Eric Gordon talk on WGSO in New Orleans

I was invited on air for a half hour this morning to break down the Phoenix Suns and the Eric Gordon situation with Dr. Jason Calmes of Hornets247 on WGSO in New Orleans.

As you would expect, I gave the Phoenix perspective on the proceedings.

Below you can find a complete rundown of the show as well as the audio itself:

0:00 Overview, Hornets rebrand news
13:00 Suns
43:00 Rockets
1:13:00 Olympic Trials, Gordon
1:29:00 Hornets, including Gordon


  • Matt

    Way to hold your own Michael.

  • Seth

    “You have your cornerstone, why do you need a top 7 pick?”

    This guy didn’t watch the Sonics/Thunder. They had Durant (cornerstone), but they didn’t start winning until some other top picks came along. Gordon can’t win games by himself.

  • Stephen

    Such a brilliant segment! Excellent job Michael!

  • haremoor

    Nice segment, Michael.
    I do disagree with you about Marshall – as the NO guy said later in the program, that’s a nightmare backcourt defensively (Marshall and Rivers), and I don’t think they’d even want him. The NO guy is properly very interested in Dudley, but that’s ridiculous – Duds is a MUCH better SG than EG right now, and is also a starter at SF that we can’t afford to give up – plugging the hole at SG and opening one up at SF would be a mistake.
    As far as picks – I would give them a lot of picks, and I’d do it with top 3 protection. Lottery protection is nice, but it doesn’t project to be a very special player in next year’s draft. We are going to be solid with our projected lineup (that includes Gordon) for the next 3 or so years, and we’ll have cap room available next year. So why not? I’d use all the picks we got from LA to either trade for Gordon, or trade to Houston for Martin and other pieces that NO wants. I’d also include Telfair and Warrick, if they’d make any difference.
    The point is, we’re not loaded at any position anymore. We’re solid at the 1, 4, and 5 if we don’t trade any pieces away, but relying on Beasley or Childress to play the 3 would really be a disaster – even though I do like Childress a lot, and even more in the absence of Nash.
    I’m not sure we need to sell the farm to get Gordon – what do you think we could get with those 4 draft picks from Houston? I think we could get a lot from them –
    They have about 2 million Forwards going forward (pun intended). Right now, Morey is insane – I think we should deal with him before they commit/fire him.

  • Edward

    Suns will get Eric Gordon

  • michael green

    e.gordon is a far more talented 2 guard than j. dudley, and i love j dudley but he is not a starter.. let along a starting shooting guard, and i think all the moves the organization has made so far are great..can’t wait to see a highly talented and motivated beasley at the 3 position.