How the Eric Gordon situation mirrors Joe Johnson's and what the Suns should offer in a sign-and-trade

Although it wasn’t quite as ugly seven years ago, the parallels behind Eric Gordon’s restricted free agency experience and what Joe Johnson put the Suns through in 2005 are prevalent.

Like Gordon today, Johnson was a fourth-year rising star shooting guard who made it very clear to Suns owner Robert Sarver that he did not want to play in Phoenix any longer. Instead of being the fourth wheel on a title contender, he preferred to be “The Man” for the Hawks.

The 2012 Hornets are not comparable to the 2005 Suns in terms of current talent but with Anthony Davis picked first overall New Orleans seems to possess a bright future. However, Gordon would prefer to come to Phoenix and be “The Man” as the Suns move past the Nash era.

The most important similarity comes down to respect. After Johnson’s superb 2004-05 season in which he averaged 17.1 ppg and shot 47.8 percent from three, the Suns only offered him $60 million over six years (Atlanta gave him $70 million for five).

Similarly, Gordon was not feeling the love through a four-year, $50 million offer from the Hornets when a team like the Suns rolled out the orange carpet for him and vowed to make him a franchise cornerstone with a $58 million offer.

In the Hornets247 video from today embedded above, when Gordon is asked what makes Phoenix a better fit than New Orleans, he said, “The interest. I feel like I’m getting taken advantage of over there just because I’m restricted. … If they wanted to … you know how this CBA, this deal is, it’s built for you to stay with your remaining team, but everything has been taken advantage of.”

That’s an interesting reason for wanting to be a Sun, and for that give credit to Babby and Blanks for what sounds like an outstanding pitch.

Players — particularly star players — want to feel wanted, and the Suns clearly sold him on how much they really cared about him becoming a Suns cornerstone.

On paper it would have made sense for Johnson to continue to chase a ring with a Nash/Amare/Matrix core and for a 23-year-old Gordon to grow with a 19-year-old Davis, yet with the kind of egos that abound in this league there can be factors beyond what one would think would be most important (winning and money), and that is respect.

Even Nash kind of talked about this recently in that he wanted to get paid for the status of it beyond just trying to win on a mid-level deal. Johnson and Gordon did not feel the respect from their original teams and thus they wanted to leave.

JJ let it be known that he would not be pleased playing in Phoenix, and there was one legion of fans that felt he would eventually get over that unhappiness while making his $14 million a year and playing for one of the best teams in basketball.

Gordon has been quite a bit more vociferous about his desire to leave New Orleans, so it would make sense for this situation to end the same way as the JJ’s did: with a sign-and-trade.

Based on all the other similarities between the situations — including the leverage the player tried to provide for his new team when really the team with the restricted rights holds all the cards — I feel it could make sense for any potential sign-and-trade to be comparable.

The Suns received pre-MIP/too many croissants Boris Diaw and two protected first-round picks, the Lakers’ in 2006 and the Hawks’ in 2007.

The Suns ended up picking Rajon Rondo with the No. 21 pick in 2006 before trading it to Boston and Robin Lopez No. 15 overall in 2008 because the 2007 selection ended up being third and held a top-three protection. Otherwise, the Suns could have received Diaw, Rondo and Al Horford or Joakim Noah for JJ but instead got what was at the time an underwhelming Diaw and two protected picks.

So to me Robin Lopez plus one of the Lakers’ picks and one protected Suns pick would seem to be most comparable to the Suns’ haul for Johnson. Like Diaw at the time, Lopez is a young player with talent who has not quite figured it out and then those picks match up to Phoenix’s draft haul.

New Orleans could use a center to pair with Davis (although they presumably want Gortat, who should be untouchable). With Goran Dragic signing for four years, I would also consider including Kendall Marshall, particularly since as a restricted free agent himself Lopez would have to agree to play in New Orleans and then negotiate his own deal.

That kind of trade could not be further away from what five Hornets247 writers wrote when posed the question of what kind of assets they would seek in a sign-and-trade.

Their asking prices include the following offers/explanations:

  • Kendall Marshall, Marcin Gortat and an unprotected first round pick (and a salary filler).
  • Gortat is a must. Then give me 2 out of the following three: Jared Dudley, Kendall Marshall, unprotected 2013 pick. Throw in Lakers 2013 1st-rounder too. I actually prefer that package to any that Houston could offer. If they refuse to include Gortat, they would have to give me everything else, 3-4 1st rounders, Marshall, Lopez, and Dudley.
  • I want Marshall, Gortat and the Suns’ unprotected first — not one of the Lakers’ picks.
  • Kendall Marshall, Marcin Gortat, and the Suns’ 2013 and 2014 first round picks.
  • In my world we need a third team — like Sacramento — to come in. I’ll spare you the details, but we get good young talent, future picks, and zero long term contacts.

So from that exercise we learned that the Hornets clearly would like Marshall (or their bloggers do at least) and that my opinion of a fair trade differs greatly from that of the Hornets TrueHoop bloggers. Marshall, Lopez, Dudley and 3-4 first-rounders?!? Are we talking about Eric Gordon or Chris Paul here?

Nothing can happen until July 11 so Lon Babby and Dell Demps have plenty of time to exchange trade ideas. We will soon learn how much (if at all) the price of an elite fourth-year restricted shooting guard has changed in the past seven years.

Brooks an unrestricted free agent?

It seemed a foregone conclusion the Suns would rescind their qualifying offer to Aaron Brooks after their July 4 free agency splurge to make room under the cap for all the signings and a tweet by Brooks that he soon deleted seems to confirm that.

The tweet simply said: “Unrestricted : ).”

If not now, it’s only a matter of time before this is the case.

With Houston one of the teams linked to him in the NBA rumor mill, wouldn’t it be funny if the Suns and Rockets completed this trade in reverse via free agency just with no draft pick compensation going along with The Dragon this time?

Report: Suns in mix for Redd

Fox Sports’ Chris Tomasson tweeted that the Suns and Bulls are “most heavily in the mix” for free-agent shooting guard Michael Redd. He added that the Suns are waiting to see what happens with Gordon before dealing with Redd.

If the Suns sign Gordon and amnesty Childress, Redd could still come back as a useful fourth wing, and if they lose out on Gordon they will need serious wing help with only Jared Dudley and the potential amnesty candidate Childress slated to return.

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  • Mike

    NOLA: The reality is the team trading away the asset/star player never gets equal value. Why? Because in these star player scenarios the star player DOESN’T WANT TO BE THERE.

    I’m calling it now: terms of the S&T will be: Lopez, Suns and Lakers 1st Rd picks in 2013.

  • Scott

    @Mike -

    I think you’re still too generous.

    When the Suns traded JJ, they got two mid-to-late first round picks and a garbage player, who was Diaw.

    There’s also no guarantee the Suns retain Lopez.

    If you want to use the JJ trade as the model, you’ve got to give NO a garbage player, not Lopez. (And no, Lopez is not a garbage player if the Suns re-sign him. A garbage player is someone the Suns are trying to get rid of.)

    Or, if you really want to give away Lopez, you reduce the picks.

    Remember, the picks are actually valuable for teams, just historically not in the hands of the Suns. The Suns don’t seem to want to develop players, nor do they generally care for any pick past 13.

    However, with the new CBA picks could be valued more highly. Even by the Suns.

    So I think a deal more like the JJ deal would be Childress (a #6 draft pick who is better than Diaw was for the Hawks), plus a Laker first rounder and a Laker 2nd rounder.

  • Michael McNamara

    cap- if a team matches an offer sheet, that player can veto any trade for up to a year.

    Scott- Hornets are not diving into free agency. Anthony Davis is New Orleans Kevin Durant. OKC never made a free agent splash in the years after drafting Durant. Instead, they did the smart thing and built through the draft and shrewd trades. Bad teams (Detroit Pistons- Charlie V. and Ben Gordon) pay marginal talent big money in FA. Hornets want no part of that.

    Ty-Sun- I will take your counter offer. It’s a deal, as long as Lopez wants no more than 3 years/17 million in the sign and trade

    Can’t wait until this is over with!! Really rooting for you guys to get Gordon. Kid is a punk, a headache, and a me first guy- and yes I said all this before this month. Have wanted him gone since January.

  • haremoor

    If it were me, I’d tell NO to match if they wouldn’t take a first round pick and a couple of seconds. Sure, Gordon has potential – as well as a huge bust potential and long injury history. He’s worth a shot, but he isn’t a guaranteed succes – he’s only been above the average SG once – and that by 10%. This deal needs to be done with house money, and the only players NO should get need to come from a three team deal in which we can use the picks to acquire players to send to NO – unless they want Warrick or Telfair. The Suns are no longer deep enough to lose players, and the max offer to Gordon uses up every bit of our cap space. There’s no point in getting Gordon if we lose the ability to win in the process – better to keep the powder dry and play next year. No Gortat, no Dudley, no Lopez, no Marshall. We got picks – take them or enjoy Gordon. There’s a chance he won’t be disgruntled.

  • DavidA

    How do the Suns look, after kissing EG’s arse about being a cornerstone player, refuse to give up anything of value for him in a sign and trade?

    Don’t look at him as a FA. Look at Gordon as a player under contract you are trying to trade for. Because in all honestly, that’s the true situation. The Hornets hold all the leverage, all the cards. The value of a ‘cornerstone” player has been set: an established vet (Gortat), a prospect (Marshall/Morris), a protected #1, and change. If EG was disrespected by NO not offering the max off the bat, I’m sure he will be more disrespected that Phoenix didn’t want to give up any assets to get him. Then is venom goes right back to PHX, and his heart back to NOLA (with the 58 million).

    If Lopez , a lesser player, is substituted for Gortat, then obviously you need to improve the rest of your offer. That’s where the multiple #1′s and Morris and Dudley come into the conversation. If not, we match, and in a year he’s locked up for 3 more seasons and we can trade him anywhere, except to Phoenix.

    Atlanta got JJ not because JJ forced his way there. PHX could’ve matched, and he would have come back and made his 70 mill and been happy eventually, but let’s be honest: Sarver is cheap. It’s why he sold Luol Deng, sold Rajon Rondo, let JJ walk, etc. You guys could’ve been a dynasty. In fact, looking back, PHX under Sarver and NOLA under Shinn may have been the worst run franchises of the ’00′s (except the clippers of course).

  • Ava Ellis

    Offer Robin Lopez, Jared Dudley,and the Lakers first round picks. Nothing more. And if NO says no, sign Jerry Bayless, the most under-rated free agent out there.

  • Ava Ellis

    Type. Make that Jerryd.

  • Mike

    McNamara, I agree Gordon is a head case and i too remember his commit-non-commit thing that he pulled on Illinois. I’m actually a bit surprised the Suns are going after him and Beasley, both not the high character guys the Suns typically go for. But if you know longtime Suns history they WILL take a chance on a potential home run (see Richard Dumas).

    That said, I’m NOT one of these “our FO sucks” guys and will take a shot that they’ve seen something from these guys that will show something different.

    I got the impression from the video of his interview that, yes, the Suns had a great pitch but it was more than that. His immaturity definitely comes through …. No eye contact, asking to repeat the question, etc. There was no calm about him. Even he probably doesn’t realize this but the whole situation with NOLA is probably as simple as their front office didn’t make him feel important, didn’t take the opportunity they had these last few months to lock him up mentally and the Suns DID. Then he’s not mature enough to say calmly yesterday, “Look, I’ve never been sold on the vision in NOLA, but I am sold on Phoenix. Maybe they have a good vision to sell in NOLA, but clearly they’re more interested in selling to and building around the two guys they drafted. That’s fine. It’s time to move on.”

    Also don’t be surprised if players like Gordon DO take the a 1-yr deal and hope for the best a year later. That’s exactly what Chris Paul and Nick Young just did. So I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Gordon took that route. Remember this CBA is new and both sides will look for unexpected ways to work around its limitations.

    Scott I agree on the garbage player but I’m just not sure we can count on NOLA coming out of the monkey tree to see what the reality looks like on the ground. After losing Paul and now Gordon there’s only so much they’ll probably give on.

  • Mike

    DavidA you’re reading too much into the JJ similarities. It’s really very simple … Either a player wants out, like JJ did and Gordon does, or they go get a great offer and if they don’t hate their old team they keep quiet (see Batum).

  • Josh

    Every major source says that we’re matching the offer and keeping Gordon.

  • DavidA


    If I’m DD, I tell EG, “We tried to help you get to Phoenix, but they didn’t think you were worth Marcin Gortat and a draft pick. That’s how much they REALLY wanted to build around you.”

    Then, he’s Ego has been stroked, his venom is re-directed to Phoenix for not showing him the ‘quan’ and he comes back to NOLA and tries to drop 40 on the Suns every time they play.

    Thing is, when you’re dealing with simple minded people, it’s fairly easy to manipulate the situation.

  • haremoor

    DavidA, (and Josh)
    You are absolutely right. NO holds the final card, and can match. But if we’re getting into trade territory, do you think Gordon is the only player out there available in a trade? What do you think we could get elsewhere for Gortat, Dudley, and a bunch of picks? Fact is, you can win, but it will be a pyrrhic victory. There is no downside for Phx for having tried to sign him for the max, and being outflanked by RFA rules. We made him an offer that was the max, and he took it. There is no obligation in anybody’s eyes to go farther than that – except maybe NO fans.
    I actually hope you’ll match. I question whether Gordon is worth what we offered him – he might be, but it’s much more likely that he’s not – especially if he’s not happy, and being a team-mate of Austin Rivers is not likely to make him happy. Or maybe he’ll get hurt. The chances of a good outcome for NO is slim if you match – especially since he can’t be traded without his consent for a year. So please, match the offer.

  • Cam

    IMHO a fair trade would include: Robin Lopez @ 3 yrs/17mil S&T, one of the following three players ;Warrick/Childress/Dudley. If Dudley is the player then the Suns give up the Lakers unprotected 2013 1st and a 2013 and 2014 2nd (1st of the 2 2nd round picks the Suns posses in each year). If the Hornets decide to take Warrick/Chilly they can have a top 7 protected 2013 and 2014 1st (top 3 protected and then unprotected in later years).

    I think that equates to a fair trade with both parties getting proper compensation.

    I’m actually hoping the Hornets and Suns don’t pull off a S&T. I think the Suns have reloaded well and can use their future picks to land a stud SG in the future at a lower cost overall (picks/salary etc.) for the Suns. It also keeps the Suns in a good position salary cap wise. They may be able to procure a stud for little to nothing just because of the insane penalties about to be imposed on teams over the cap.
    Go Suns.

  • Scott

    I just don’t agree with the idea that the Hornets “have all the leverage” and the Suns need to sell the farm in order to get this “prized” RFA.

    The Suns like Gordon, see where he could fit for the team, and made an offer. They’d like to have Gordon. But he’s not the only player. If NO wants to match on Gordon, the Suns can find other solutions.

    In no way is there a gun to the Suns heads, forcing them to take Gordon at any price.

    If Gordon feels slighted by the Hornets, that’s nearly a completely separate issue. The Hornets say they intend to match, so for their sake I hope they really want him.

    I’d like to see the Suns interview Bayless and Mayo.

  • JD

    The Suns need to think about trading Gordon for Lou Willims. By this I mean let NO match, and Gordon gets paid. Suns go after the less productive but less expensive Williams who is now a UFA. The saved cap space and intact roster allows the Suns to continue proper rebuilding and flexibility for 2013 free agency.

  • Edward

    Gordon will play for the suns he won’t to

  • Cam

    I agree with haremoor. Worst case scenario the Suns are lottery bound with Shannon Brown at the SG position. The Suns find a way to get Shabazz (Watched him here in Vegas, the kids a freak) by using their picks to trade up, Beasley plays like a beast for two years on a rebuilding team and the Suns flip his cap friendly contract for more picks, the cycle continues on the road to relevance and onto the Suns first ever NBA Championship in 2015-2016!
    Go Suns

  • Mel.

    … just to toss in two quick bits, here:

    The Hornets’ writers and fans are officially the best rival franchise “poster culture” that’s ever shown up on this board.

    After having to suffer routine influxes of Mavs, Laker and Celtics bandwagoners and goofballs for the entirety of the last two years, it’s rather nice to see a group of team supporters who you wouldn’t be tempted to mug-whip if this conversation were taking place in a realtime fashion.

    Carry on, please. This is good stuff.

  • Josh

    I would accept either Gortat or Marshall and Suns’ 2013 unprotected first-round pick as a Hornets’ fan.

  • Cam

    @Josh: I think Gortat should just be considered unavailable in this trade scenario. If the Hornets want a big then you get to choose between Lopez and…….Lopez. He is a young, true 7′ center. Although Gortat is older I don’t see the Suns parting with him. Especially not when it’s allot harder to find a bigs in the NBA. The reason Lopez is available is because no one really knows what they are going to get with him. He’s got potential, he just hasn’t put it all together yet. I would say Marshall is a no go to but with Dragic signed I don’t think the FO is too worried about their PG position right now. I personally don’t think either should be available for trade. Go Suns.

  • GoSus

    I dont think we should include marshall in ny trade but he shouldnt be untradeable unlike gortat, if we must give him up and the fo agrees then im fine with that, @JD i kinda agree about lou williams, but i think he should be an option after whatever goes down with gordon and mayo, id say he might be the next best option after those guys

  • glyph

    The more I read about the situation (courtesy of VotS & BSotS) the more it feels like the JJohnson trade of 2005. Back then JJ was an up and coming SG with yet no all-star appearances, a player who barely missed time, and his 1st free agency.

    JJohnson for Boris Diaw (back-up) & 2 1st rounders (1 mid-late 1st and 1 conditional).

    Thus, asking for Gortat or Dudz, and perhaps Marshall seems too much. I’d still offer:

    Robin Lopez,
    a conditional Suns 1st rounder (2013 top-10 protected, then it becomes a 2014 unprotected),
    a 2nd round 2013 pick (Lakers),
    a 1st round 2015 pick (Lakers),
    cash, Warrick/Telfair as needed.
    I’d say that’s already a generous offer for a player who has no all-star appearances and has missed significant time. *wink*

  • James

    I love how people are coming on here claiming to be Suns fans and agreeing with the Hornets bending over the Suns. Seriously those people who think they are fooling anyone are just funny. The Suns and their fans have been through a RFA deal like this, Suns have the advantage. Also Suns can not trade their own picks 2 years in a row. This just shows how much knowledge Nola people have. Please wake up from your dreams Nola fans.

  • DBreezy

    This dude isn’t even going to make us a playoff team next season and people are falling over themselves to give up unprotected picks and more? No thanks, I’d rather let NO match and move on with cap flexibility and draft picks. Getting restricted free agents is tough, especially when their team has no cap issues. Time to move along unless Gordon can piss them off to just let go, which he is trying poorly to do.

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    haremoor –

    The Suns are not trading Gortat. They have waited more than 40 years to finally have a good NBA center. Fact is, the Suns might have had five or six NBA titles by now had they had a Gortat caliber center in the past.

    He is still pretty young, athletic and most of all — healthy. He is an easy double-double and potentially an 18-10 guy.

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    Michael -

    Are the Suns at all interested in Mayo? He seems to have much of the skill set as Gordon and a pretty good citizen as well….

  • Roger


    I thought under CBA, Suns can’t trade their own back to back 1st round picks! So here are two scenarios that might work.

    Option 1: Dudley + Suns 2013 1st (top 7 protected) + Lakers 2014 1st + Suns 2014 2nd

    Option 2: Dudley + Warrick + Suns 2013 1st (top 3 protected) + Lakers 2014 1st + Suns 2014 2nd

    Option 3: Dudley + Warrick + Childress + Suns 2013 1st (unprotected) + Lakers 2014 1st + Suns 2014 2nd

    Pick your option w/Suns taking back some NO fillers to make salaries work for both teams.

  • haremoor

    LLoyd –
    Where did I say trade Gortat? I wouldn’t trade Gortat – he’s in the top 20 in about 8 or 9 significant statistical categories, plus, he’s played very few NBA minutes, and has never been injured. Read what I said – a first and two second picks is all I’d give up – that’s kinda why I sad “No Gortat, no Dudley, no Lopez, no Marshall.” I wouldn’t even give up Lopez, if it was me – he’s Goran’s BFF, and he’s freaking 7 feet tall. We need a quality backup center.

  • Michael McNamara


    Again, Phoenix can trade their 2013 and 14 picks because they have the Lakers picks. Rule says that you cannot owe picks in consecutive years if you dont own any other picks. Since you have Lakers pick in 2013 and both picks in 2015, you can trade your 2013 and 14 picks. Heck, you can trade Hornets 2013 through 2015 picks, but I won’t be that greedy.

    I am a nice guy, so just 13 and 14, along with Dudley for your “cornerstone”

    This is what I don’t get. Gortat is so good that he is “untradeable”, right? Plus you have the immortal Goran Dragic and now a cornerstone in Gordon. Why do you want protection on your picks? Wouldn’t the Suns be unstoppable with all these guys you all are unwilling to give up and Gordon?

    No protection needed, right?

  • haremoor

    I’ll say this as well –
    Asking for Marshall or Lopez along with picks is reasonable – I just wouldn’t do it. And definitely not Gortat or Dudley. We just gave up arguably the greatest PG of all time – is Gordon worth more than Nash? What did we get for him?

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    haremoor -

    Sorry. I read it too fast. Good comments!

  • Josh

    Sorry. If y’all won’t give us Marshall or Gortat and your unprotected pick, you’ll have to find another cornerstone.

  • glyph


    Protection is necessary, as was in Joe Johnson deal (see my earlier post above) which are very similar situations, IMO.
    Besides, Gordon poses risks (arguably more than JJ) especially since he played only 9 games, and there’s a chance this is a chronic thing, or the risk that he may not recover 100% long term.
    Also you may try to sweettalk us by calling Dragic immortal or calling us unstoppable team w/ Gordon, but to be honest even w/ Gordon, Gortat, and Dragic, (no all-stars, but arguably borderline ones, w/ Gordon being the closest), my first impression of this group for this coming year is at the level of Utah (borderline team w/ good players, and one possible all-star in jefferson), a Denver or Memphis (best) or a Sacramento/GS/Minnesota (worst).

    Protection is thus necessary.
    I’d consider giving a starter like Gortat/Dudlet only if Gordon was already an ALLstar for a strong West conference for his age, + being injury-free

  • haremoor

    That’s fine, Josh. I’ve made my decision, and you’ve made yours. Now let’s see what happens!
    Should be fun.

  • incubus


    we want Protection because assuming we give you guys everything you are asking for that would make us by far a worst team then we already are. we are now the ny knicks, we wont trade the whole team for one player. we are not in a win now mode. we just wanna get better but not if it means blowing your load on one player like the knicks.

  • Roger


    Thx for clarifying trading 1st round picks. Yes, you’re a nice guy indeed coz you know the CBA rules but as expected, you’re asking too much in return.

    As for the protection, it’s prudent to ensure good picks against any freak injury to one of the stars or any other mishap like Beasley’s past behavior resurfacing in PHX. Besides, it’s too early to predict chemistry considering Suns are losing two veteran leaders in Nash and Hill.

    Let’s see who blinks first – DD or Babby.

  • Lake Roberson

    Michael, I like your counter of Dudley and our 2013 and 2014 picks. I’d do that in a heartbeat. If New Orleans refuses that I would throw in a little bit of cash too, as well as Lopez if the Hornets want him.

    I would give up Gortat, but if you get rid of him we automatically have one of, if not the worst frontcourt in the NBA. That can’t happen. If you say Gortat plus a 1st round draft pick for Eric Gordon I would say that it sounds like a great deal, but with our situation we just can’t do that.

    And this is kind of unrelated, but does anybody know if Beasley can play Power Forward if we sign a Small Forward like Mayo?

  • Lake Roberson

    I also agree with Michael that we don’t need the picks to be protected. If we have a team of Dragic/Marshall Gordon/? Beasley/? Morris/Warrick Gortat/Frye will easily make the playoffs each year. So sure, take the picks unprotected. I’m not scared of that because you aren’t getting a lottery pick anyways.

  • Ash

    Give them our 2013 pick with top 3 protection, it’s a very weak draft so even if we end up giving up the 4th pick, it’s equivalent to giving up the 9th pick in last weeks draft, so that isn’t a big deal.

    Marshall is interesting, the Suns have made a big deal about him but I’m not a fan, New Orleans would love to have him, put him in the deal.

    Lopez or Gortat? Lopez, simples. Lopez is an asset to a team, he’s young, big, errrrrr that’s about about it but the Hornets need a center, Gortat is too much to give.

    Anything else? the Lakers 2015 might be decent, who knows what their team will be like in 3 years, it has minimal protection and could easily be top 20, it has value, put it in the deal.

    So that leaves a package of Kendall Marshall, Robin Lopez, the Suns top 3 protected 2013 pick and the Lakers draft pick in 2015. Seems like a very fair deal for both sides.

  • Lake Roberson

    Ash, you really think we need a top 3 protection with a team of Eric Gordon, Michael Beasley, Goran Dragic, and Gortat?

    I am hesitant on Marshall. I would hate to trade him before he puts a Suns uniform on. I see him being one of the best PG’s in the league some day. Why not just give Dudley instead? Dudley, Lopez, 2013 and 2014 picks unprotected and if that barely falls short, throw a bit of cash in too. New Orleans would be pretty dumb to turn that down IMO.

  • Ash

    Lake, I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t protected, we wouldn’t be a team with a shot at a top 3 pick. But it would be nice to have it top 3 protected if the entire team got injured or something like that. So yes, I don’t think it needs to be protected.

  • Michael McNamara

    Okay- you have swayed me. I will accept that:

    Dudley and 2013, 14 picks Top 3 protected for Eric Gordon

    Do we have a [theoretical] deal?

  • Lon Babby, Lance Blanks and Robert Sarver

    Michael, we have a deal.

  • Lake Roberson

    Do you think the Hornets FO would do that?

  • Michael McNamara

    Hornets front office would obviously ask for more and also take in other offers from around the league, but if this was the best offer on the table, I think they take it and move forward with a slow, OKC style rebuilding plan.

    Personally, I think you all would miss the playoffs in a strong WC this year, but pick wouldn’t be any better than 10 and who knows with next year. Hornets, without Gordon, have a top 5-10 pick of their own next summer to pair with PHX lotto pick and TONS of cap space and flexibility.

    Best case scenario for both teams IMO, but if Houston offers Raptors pick and some of their young talent I think Hornets would match and move Gordon to Houston instead.

  • Lake Roberson

    What would Houston most likely offer?

  • Lake Roberson

    I would just hate to see Houston get him. I might even throw in the 2015 Lakers pick. I really want him

  • ConcernedSunsFan

    What bugs me the most is that NOLA has not said a single thing about the whole situation. We arent sure if the two teams are talking for that matter. Im just crossing my fingers and praying that a sign and trade goes through

  • Mel.

    ^Dude, Gordon basically just threw the franchise under the bus by setting this whole mess in motion. I’m not surprised that they haven’t gone public with their plans: having been accused of basically “drafting Gordon out of town on a rail,” it’s in their best interests to keep their cards close to their chests.

    Otherwise, the Suns–and the pundits–are basically affecting a posture of “doing NOLA a favor” in taking Gordon off of their hands, even if it means that max money flush. Tough to get traction for a sign-and-trade for anything legitimate when you look like a bunch of low-rent dopes who have inadvertently torqued off your supposed “marquee player.”

    Of course, they look similarly conflicted if they match the Suns’ offer and try to sign Gordon for a max-money deal after he’s basically pointed out their lack of commitment and competency, but… it’s basketball. Stranger things.

  • ConcernedSunsFan

    I guess so, but it would be reassuring if we knew that they were at least talking about a sign-and-trade.