Suns start post-Nash era by adding Michael Beasley

In the wake of Steve Nash’s departure, the Phoenix Suns have made their first unrestricted free-agent acquisition of the offseason. Michael Beasley has agreed to join the Suns on a three-year, $18 million deal ESPN’s Marc Stein reports.

The small forward played the last two seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves after spending his first two years with the Miami Heat. Minnesota declined Beasley’s $8.1 million qualifying offer on June 30, allowing him to hit the market as a free agent. Beasley met with Suns’ front office personnel in Los Angeles earlier this week, and then met again with them today in Phoenix. The two sides verbally agreed to a deal this evening, but the three-year contract cannot officially be signed until July 11 per NBA rules.

That day could be an important one for the Suns as they reportedly will sign Eric Gordon to a $58 million dollar offer sheet as well. While New Orleans has announced its intention to match any offer Gordon receives, he has publicly expressed his desire to join the Suns. In addition to pursuing more free agents and possibly renouncing some of their own players, the Suns may spend the next seven days pursuing a sign-and-trade with New Orleans to secure Gordon’s services.

Whether or not Gordon makes it to Phoenix, the Suns’ offense will undoubtedly received a big boost with the addition of Beasley, though this season’s numbers may not reflect his offensive capability. After averaging 19 points a night and starting every game for the T-Wolves two seasons ago, Beasley’s scoring average dropped to 11.5 per game this year. He started only seven games. A coaching change, the emergence of Kevin Love as one of the premier players in the league, and the addition of Derrick Williams through the draft all contributed to Beasley’s drop in playing time and scoring output. But those don’t tell the whole story. This type of inconsistency has plagued Beasley’s throughout his four-year career.

The first thing that comes to mind when most fans and pundits talk about Michael is his “mercurial” nature. He has been described by NBA writers over the years as everything from moody and disinterested to unreliable and flaky. For the sake of the Suns’ organization, fans, and bloggers, this three-year contract could be just the thing to turn Beasley’s career around. The fact that the Suns were Beasley’s first choice team could indicate his desire to turn over a new leaf and start fresh.

When he does join the team, Beasley will fit well in the Suns’ post-Nash offense. Whether he starts or comes off the bench, Beasley is a more traditional small forward than Jared Dudley, and a more athletic SF than the 39 year-old Grant Hill (who may very well follow Nash to LA). There’s no way to know what the Suns’ lineup will look like next year, but with 38 year-old Nash leaving and 23 year-old Beasley coming in, it will undoubtedly be younger, more athletic, and have even more ridiculous hair.

No matter what happens, the Beasley signing is just the start of what should be an exciting week in Phoenix.

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  • Kevin

    Dragic is on board too.

  • Ricky

    Drago is back!!! At first I was upset bout Nash leaving he is my fav player of all time but it was time for him to move on and try and get a ring no ill feelings towards him, we ain’t contending this year anyways. But If we can get Gordon, with now Beasley, and Drago with Morris, Dudley, brown and gortat. And Marshall coming off bench. And plus all the draft pics we just got from La. For the first time I’m excited bout our suns!! All comes down to Gordon though we need him!!

  • sun also rises

    I swear to God today’s been played out like a bad series of skits from the convos on this board. First we watch Nash skate to the Lakers with the blessing of the FO, then we watch as they sign on Beasley and re sign Dragic after unceremoniously kicking him out the door months ago.

    What’s next? we decide to re-up STAT for four more years and buy out his awful contract from the Knicks? My head is spinning.

  • Jason A.

    This has definitely been a whirlwind of a day. Ironically, the only FA who didn’t want to play in Phoenix was Nash.

  • Matt

    I’d be much more comfortable with this deal if the last year was a team option or only partially guaranteed. Haven’t seen that reported yet.

  • thatdude

    Wow I cant believe im saying this but Sarver u redemed yourself in my eyes as Dragic is back baby!!!! Realizing what a mistake it was to trade him and then go and give him 34mil, i love it. I cant believe by saying this but Sarver is trying to do the right thing and thats to make us competitive again. Welcome Beasley and Dragic and thank you Steve Nash for all the great memories, it will be tough to see him playing for those douche bags.

  • Scott

    Gortat is indeed the old man on the team now. ;)

  • steve


    Let’s keep in mind that Sarver isn’t the GM or PBO. He didn’t get rid of Dragic. He didn’t bring him back. That’s just not what an owner does. Sure, I guess more credit/blame should go to Sarver than to me or you, but the real guys who deserve the credit/blame are the GM and the PBO. And right now, I’m very impressed with what I’m seeing out of Lance Blanks and Lon Babby. They’re getting their guys at the prices they wanted. What more can you ask for out of a front office?

  • thatdude

    I understand hes not the GM or Pres but in a sense he is as lets face it, EVERYTHING does go through him since he signs the checks. I was afraid that they would not aggressively go after Goran after trading him and basically giving up on him but i was wrong. Very excited for this kid to be back!!!!

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    Beasley was rated almost or maybe as good as Kevin Durant when drafted. Physically and talent wise he is a stud.

    That being said, lets hope that he is mature enough to not blow his big chance. How sad it is when some players have such God given ability and just blow it either by lack of commitment or drug use etc.

    Like Ron Wolfley always says, “it is what lies within a man that makes a difference.”

    The Suns could have the steal of the decade if Beasley is commited to being a great player. Lord knows he sure has the talent!

  • Edward

    Nash out Beasley in

  • Andrew M

    I’m not mad at all at Nash. It’s about time for him to have a legit run at getting a championship ring and getting 4 draft choices in exchange was a solid deal. Signing Goran Dragic was an excellent move. Trading him for Aaron Brooks was the big mistake but signing him to a three year deal to be Nash’s successor was redemption. Adding Michael Beasley to play small forward for 3 years and 18 mil and he’s a legit scoring threat was another solid deal. Having stability, a chance to start and a chance to be the go to guy is exactly what Beasley needs.I think all his immature ways are behind him and the Phoenix suns will be the team to get him on track and turn him into an all star.Having Gordon and Beasley would be a solid tandem from the outside and slashing to the basket along with Dragic. Gortat is still the man in the middle who can rebound and feed in the post and is almost always automatic when near the hoop. Throw Markieff Morris and his athleticism, rebounding, defense and outside shooting and we have a young championship team in the making. If the Hornets match Gordon then we should do a sign and trade deal with Robin Lopez, Kendall Marshall and one of the Laker’s draft picks to get him. Gordon is young and can slash to the hoop and score from the outside but he also has some injury problems so I wouldn’t give up too much for him. The only reason why I would include Marshall is because we have Dragic and Telfair. Adding former Arizona wildcat Jerryd Bayless could also be another low cost solid addition to the team. The future is looking bright in the valley of the Sun.