Here's no-looking at you kid

A YouTube search for “Steve Nash” won’t come back with many tomahawk dunks, game-winning buzzer beaters, or sky-high swats. What you will find in bountiful abundance, however, are clips of some of the best passes in NBA history.

Whether it’s an around-the-back dish right into a shooter’s pocket, a perfect bounce pass from an impossible angle, or a well-timed alley oop, there’s nobody better than Nash at bringing the crowd to its feet with an assist. The beauty of his game has always been how effortless he makes great passes look. So in the wake of his departure, we scoured YouTube for some of his best. Here’s what we came up with in no particular order.

1. Over-the-shoulder no-look to Grant Hill in the corner.

2. Baseline dish to Jason Richardson.

3. No-look bounce pass to Jason Richardson for the reverse slam.

4. Boozer nutmeg to Gortat slam.

5. Remember Tim Thomas?

6. Alley-oop to Louis Amundson.

7. Falling out of bounds, Nash dishes an amazing hockey assist.

8. Great compilation of Nash’s top 10 assists.

9. “We Want Steve”

Nash may not be a Sun next season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate his excellent contributions to the fans and the franchise. Please feel free to post your own favorite clips in the comments below.

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  • Bostonian Suns Fan

    Awesome selections, but this will ALWAYS be my favorite Nash pass. A gorgeous wraparound against Duncan.

  • Mel.

    Two things, at a glance:

    1) Gortat’s face after #5. Sums it all up beautifully. “What the hell just happened?!”

    2) I remember watching that game against the Clippers in #6, but I do NOT remember Lou looking like Tom Chambers off of that dish. The only thing missing was Mark Jackson somehow winding up on the court in his suit, and giving Lou something to rest his knees on.

    Though having reached the end, I’ll tack on another one:

    3) Man, I miss some of these guys. Just watching these–and especially #7–throws how special that 2010 roster was into sharp reflection. It didn’t seem like it at the time, but that was a once-in-a-lifetime lineup, from a fan’s perspective.

  • Scott

    Soooooo hard to find a great passing PG.

    If the Lakers figure out how to use Nash, they’ll have a lot of fun.

  • Kevin

    Man….I’m gonna miss having Steve as a Sun. I wish we could have another 8 years of this (well maybe not the last 2 years of mediocre basketball…but you know what I mean).