Phoenix Suns withdraw qualifying offer to Aaron Brooks, Eric Gordon not picked for Olympics

As expected, the Phoenix Suns withdrew their qualifying offer to Aaron Brooks today, making him an unrestricted free agent.

Brooks hinted at this very possibility last night by tweeting “Unrestricted : )” before taking the tweet down soon after. His qualifying offer was for $2,976,637 and the Suns possessed a cap hold of $5,041,730 for Brooks.

After signing Goran Dragic and drafting Kendall Marshall to complement incumbent point guard Sebastian Telfair, Brooks clearly was not in the Suns’ plans (kind of funny that the Suns essentially reversed their disastrous 2011 trade deadline deal minus the pick, right?). By rescinding the offer, the Suns avoided Brooks accepting it and being stuck with his salary.

Because Brooks was not on the Suns’ roster last season when he played in China, he was not eligible for a sign-and-trade deal due to a rule in the new CBA aimed at preventing a situation whereby the Mavericks included Keith Van Horn in their trade for Jason Kidd because they owned his Bird Rights although he was retired.

If the Suns decided not to spend their cap space, I thought it would make sense to try to bring Brooks back if he would sign for one year so they could later trade him. However, because the Suns need pretty much every last dollar of cap room to complete all their agreed-to acquisitions, it became a foregone conclusion they would withdraw their qualifying offer to Brooks as well as renounce the rights to all their unrestricted free agents.

The Suns will eventually need to make a decision on Robin Lopez’s $7,156,505 cap hold (he currently possesses a $4,001,917 qualifying offer), but there was no reason to do so today because the Suns ultimately want him back. As I outlined in the aforementioned cap analysis, the Suns will likely need to make an amnesty move or send back enough salary to New Orleans (or in a separate trade elsewhere) to make room for Lopez.

They may still need to rescind his QO, but even then they could still get him back in a variety of ways as I detail in that piece.

Gordon not selected for Olympics

We do not know yet know if Eric Gordon will get to be a Phoenix Sun, but we did learn today that he will not be an Olympian.

Team USA announced that Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala and James Harden received the Dream Team’s final three spots instead of Gordon, Rudy Gay and Anthony Davis. It ultimately came down to Harden over Gordon for that final guard spot.

Joe Gerrity from Hornets247 spoke to USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo about the decision:

“Well that was a factor [that he hasn't played much lately]. Eric, we know he can shoot the ball, he’s a pitbull defensively, but he hasn’t played much. It’s difficult to get a read on where he might be a week from now, two weeks from now. But it was another coinflip between him and James Harden at that position. We have some small guards. Harden is a bigger guy. We were kind of missing … you know we have a number of players [that are taller] and some small players. We needed some players in between. Iguoldala and Harden kind of fit that role.”

Colangelo made one more noteworthy comment that seemed to be a dig at the franchise he brought into existence and nurtured for so many years:

“It’s kind of interesting. He hasn’t played a full season yet and he’s a max player in the NBA. It’s kind of an interesting thing.”

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  • Majestic One

    Suns cannot S&T for Gordon if they are stupid enough to sign him to an offer sheet the Hornets can match. If they don’t do that then they are in good shape in forcing a S&T.

  • JZ

    Sigh. The things that a franchise can do to hold back a team. I really wanted to see Brooks return to the suns. I agree he is not a starter, but he could have been a solid sixth man for a 2nd unit in need of offense. He has the ability to break a defense and slash to the basket or pop for a three. Am sure he is going to have a great season and will be making the three stooges shaking their heads for letting him go. They pretty much gave a pick to the Rockets for free. Suns could have been the ones to draft Marshon Brooks, Jordan Hamilton, Jajuan Johnson, or Moteijunas. The first two could have helped them get to the playoffs. Instead they got nothing. Guess it’s too late to speculate, but DMo better not turn into the second coming of Nowitzki.

  • Cam

    Sounds like Jerry is a little peeved that Nash didn’t head on over to Toronto when Bryan offered him that deal. Lol. Go Suns.

  • bk

    Getting high price tag most likely injured again Eric Gordon is a very very bad move. Please don’t S&T and have the Hornets match it and a under cap space situation can do tons of other better things.

  • Scott

    I certainly don’t want to give up much to get Gordon.

  • dmaples03114

    If the suns snt for eg then the can add even a Howard type contact… dragic, Gordon, Beasley, Frye, Howard, Morris, Reddit, telfair, Etc wont need O or D for that matter even in 2nd string situations

  • dmaples03114

    To think barbosa and diaw could return as veteran minimum contract, 2nd unit role players is realistic

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    @JZ –

    The thing you’re missing about Aaron Brooks is that he’s bad. If you knew that before you posted, you would not have wasted so many words.

  • Chris

    Brooks can score but he hogs the ball. As long as we don’t S&T Marshall away, then he should be the 2nd unit player with the ball in his hands….not Brooks. Plus his added salary hit if we did sign him. Good move letting him walk.

  • Mel.

    Brooks is also under the apparent delusion that he’s a marquee PG; that might be the case for a franchise that doesn’t have any other options (Oh, hi Mavs!), but you can see the impending issues with him presumably coming off the bench behind Dragic (Or–worse–Gentry deciding that what Goran needs as a confidence-booster is to “hold down the second unit,” like he used to… the Dragon’s one of my all-time favorite Suns, but I don’t trust the kid’s ego to weather that without reverting to his pre-Houston inconsistency) from a mile away.

    I’d prefer to sink or swim with the kid, and let AB go chase fortune and glory with the Mavs, Bulls, or Nuggets. To be fair, he could actually make a decent contribution to any of those squads, in varying capacities.

  • dw

    Dragic > Brooks

    It’s that simple

  • joey

    5ft 10 point guuards don’t win rings. brooks can’t guard anyone. dragic is 6ft 4 and can guard pretty decent. plus he improved alot last year in houston so i expect 18ppg and 8-10 assists. if we can’t get gordon then use the money to get mayo and either jamison or ilyasova. mayo is like jrich and jamison is a solid rebounder, post player and can shoot 3′s. I wish we would have taken a shot on brandon roy but maybe even our trainers can’t fix his i wouldn’t mind seeing diaw or barbosa return, but not for more than 2-3mil.

  • thatdude

    Dragic is hands down my fav player but if he gives us 15ppg 7ast 3boards 1.5 steals, I will take it in a heartbeat!! Def dont want to give up Morris or Gortat or Duds for Eric .. He is injury prone and I wonder what our staff is able to do for a guy like him even wit their stellar reputation. Beasley needs to keep his nose and his lungs clean (no pun intended, ok there was pun intended lol). In all seriousness this guy could easily give us 16-18ppg and possibly more depending on his attitude and minutes.

    Gosh darn u Sarver, I curse u one day and then u go and committ to bringing us back to being competitive again, again I commend you, well done sir.

  • cha cha cha

    Jamison’s said he’s either going home (Bobcats) or playing for a ring. Plus, he’s 36.

  • Tony


    I wouldn’t let Sarver off the hook so quick. I mean, with two straight seasons of cutting salary and reducing talent, at this point what do the Suns really have to show for themselves? Yes, they now have Dragic and Beasley, but no more Nash or Hill. I highly doubt they are able to acquire Gordon, unless they have to give up Gortat and/or Marshall, and that will be more of a lateral move than anything.

    So basically, assuming no Gordon, the Suns are still a bottom 3 team with the roster they have so far. Besides not having any team chemistry, they have no veteran leadership to help keep Beasley in line, and they still don’t have a franchise player. So at this point, we should probably prepare ourselves for a long long Suns season with a top-10 draft pick for the following season. Not exactly a grandslam by the FO.

  • cha cha cha

    I still don’t know if they’d want Dudley since he’s on the books for the next 3 seasons (albeit, reasonably) with a PO for ’15-’16. Besides, i’d think they’d want to develop/give a ton of minutes to Aminu at SF. in related news, the Hornets just traded away a center (Ayon) in the Ryan Anderson deal.

  • thatdude

    I agree Tony but at least they went out and tried to get younger and better. By no means am I saying they will make the playoffs but if Gordon stays wit NO, what are the chances of ua landing Lou Williams? It will be interesting to see all of this play out in the next week or so.

  • sun also rises

    Only in Tony’s sad state of delusion are the Suns a “bottom three” team. Used to seeing the schizo act but it’s a little early in the season to be jumping ship with stupid and baseless predictions.

    But I forgot that we praised the fo in that other thread, so it’s time for personality #14 (the “Suns fan” who does nothing but ridicule the team and predict doom like he has since he first oozed onto this board) to show up. I look forward to us winning a few games so the fair weather goofball can show up for a few hours. That’s always fun

  • thatdude

    You’re just too big of a “fan” to realize we actually dont have a ‘franchise type player’. If u think we can actually contend (until we get rid of the horrendous contracts of Childress and Warrick) then you my friend are delusional.

  • Tony

    @Sun Loser,

    You are either such a fanatic that you have no ability to be objective or you’re just too stupid to even argue with. But just for fun, let’s pretend as if you are not a total moron.

    Now tell us dummy, who’s our franchise player?? You really think a starting lineup of Dragic, Dudley, Morris, Gortat, and whomever 2nd rate sg/sf the FO gets, will be a playoff team? Or, is it that our amazing bench unit featuring possibly Lopez, Marshall, Childress, and eventually Frye, when he’s healthy, will take the team to the playoffs?

  • steve

    I know it’s not OK to insult Jerry in Phoenix territory, but how can he say it’s essentially a toss-up between Harden and Gordon, and then act surprised that anyone would think Gordon is worth a max deal?

    “They’re the two best under-25 SG’s in the game right now, but I just don’t see why anyone would think that’s worth anything.”

    Jerry, are you starting to lose it?