Eric Gordon to sign offer sheet with Phoenix Suns

New Orleans free agent Eric Gordon will sign an offer sheet with the Phoenix Suns he announced on Tuesday, according to Paul Coro of The Arizona Republic.

The deal is reportedly a four-year, $58 million max deal that must be matched by the Hornets should they want to keep the 23-year-old restricted free agent.

In a statement Gordon sent to the paper and ESPN, the Suns impressed the 6-foot-3 guard immensely.

“After visiting the Suns, the impression the organization made on me was incredible,” Gordon said in a prepared statement. “Mr. Sarver, Lon Babby, Lance Blanks, the front office staff and Coach Gentry run a first-class organization, and I strongly feel they are the right franchise for me. Phoenix is just where my heart is now.”

Now, Suns fans and the Phoenix management have to hang on to their beating hearts until July 11, the first day players can sign; the Hornets will have three full days from then to make a decision on whether to match.

Gordon has averaged 18.2 points, 3.3 assists and 2.7 rebounds per game during his four-year career.

He joins only Roy Hibbert as a max-level restricted free agent thus far in the free agency period.

From here, it’s both impressive and surprising that Phoenix was able to make such a strong impression on Gordon. Considering the questions surround the competency of the Suns front office, moving in on a player mostly regarded as the second-best free agent in 2012 should be met with controlled optimism.

Yahoo! Sports reports that New Orleans will match the offer for Gordon, but Alex Kennedy of Hoops World believes the Hornets don’t want Gordon back if he wants to leave; the club could look to make a sign-and-trade with Phoenix.

It’s hard to see what Phoenix could give up in return for Gordon, but it opens up the opportunity for the Suns to move their current pieces, making this rebuild even more substantial.

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  • PennyAnd1

    Yes! First it was drafting Kendall Marshall, now it’s bringing in Eric Gordon! My wish list is almost complete!

    Now they need to get a PF -> Beasley, and bring back Nash (or get Goran Dragic).

    Suns will be awesome this coming season I promise ya’ll that!

  • PennyAnd1


    PG: Nash or Dragic, Kendall Marshall, Telfair
    SG: Eric Gordon, Michael Redd
    SF: Grant Hill, Jared Dudley
    PF: ? , Morris
    C: Gortat & Lopez

    Almost complete. They just need that PF.

    Trade assets could include:
    Warrick, Childress (amnesty), Frye

  • .

    Sigh. To sob or not to sob. That is the question. I guess the three stooges fell in love with Gordon’s clutch shot in the first game of last season.

  • Jason A.

    Where’s @Tony?

    This is definitely a nice development but it’s highly likely Nola will match. They will do the same thing as the Nets to save face on a trade, except they have their cap space wide open.

  • GoSuns


  • Jason A.

    What if this puts a little pep in our step and Beasley is similarly impressed on his visit tomorrow? Then Dragic gets signed on Thursday? That’s like a hammer on the NBA right there.

  • Suns4L1fe

    Don’t be so happy yet guys…Hornets have three days to match, so we just gotta hope.

  • Scott

    The Hornets may match, but Gordon has made it clear he’ll pout for the next four years if NO does so.

    NO will have to think about that.

    As for the Suns FO … normally we hear players express that the Suns are a first-class organization.

    The image problem is with the locals, and it mainly stems – IMHO – from Bickley’s crusade against Sarver.

  • Scott

    BTW … now that the Suns have made an offer on Gordon and he’s accepted, despite the fact that NO can match, can’t the Suns go to Nash and say, “Hey, we got one! A star shooting guard who can create his own shot and get to the line and score in crunch time. Do you want to come back?”

    Wouldn’t it be amusing after the couple days of “will he or won’t he?” interlude, if Nash returns to Phoenix?

  • Rishi

    Why are we trying to get Dragic when we need to be developing Marshall at the point? I bet Marshall will be great at dishing the ball like he was in college. Also lets calm down about Gordon look at this guys check out these comparables, is this guy really worth a max contract?
    I’m a bit excited about Gordon but even more excited about Beasley because I think he has a lot of potential. Gordon is great too but he is shorter than most wings.

  • PennyAnd1


    I think that’s the main reason why Suns haven’t offered Nash anything yet. Remember Nash doesn’t want to return, if there isn’t any help for the playoffs. I think getting Gordon & Beasley would probably entice Nash NOT to leave Phoenix, which I am hoping if the case.

    Gordon would fill that shoe in the SG position that was sorely missed when J-Rich left Phoenix, along with Beasley at the PF. Beasley I believed has changed, and it’ll do him more good to play with positive players like Dudley, Hill, Marshall, Gordon, Redd & Nash. Beasley can only live up to that superstar potential playing alongside with these guys.

    If rumors are true with Oden, I believe Oden will play throughout the season for the first time here in Phoenix. I just hope everything clicks. And I’d rather have Nash back than Dragic, just because Marshall should be able to start the next season.

    All in all, I’m very positive about the position we are in now. Even if Nash leaves, I have the insurance with Marshall taking over (just because the guy is a winner like Nash).

    I have to congrats the FOs for righting the wrongs.

  • Matt

    I already called this so called sign and trade for Gordon 3 days earlier. Gordon obviously is seeking out the Suns not only because it’s one of the best and most winning franchises in the league but also the kid wants to have a long LONG career and since he’s injury prone if any training staff can make that happen for him ITS THE SUNS. Sign and trade the Hornets Gortat(the obvious target given they don’t have a center) and Josh Childress(to make the money work) and probably a couple of 2nd rd picks.

  • Jason A.


    That’s exactly what management can do now, is go back to Steve and show we just got him 3-5 assists per night. He knows we probably won’t get Gordon but we’ll get a SG (Mayo, Young). Add that to Beasley and we have a playoff team for sure. What if we make a promise to Mayo for 3 yrs, $30 mil if Nola matches? He ain’t getting that money anywhere else.

  • Bill_Thomas

    Gordon seems pricey but good, let’s see what happens.

    Why would we sign and trade to NO unless we could get rid of some refuse and/or add significant cap space or a draft pick. Ideally a pick, round 2 next year. I don’t see any other reason to help them in the slightest.

    I would not even put Telfair in a sign and trade involving Gordon, he’s more valuable than that. Unless they add back some nice cash or a round 2 pick.

    I would love to see Oden here on a low maintenance contract. We need to get him in here and assess him so we will know what our max is for Fropez. Fropez has been underperforming but there are multiple mitigating factors and he would be fine to have on a low-maintenance contract.

    Brooks must be either kept, or disposed of in some value-added fashion. He should not be just kicked to the curb as an afterthought.

    Beasley has real potential and I think he’s worth the six-year, 40 mil. contract discussed elsewhere. Don’t want to see him on the Lakers for sure. Damn the Lakers and Kobe Bryant ! Can’t wait to get back at them. Screw the Spurs as well.

    Fields would be nice to have but not great. Roughly similar to Shannon Brown. Shumpert would be better, let’s see where Steve really wants to go and what the Knicks will give up.

  • Jason A.

    Screw that, we’re keeping Gortat. If they want a sign and trade they can take Marshall and Lopez, plus Warrick if they want him. No #1 picks either.

  • Bill_Thomas

    @ Matt: I would much rather have S. brown, Mayo or one or two other free agents than to have to put Gortat, our best player, in a sign and trade with NO. That would be totally crazy. Gortat has a great contract, excellent skills and great attitude, why give it up for a shooting guard? I don’t really care for Kaman at this stage of his career but if we had no other choice at center I guess he would be acceptable.

  • Jason A.
  • Bill_Thomas

    Why give them Marshal, our best first round choice in years. Gordon has won nothing yet. This is not Michael Jordan we’re talking about here. The ideas touted here would maybe, maybe at a stretch be acceptable for bringing a Josh Smith here, not an Eric Gordon at max contract.

    What the heck is going on here with all you idiots wanting to throw our best/good players at NO ? Are you all working for David Stern ????????????

  • PennyAnd1


    Suns would be dumb to trade Gortat for Gordon. I think Frye, Warrick & Chill will suffice the trade if that’s the case. Trading Marshall like Jason A. suggested would also be dumb. Remember how Suns desperately needed a Center when Stoudamire & J-Rich were here? Now that they got the center in Gortat it became the opposite, they desperately needed a SG & PF.

    Suns have a solid PG -> Marshall, Nash (please)

    Suns have a solid SG -> Gordon

    Suns would get a solid PF (if the man really changes) – Beasley

    Suns have a solid SF – Jared Dudley

    Suns have a solid C – Gortat

    Suns must keep all the solids and trade their backups if necessary

  • Jason A.

    Simmer down there @bt. Since when is a rookie that never played a minute in the NBA one of our best players? Step back, getting Gordon for a draft pick (Marshall) and Lopez/scraps is a damn good trade. Eric Gordon is a tremendous player.

  • PennyAnd1

    @Bill Thomas

    Eric Gordon is not the Jordan, but he definitely has alot of J-Rich in him, that same J-Rich that was exciting & deadly playing alongside Nash.

  • Jason A.

    @Penny since when is Marshall such a great PG? He can’t shoot and doesn’t play strong D. Don’t get me wrong I like him, I’m glad he’s here, but if we have a chance to guarantee ourselves Gordon we need to do it.

  • PennyAnd1

    @Jason A.

    Kendall Marshall has alot of CP3, Tony Parker, and Jason Kidd in him. You would regret trading the man without giving him a season. Just like when Suns traded Rajon Rondo.

  • Bill_Thomas

    I’ve got it !!!!!!!!!! We get Gordon and Rivers, NO get Gortat, Warrick, Childress and Telfair (there is no extant PG over there; I don’t know what in living hell Jarrett Jack is, but he is no PG). We sign Kaman as an FA.

    In other words, we outsource half our team to NO, and get their best player and a lottery pick. Money works and everything.

    This definitely works for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PennyAnd1

    @Jason A.

    Nash don’t know how to play D, and he got 2 MVP award. CP3 or J-Kidd don’t really know how to shoot as well, but that didn’t stop them from leading their team deep in the playoffs.

    Trust me, if you’re a genius, court vision is as deadly as being a sharp-shooter. Especially if you’re surrounded by shooters (assuming we get Gordon & Beasley).

  • Bill_Thomas

    And my latest suggestion would be considered a great revenge trade by the Lakers and the Rockets !!!!!!!!

  • Jason A.

    @Penny, I like Marshall but he’s nothing like CP3, Parker or Kidd. Maybe a few things here and there but CP3 and Parker can create their own shot and Marshall can only create for others. Kidd can’t shoot so that’s a good comparison, but Kidd is bigger and stronger defensively and on the boards.

  • Bill_Thomas

    Let’s give Marshall a chance here. We can always trade him later if we don’t like how he’s developing.

  • PennyAnd1

    And1 -> Kendall Marshall is the re-birth of Nash, who came in the NBA with so many questions about his pass-first personality. Nash then grew into a deadly shooter when asked of him. I believe Kendall Marshall is smart enough to practice where his weakness lies in, which he already acknowledged.

  • Bill_Thomas

    Let’s give Marshall a chance here. We can always trade him later if we don’t like how he’s developing. Nobody ever said Marshall is a CP 3 or a Parker, but he can be an Andre Miller or a poor man’s Kidd and maybe more.

  • PennyAnd1

    @Bill Thomas

    Marshall is too smart to become an Andre Miller. Miller can’t even decide when to pass. I guarantee you when it’s all said and done, this kid Marshall will be the talk of town. The only reason why he was drafted late was because of him being selective with his shots. You’ll see what I mean.

  • Jason A.

    Maybe you guys are right. Lets leave it up to the FO. They know how good they think Marshall will be, they can determine if it’s worth it to include him in a sign and trade. Nola would definitely want him as part of the deal, so we’ll see. If it’s worth locking up Gordon maybe they do it. If they think it’s a bluff and Nola won’t match they won’t. How much time would Marshall really get if we signed a young up and coming PG (Dragic, Lin) anyway?

  • http://deleted Leo

    Signs Should Just Sign Eric Gordon, Goran Dragic, Michael Beasley, And Chris Kaman And Wait For A Sign And Trade With Steve Nash

  • Bill_Thomas

    @PennyAnd1–No prob with your thought, but Marshall is not (and should not be) the issue here. Issue is why folks are willing to throw a lot of talent at NO if they match us on our max contract offer and Gordon does not even want to be at NO. Best they should get is people we can’t use and we should get a pick or two and/or cash back for the privilege. Maybe Brooks’ rights would be helpful here. Jarrett Jack can then back him up.

  • bk

    Not too bad deal at all. Gordon turned down $50M offer from NO. So, Suns is having him for $8M more for 4 years totally.

  • Bill_Thomas

    Are we talking to Lin? I think we’re ignoring him.

  • Bill_Thomas

    @Jason A. how old are you?

  • Bill_Thomas

    Look at these rank idiot comments on the NOLA fan board. The average IQ over there must be somewhat similar to Bakersfield.

  • tb

    if we get a sign and trade with NOLA we should give them Chill, Telfair, and Warrick

  • bk

    Does the net know that the cap space is $58M? D-Will $20M. G. Wallace $10M, J.Johnson $20M. It is $50M for 3 players already. Assume adding D.Howard for another $20M will be $70M. To fill the remaining empty spot, it will be $80M+. That’s higher payroll than Lakers.

  • Bill_Thomas

    Yeah, gotta dump Chill, we’re not using Warrick, and Bassy is now surplus to requirements (but still a great competitor).

    NO gotta use Chill to replace Ariza, probably the only place in the No Basketball Association that can use him.

  • Bill_Thomas

    The Russian is a billionaire. Cap to him is a capitalist joke, LOL.

  • Bill_Thomas

    Screw NO period, they are just underneath the Lakers and Spurs. And screw David Stern forever.

  • Die Hard Suns Fan

    N.O. Matches for sure , we do the sign and trade. we give up Morris and Lopez and a some cash. We sign trade Nash for Gasol and derrick williams and then we sign Goran The Dragon and O.J. Mayo and we also Amnesty Childress. I love Nash and want Nash to Stay , but i Dont think Nash wants to be here anymore !!!

  • Edward

    Suns slould trade Childeess ,Warriick