t get Houston at all. They overpay Lin instead of Dragic. They trade away Lowry and overpay Asik rediculously… mindboggling. Well, I’m on the record for advocating an attempt to relieve them of one of their SF prospects from this year’s draft…

  • Scott

    @HankS -

    If the Rockets could have signed Dragic for what the Suns did, they would have been happy to do so.

    From what I hear, Dragic signed with the Suns for less.

    As for Lowry, their original plan had been to trade him away. Once that was started, I guess they felt they couldn’t backtrack.

    That left Lin. They had to overpay him to get him from the Knicks. And, last I heard, the story is the Knicks will match.

    I don’t mind picking up some Houston leavings myself, even if it bumps the roster up from the minimum. Depends on who’s getting left behind, of course. ;)

    I’d like to see the Suns try to grab some surplus rookies and develop them, even if they only stay part of the year before they get cut. Phoenix needs to learn how to develop talent.

  • Ball Cruncher

    I personally would enjoy seeing Matt Howard make the team as the last man (i.e. 15th) on the bench. Anyone who doesn’t cheer for Goliath certainly loved him during his time in college at Butler. He isn’t athletic by any means nor is he necessarily skilled. But, I imagine he is a high-energy player who could help increase the intensity and pace of practice on a daily-basis. One day, who knows, he could grow into a poor man’s Psycho T or Loooouuuuuuuu. Worst case, he could be a bench-warming, high-flying, err I mean high-fiving, extraordinaire.