ValleyoftheSuns Live: Free agency madness/goodbye Nash edition

The ValleyoftheSuns team breaks down all the craziness on Planet Orange, from the Nash trade to the Lakers to the Eric Gordon offer sheet as well as the Goran Dragic and Michael Beasley signings.

  • joey

    im really excited about the phoenix suns!!! The front office made some great moves!!! i hope we can keep gordon

  • joey

    My most memorable moment about nash was the 2005 semi finals against dallas, when he blew up and scored 50 plus

  • HankS

    I’m wondering if those Lakers’ picks couldn’t be turned into something useful immediately (unless they end up in New Orleans, of course).

    The Rockets, a creative, wheeling and dealing team just a few days ago have turned into a total mess. They lost Dragic to us, inexplicably traded away Lowry for next to nothing, and now are trying to overpay Lin, whom they cut last year and who only played a decent ball for a few weeks in his life. They’re even talking to Brooks!

    So could the Suns perhaps interest them in parting with Terrence Jones or Royce White for a bunch of picks plus Telfair? They can’t realistically keep all the three rookies they drafted, can they, and those two play almost exactly the same position. The Suns might still use some help at No. 3.

    Our great offseason just might turn even greater…

  • Scott

    @HankS -

    Yes, with Dwight saying not just “no,” but “hell no” to the Rockets, and Dragic agreeing to take a lower contract with the Suns than he was willing to take from them, and the Raptors luring Kyle Lowry away, I’m thinking “Houston … we have a problem.”

    And Houston is not the only one. The Mavs are looking decimated right now, and Portland – having lost Batum to the Wolves (not dingoes) – only looks stronger if they manage to steal Hibbert. However, there’s still several days before this signing period ends. There will surely be more activity and some problems may be rectified.

    The Suns still need to sign Lopez, and I wouldn’t expect any bids on him till the very end of the signing period. Related to that, so far I’ve seen zero chatter about interest in Lopez. This probably means nothing, as teams are still focused at this point on landing their stars.

    If the Suns do get Gordon, and Lopez, they’ll have to cut salary and still add more players to the roster. If I did my math right, they’ll be around $64m. The cap, which won’t be set till July 1, is expected to be around $60m.

    While I’m not at all expert on this, I think the Suns still have the mid-level and minimum salary exceptions to use, with which they can sign players even if the Suns are over the cap.

    The MLE is the larger of the two, and I think the Suns can give a total of $3m in contracts for one or more players under this exception, with a max length of 3 years.

    The minimum salary exception can be used for an unlimited number of players, and the contracts can be up to 2 years in duration. I think the value can be anywhere up to the minimum salary level set for the year by the league, but not over.

    If Warrick and Childress aren’t part of a trade as part of more roster tuning, I can see Childress getting amnesty and/or Warrick being foisted off on a bottom feeder team like the Bobcats (with a cash gift of $3m). I think the dealing of Warrick is the more likely scenario, if it is sufficient to bring the Suns’ salaries down.

  • con

    is it me or is the video a bit messed