Eric Gordon speaks, really wants out of NOLA

New Orleans guard Eric Gordon spoke for the first time to reporters at USA Basketball camp today, and he made it pretty clear that he wants to be a Phoenix Sun.

The restricted free agent told Jimmy Smith of The Times-Picayune and Hornets247′s Joe Gerrity that he felt that the Hornets haven’t shown him the love.

From Smith’s story:

“If (the Hornets) were interested, there wouldn’t have been no tour, there wouldn’t have been nothing,” Gordon said. “There’s been no negotiations. I was right there in Indiana. I haven’t received no calls, to me personally. They’ve contacted my agent.
“As for now, I don’t know what’s going on. (If the Hornets match) as of right now, I’d be disappointed.”

Gerrity writes that the interview with Gordon was awkward. Overall, Gordon told the two that he’s going to play basketball for whomever he’s with next season, but the way the Suns treated him gave him a feeling that the franchise is confident in Gordon as far as what caliber of player he is, hence the $58 million, four-year offer sheet they handed him.

On the other hand, New Orleans apparently hasn’t talk to Gordon personally, instead going through his agent, Rob Pelinka. Hornets general manager Dell Demps was present at the Team USA practice, but Smith writes that he still hasn’t spoken to the disgruntled Gordon.

Overall, the comments from Gordon make it appear that he’s not confident in the New Orleans roster, even with the addition of Anthony Davis. The drafting of Austin Rivers also could have alluded to the team’s disinterest in signing Gordon.

Asked if he’d have signed a similar contract the one Phoenix offered during this past season, Gordon appeared to say he would’ve had a different mindset.

“‘Why not?’ Gordon said.”

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  • Scott

    So the story is that Gordon is more impressed with Phoenix because they spoke to him and made him an offer?

    Well, it IS Gordon’s first free agency.

  • JD

    Teams meet with players to discuss basketball issues, such as how will the player be used in the system. It appears the Suns spoke directly to Gordon and told him he would be the #1 option on offense. They probably also told him the plan is to go after other young potential stars in order to once again contend, but once the dust settles, Gordon would be the top dog on the Suns.

    In contrast, if NO never met with him, Gordon would have legitimate questions as to how he will be used in tandem with Rivers. Will he be their #1 option or not? What direction are the Hornets taking on offense now that they have added two lottery rookies? These are questions they need to answer.

    Teams can tell agents they want their client, but the extra effort to meet face-to-face with the player is what makes the difference.

  • GoSuns

    I wonder if the hornets are bluffing about or have mixed feelings about the max offer, they could just be holding out for a lucrative sign and trade

  • Roger

    NO is playing poker w/Suns waiting for our FO to blink, watch Babby giving away the farm and the barn!

  • JD

    Anyone know if there is any bad blood between Demps and the Suns front office? Demps was the Suns first choice and he turned them down, then they hired Blanks.

  • Anjoe

    well it looks like NOLA is not going to show their hand and make the Suns call his bluff. Fair compensation would be a player (Lopez/Dudley?) and 1 of the late 1st rounder from LA. definitely would not offer anything more than that. If NOLA matches then we save our cap for next summer. EG would be a nice piece but giving up anything more tells me management/ownership are content with mediocrity.

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