Steve Nash statement on trade to Los Angeles Lakers

Suns guard Steve Nash released a statement to ESPN explaining his decision to ask for a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers:

For the last 8 seasons I’ve been blessed to play for a team and a city that has embraced me and that I have come to call home. This is a tough business and the only thing constant in life is change.

After talking with (owner) Robert (Sarver) and (president of basketball operations) Lon (Babby) we’ve agreed that it’s time for both of us to move in new directions. I approached them and asked if they would be willing to do a sign and trade deal with L.A. because it is very important to me to stay near my children and family.

They were very apprehensive and didn’t want to do it. Fortunately for me, they reconsidered. They saw that they were able to get assets for their team that will make them better, assets they would not have otherwise had and it made sense for them to do a deal that helps their team get better.

I couldn’t be more grateful to the organization and Robert in particular. I know how hard this was for him and that fact that he was able to help me and my family in this way … it means a lot and says a lot about his character. I will never forget this gesture. Above and beyond.

The Phoenix Suns are an amazing organization and fans should be excited about their future. I hope the Suns win a championship some day soon for all the amazing fans and wonderful people in the organization.

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  • Dave

    Screw you Nash. I will boo th f out of u

  • Scott

    Heh, you beat me to it. I was going to post this.

    @Tony -

    “Above and beyond.” :D

  • Lakers>suns/alldayerryday

    Haha screw phoenix

  • http://none Miles

    The Lakers still won’t win a title. It’s crazy how you can go from liking Nash so much to hating him to quickly. Could have been ANYONE but the Lakers or Spurs, i’d have even accepted Miami. Go to hell Nash.

  • Tim from British Columbia

    My wife and I were two of your biggest fans and I am afraid to say, you sold out!!! What happened with not needing a championship, what happened to team loyalty and needing team chemistry. We are so dissappointed in you Steve and even though we have been a huge fan of yours for years, we will never, and we mean NEVER cheer for the Lakers even if you are their star point guard. We spent thousands of dollars coming to see you in Vancouver and Phoenix and this is how you repay us and your fans?! You have proven to not keep your word and cheated your longtime loyal fans. We cannot watch you or wish you well on your new team. Although this is your decision, you have cheated your friends and fans. Go Suns Go!!!!

  • Tony

    Nash is a Class act and would nice to see him win couple of titles with Lakers.

  • thatdude

    Good Luck Steve!!

  • @Leonardosat

    Sad… sad! Okay, next?
    Screw it! Nash era is DONE, GOOOOOO SUNS!

    My best wishes from Brazil

  • Scott

    Ugh … the Suns just signed Beasley to a $6m/year, 3 year contract.

    1) If they liked Beasley, why didn’t they take him when his price tag was $1.5m? The Suns needed someone at his position.

    2) This signing is, to me, worse than the Nash trade. Beasley is going to have to play awfully well to sell me on this move.

  • Mel.

    … this one’s going to take a while to get over.

  • steve

    I feel like I’m the only Suns fan who’s fine with this whole deal. The Suns got a lot from Steve Nash over the years. The relationship was mutually beneficial, and this is about as good of a parting as you could hope for. I’m happy for Nash, and I’m excited for the future of the Suns.

    That said, screw the Lakers. I’ll boo Nash with all my heart when he steps onto our floor.

  • Manny

    I think this could potentially workout with a few pieces added. I’m not a big fan of the max deal, but we could now use the Nash picks to help get Gordon over. With the training staff, I can see him being healthy. Speaking of staff, what is everyone’s take on possibly trying to revive Greg Oden’s career with some injury stipulated contract?

  • jonnyk

    Heartbroken. Our tragic hero just turned his back on us and joined the hated rival. Yet another indignity a Suns fan must endure.

  • Jason A.

    To the laker fans posting on our board: you are easily the biggest losers in all of this. Games come and go but you are still…you. Good luck with life. Classless.

    I am progressing rather quickly through the different stages. What is it, denial, anger, acceptance, etc? I’m no longer pissed at our front office, I’m actually sort of proud in a weird kind of way, but I’m still pissed at Nash. Maybe I’ll pull for him later, I don’t know. F*** the lakers.

  • steve


    Beasley will produce a heck of a lot more than Childress has for a slightly lower price tag. I’m not all that optimistic he’ll turn into a star, but I see that signing as low risk/high reward.

    It would have been nicer to get him for $1.5M, of course, but that’s just not an option any more.

  • Jason A.


    Beasley will be cool here, don’t worry about him. That’s the one thing that saved the day for me. I’m really proud of our FO. You can bet they need a drink tonight.

  • Matt

    Damn all of you so called Suns fan are awful. This move benefits both parties? We get 4 draft picks, Nash get his shot at the title. So you unappreciative bunch would rather see LeBron’s “Heatles” win rings as oppose to your MVP? You rather see him rot out his last 3 years in Toronto and we get nothing in return? You rather see him go to New York and get back Landry Fields and Toney Douglas? If you guys truly feel that way don’t call your self Suns fans. You guys have every right to be happy rather than upset over this because it’s not like we’re contenders anyway, we’re trying to REBUILD!! YOU UPSET THAT HE’S GOING TO CHASE AFTER HIS MUCH DESERVED RING AND WANTED TO BE CLOSE TO HIS KIDS?!? ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING? YOU GUYS ARE SLAMMING PROBABLY AN TIME SUNS FAVORITE BECAUSE HE WANTED TO MAKE A DECISION FOR HIMSELF, AND HIS FAMILY FOR ONCE? DID HE PUT US THROUGH WHAT MELO AND DWIGHT’S PUTTING THEIR TEAM THROUGH? NO. DID HE GIVE US 110% EVERY NIGHT? YES. DID HE EVER COMPLAIN OR PUT UP A TRADE DEMAND WHEN WE HAD A GOD AWFUL ROSTER THE LAST TWO SEASONS? NO. SO HOW ABOUT ALL OF YOU JUST ROOT FOR STEVE NASH AS HE GOES AFTER HIS RING INSTEAD OF HAVING TO WATCH THE HEAT SQUAD GET THEIR RINGS FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS?!?

  • neurotic steve nash fan

    we love you steve. Lot of people mad, but they’ll get over it.
    Gonna be tough to watch you in that purple & gold, but also gonna be sick watching you get 15-20 ast per game.

  • bk

    Beasley at $6M / year is a very safe investment or spending.

  • Jason A.


    You’re right on all counts except it was last week Nash said he’d have a hard time putting on a laker jersey. The lakers. The LAKERS!! All bets are off dude. I wish him well but I’m not cheering for him. F*** the lakers and their s****y fans for coming here to rub our nose in it, ingrates that they are. We did you a favor a*******!

  • nik

    Thanks for all of the memories Steve! Best of luck!

  • lameve

    It’s a tough fact to be accepted for me as his fan. He is the main reason why I loved Phoenix suns originally. He is the main reason why I started to follow NBA. I love the way he plays, pure PG and unselfish.

    Its a heart breaking moment knowing he is moving to Lakers. I once heard Steve said that loyalty is more important than winning a title. But now, he’s eating his own word..and what worse is, he moves to our rival Lakers.

    This is going to take a while for Suns’ fans to accept…but I also realize that for a player like him, he deserves a ring. But, what if PHX wins next season? (hey, who knows?). what if PHX meet LA in the western final like before? Who should we cheer for?

    However, he will always be my favourite player. all the best steve. Too bad, you can not get the ring as a Suns. You will forever be in PHX heart.

  • Michele M.

    Im Heartbroken….steve nash was my favorite player….I feel so betrayed….that he would go to the lakers…. for this alone his so called beloved suns fans are gonna be shitted on forever because he left his place he called home…ARIZONA to go to LA….really..its a slap in the face…now i know how the cav fans felt when lebron left them for miami. damn steve…….how could you :(

  • Chris Walder

    Steve Nash is a class act and deserves better than what you ill-willed fans are giving him. How can anyone hate a guy who gave everything and then some to your team, only to leave for another team where he can be closer to his children after suffering through a recent divorce? It was very big of him to release this statement to all you Suns fans. Your sadness and anger will go away soon enough.

  • Grover

    Split mind on this. I actually was betting on Nash going to the Lakers in a sign and trade, but had hoped it would bring Gasol in exchange, not draft picks.

    The good news is this is far better than what the Suns were rumored to be offered for Nash before the trade deadline this past season, so in that sense hats off to Babby for holding pat. The bad news is this likely means the Suns have given up in this coming season. had they felt they could pull off a miracle and been playoff contenders immediately I find it hard to believe they would accept draft picks in retune instead of immediate help. They would have waited for the Knicks, Heat, or Mavericks to pony up something better than middle to late round picks.

    I like the Beasley signing. It’s somewhat risky but high reward. He’s dumber than a post and possibly mentally unbalanced, but $6 mill a year seems to be the going rate for anyone in the top 6-7 guys for each team. Beasley has the physical tools to be outstanding if he can stop smoking weed long enough to care about basketball. Hopefully the Suns have a clause in his contract so they aren’t financially on the hook if he smokes his way out of the league.

  • Dusnine

    Don’t see how 2 picks in the 20s and 2 second round picks are assets to make the suns better.

  • bk

    @Dusnine, you can pick up several lower picks to trade for a higher pick.

  • Cam

    I will always love two-time. Second favorite Sun after KJ. Hate the Lakers with a passion. Now I’m gonna have to hear it from my Laker lovin wife for the next three years. Either way, I think this was the best deal for the Suns. They weren’t going to get anything of value other than Shumpert from the Knicks. The Toronto deal, no thanks to Jose Calderon. Oh well. FO just needs to follow through on the Eric Gordon deal without trading the farm. I would be fine with a sign and trade involving Fropez, Childress, Dudley, Frye, Warrick, any combination of those players. No to Marshall, Keif, Gortat, and first round picks going anywhere. Dump the Lakers second round picks on them for all I care. And FO please sign Oden if you trade Fropez. Limit his minutes off the bench and he could become a beast. Looks like the Suns are getting real young real fast. I hope Gentry can make this work. Go Suns.

  • Jason A.

    @Cam you should divorce your wife.

  • http://asdf Jacob

    @Chris Walder. Can you give us more than a couple hours to let this sink in? Thanks.

    Yours truly.

  • Cam

    Oh, and I forgot to add, F**** Kobe????!

  • Cam

    Question marks were auto correct. Stupid iPad. Go Suns.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Embarassed by a lot of you guys.

    Hate the Lakers but I’m pulling for them only for Nash to get a ring. Good fit there and the Lakers gave us enough draft picks and cash to make me even more happy.

    All of you hating, you wouldn’t leave your families for work. You wouldn’t go to another country and leave them behind even if you’re from there.

    If you felt you were great at your job you wouldn’t do it for peanuts either.

    It was a good deal. Nash is all class.

    Now to go stalk Dragon.

  • LakeShowForLife

    Wonderful! Welcome to the Laker family, Steve! We’ll now teach him to wipe out every part of the Suns’ losing culture from his veins and embrace a culture instead of constant success.

    How does it feel to know Nash will retire as a Laker, Phoenix losers?

  • Scott

    @steve -

    “Beasley will produce more than Childress …”

    I knew someone was going to bring that up. But really, isn’t that an example of damning with faint praise? ;)

    Childress doesn’t fit the system. Beasley at least fits the system … except for the whole low b-ball IQ, character issues, inadequate defense and rebounding part. :p

  • Scott

    In fact, the Beasley signing sounds to me like it could be another player that Gentry recommended to Blanks (like Telfair).

    I’ll be curious to see if that comes up at some point in the “getting to know Beasley” chats.

  • steve


    “Now I’m gonna have to hear it from my Laker lovin wife”

    Leave her. ;)

    “Stupid iPad”

    Well there’s your problem. Use some real technology.

  • benamery21

    Sarver has completed his destruction of the franchise.

  • steve

    “But really, isn’t that an example of damning with faint praise?”

    Indeed, it was the backhanded compliment to end all backhanded compliments. “At least he’ll be more worth it than Childress.” Haha, oh man. I love J-Chill, but his time with the Suns has definitely been forgettable.

  • Ming

    I’m a Suns fan and this hurts, but look at it this way: where would the franchise have been the past 8 years without Nash? He gave us some of the most exciting basketball ever seen and was the foundation for our team. He was always the best player on the team, as soon as he stepped onto the court PHX got exponentially better. All this while never being the highest paid player on the team until last year with a gutted roster. Now I’m supposed to hate him because he wants to be near his kids? I’m going to miss seeing him wear the Suns jersey, but all the same, I’d clap for him when he plays in PHX with a Lakers jersey on.

  • Jasper Buckleman

    @Chris Walder I’m pretty sure the 20-year old he was seeing prevented any suffering during his divorce. It’s funny that another player used their kids as an excuse to be a Laker. I don’t by either one of them.

    Having said that, I have always enjoyed watching him play, despite what I think of him as a person. You certainly couldn’t question his heart on the court. Best of luck to him. Just as long as the Suns kick his ass 4 times a year.

  • Jason A.


    No, Sarver did a noble thing that will have positive repercussions for a long time. Despite his (and our) personal misgivings about trading Nash specifically to the Lakers, he did it for the player and what he meant to our franchise. He did it out of respect. And he was savvy enough to get a few picks and cash for his trouble.

    Don’t you see a pattern emerging here? I have to admit I’m shocked, but look at what’s been going on:

    1. Free agency begins, Suns linked to EVERY PG or wing.
    2. Immediate visits to Beasley and Lopez.
    3. One of three teams to host Gordon. Same day he visits he signs, praises the organization.
    4. Dragic visit huge smiles all around, quick hug for Babby. Coming home? Pretty brash.
    5. Beasley visits and signs same day.
    6. Suns Organization makes sure Nash is taken care of.
    7. Tomorrow we’re going to announce our PG signing.

    These guys are doing a great job right now. Maybe they’re learning.

  • steve

    @Jasper Buckleman

    If he was seeing a woman (be it a 20-year-old or a 35-year-old or a 60-year-old), I guarantee he was still suffering. Maybe Nash is just a glutton for punishment. Haha.

  • Manny

    Suns just signed Dragic to 34 million for four years

  • Manny

    Well agreed verbally. Will sign on the 11th

  • sun also rises

    I started busting up when I saw LakeShowforLife’s post… how you been loving those last two years you pathetic bandwagoning midget?

    good times, good times

  • sam

    thank you nash

  • Nashisawful

    Nash is a traitor. I hope he will get vigorously boo’d when returning to Phoenix (if he doesn’t throw out his back by then). This is BS about wanting to be near his kids, he wanted to play for the Lakers and started this little game of a bidding war and toyed with other teams (Knicks, Mavs, Raptors) when his intention all a long was to join the Lakers. Screw you Nash.

  • Greg

    I love everyone calling Nash a traitor and saying he’s unloyal when the Suns didn’t want to re-sign him anyway. If they weren’t going to offer him a contract, how exactly was he unloyal? That would be like me breaking up with somebody and then being mad at them for dating someone I don’t like. Why should I be mad? I broke up with that person. Oh yea, and also, I would be getting free stuff from the person I don’t like. C’mon Suns fans, I thought you were more intelligent…

  • Tyler

    What the heck is wrong with people? This is the guy that gave us 8 years of incredible basketball. This is the guy that put Phoenix on the map! Why can’t we look back on these past years with nostalgia and happiness? He has shown way more commitment to his team than any player has the right to; I understand rooting against his team, especially since they are our hated rival, but hating him and threatening him? Is this what us Suns fans have fallen to? Come on people, this is ridiculous!