Raptors throw stick in Nash-to-Knicks tire, Suns visit with Gordon and Dragic

The Toronto Raptors offered New York Knicks wing Landry Fields a three-year, $20 million offer sheet on Tuesday, but the move goes well beyond Bryan Colangelo and crew wanting Jeremy Lin’s buddy.

The Toronto Raptors want Steve Nash, and badly. And as both Zach Lowe of SI.com and Matt Moore of CBS argue, that’s basically why they’re throwing out an absurdly high salary figure to Fields.

The Knicks, hampered by the cap, have no leverage in Fields’ situation, meaning that the biggest carrot of trade bait they could’ve used in a sign-and-trade with the Phoenix Suns is now lost. As such, the chances of Nash landing in the Big Apple — where the Knicks could probably have only offered him $3 million per year to the Raptors’ approximate of $12 million a year over three years — have slimmed.

And with the Brooklyn Nets appearing to have gotten Deron Williams to re-sign with them — he tweeted a Nets logo this afternoon with the text of “Made of a very tough decision today ….”  – things are shaping up nicely for Toronto, making the Raptors the leader for Nash’s services at this point in the free agency bonanza.

The Fields news doesn’t mean a deal between New York and the Suns is completely out of the picture just yet, but it does mean they’re out of the picture of including Fields in the trade, even if New York matches the high-paying offer of the Raptors, according to ESPN New York’s Jared Zwerling.

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports tweeted that Phoenix could potentially ask for athletic combo guard Iman Shumpert in return for Nash. The defensive-minded Shumpert was apparently a favorite of some of the Suns’ front office members in the draft room of 2011, and it might only take Knicks owner James Dolan’s will to obtain star power to overrule New York’s brass, who love Shumpert’s future, Wojnarowski believes.

Eric Gordon, Goran Dragic visit US Airways Center

The Suns hosted former backup point guard Goran Dragic and New Orleans restricted free agent Eric Gordon on Tuesday, and the team’s Twitter account shot some pictures of the two arriving to a small crowd of employees.

After meeting with Gordon for dinner last night, a second visit appears to be a positive sign from Gordon’s end. Again, this is a long shot with a number of suitors still said to be in the mix for one of the younger and most talented free agents on the market, not to mention his status as a restricted free agent whose offers the Hornets expect to match.

But what about Dragic?

Money might be the biggest issue here. Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan Feigen and ESPN’s Marc Stein both report that Dragic is asking for much more than the Rockets are willing to dole out, and while that has Houston meeting with the Knicks’ Jeremy Lin, now it’s a question of whether Phoenix will be willing to spend $8-10 million per season on the player they traded away a year and a half ago.

For what it’s worth, Wojnarowski and Feigen both believed the Nets would offer Dragic $9 million per year had Williams not re-signed, but from Phoenix’s perspective, it’s questionable what he could bring to the table at that cost, whether it’s fair to the market value or not.

Is he worth paying that much in the first place, and does that hamper the development of the new point guard of the future, Kendall Marshall?

The free agent point guard situation, though crazy, should start clearing up soon.

Williams’ commitment in Brooklyn was the first domino to fall. Now it’s down to Nash, Dragic and the others to fill in the holes.

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  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Dallas shifting directions QUICKLY and are now all over Nash as Nash himself expected and understood.

    Houston just pulled their offer to Courtney Lee. Perhaps a bit more wiggle room to retain Dragon or chase Lin?

    We all know about my man-crush on Dragon. I want him back in the valley very badly. He won’t be in Marshall’s way. He’d be his best weapon.

  • scalamuth

    Pay Dragic!

    He’s shown how good he can be, and he’s still improving. 18/8/3 as a starter on 49% FG.

    Best case scenario–He starts at PG for 2 years while Kendall learns the ropes. Then Kendall starts at PG, and we shift Goran to SG for an unconventional yet effective backcourt.

    If Kendall busts, then at least we’re not screwed, because we still have a pretty darn good PG leading the way.


    Show him the money.

  • Ty-Sun

    Yep, Dallas will be all over Nash now that D-Will is no longer an option. I expect a lot of Dallas trade & FA news and rumors to pop up very quickly now that they know which direction they must take.

  • Ty-Sun

    Hmmm… there seems to be some talk in Dallas that even matching Toronto’s offer to Nash may be too much and they might make a play for Lin or Dragic instead!

  • Cam

    Yes to all of the above (concerning Dragon). I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Nash was waiting for the Mavericks to come calling. He and Dirk are still close and that team would give him a great opportunity to win a title without looking like he is just chasing the money (I am assuming Cuban is willing to pay a hefty amount so as not to miss out on a top notch point guard). Best of luck two-time. You gave the Suns some great years. You will be missed. Go Suns.

  • Jason A.

    I love Dragic, but not at $8-9 mil.

  • joey

    10 million is crazy for dragic. 6mil would be more like it. spend $5-7 mil on mayo instead. he’s easy 18-20ppg on suns. Then give beasley 7-9mil and felton 5-6 mil. Beasley could be a allstar if used properly. suns would be very solid and could be contenders again in a few yrs with that young group.

  • JZ

    Phoenix should go and make Brook Lopez a 50.8 million/ 4 year offer and make Nets match and not sign and trade him for Dwight. Seriously, Nets are about to turn into a HUGE dynasty if they end up with Deron, Johnson, Wallace, possibly Kidd, AND Howard. What good is it for any other franchise to improve their team if they will be playing for 2nd or 3rd place for the next couple of season. Sarver should add more offense with Brook Lopez since the Suns already have little front court defense as it is.
    Would really like to see Brook paired with Robin out on the court like they played in Stanford. Having Robin on the team will possibly convince Brook to sign and play for Phoenix…unless the thought of being really close to Disney World is more exciting for him.
    I like that Suns may end up with Mayo and Beasley. Those will be good signings. They should stop looking for more guards and wings and start to look for bigs now.

  • Cam

    This just in, Suns and Eric Gordon agree on max offer sheet.

  • SunsCritic
  • Cam

    Gordon went all Joe Johnson on the Hornets. Stated his heart was in Phoenix. He didn’t want the Hornets to match the offer.
    Does this lock up the Suns free cap space until the 11th? How does this affect the ability to make other players offers? I’m just still not 100% clear on what affect the Suns cap holds had on their true cap space number and what, if any, cap space thy have left to work with? Schwartz to the rescue?
    Go Suns.

  • Scott

    @JZ -

    It’s possible that someone will assemble a roster to trade to the Magic for Howard. It would take a GM who is creative and lucky.

    However, once you fulfill the desires of the Magic FO, you have to contend with Howard, who is on the final year of his contract. If Howard doesn’t want to stay with your team, you just wasted all your effort and assets on getting someone who’s going to move out on you.

    And this is the real problem. Howard has said he’ll only go to the Nets. He wavered momentarily and said … “Mmm, Mavs too” … but that was because he thought that was where DWill was going at the time. Now that DWill is with the Nets, I think the list has shrunk back down to just “Nets.”

  • Rishi

    Why are we trying to get Dragic when we need to be developing Marshall at the point? I bet Marshall will be great at dishing the ball like he was in college. Also lets calm down about Gordon look at this guys check out these comparables, is this guy really worth a max contract?


    I’m a bit excited about Gordon but even more excited about Beasley because I think he has a lot of potential. Gordon is great too but he is shorter than most wings.

  • B. Cray Z.

    Tony is right.

    Eric will be kept by the Hornets, making his signing nothing more than a P.R. stunt & a way to have to release Nash cap space hold.

    Gogi, LB, Louis & Diaw should be signed but won’t because Babby “will not want to revisit the past.”

    MUST reunite that killer bench unit. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

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  • http://Yahoo.com Edward

    Suns will give Steve Nash of a sign-and-trade