Ray Allen has interest in Phoenix Suns, Wojnarowski reports

Boston Celtics free agent guard Ray Allen has interest in signing with the Phoenix Suns, and the front office that includes his former agent, Lon Babby, will chase after the 37-year-old, Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports.

Of course, recent rumors have put the Miami Heat atop the list of landing spots for the all-time three-point shooting leader, but Wojnarowski also reported on Thursday that wasn’t the case. The Celtics themselves have been open about wanting to re-sign Allen and free agent forward Kevin Garnett.

Likely, this is a situation similar to that of Phoenix free agent Steve Nash, who told Wojnarowski’s fellow NBA writer, Marc J. Spears, that the possibilities are endless and nothing will shape up until the offers are on the table on Sunday.

“You can go down the line of teams and possibilities and you can list a bunch of pros,” Nash told Spears. “But it will be interesting to see what actually transpires on [Sunday] and see how they rank in my mind.”

And if Allen is thinking like Nash, who on a radio show said that being paid is essentially a sign of respect in this league, then the Suns are in solid position, having more cap space to sign the future Hall-of-Famer than either the Heat or the New York Knicks, who are another potential team with Allen on the radar.

Wojnarowski reports Allen’s interest is “regardless” of whether Nash returns or not, but you can be sure that if Phoenix was able to pull this off, it’d bode well for re-signing Nash. Despite struggling with injuries and playing in 46 games during the 66-game regular season, Allen still averaged 14.2 points per game to go with 2.4 assists an 3.1 rebounds during the 2011-12 season.

He could provide a scary three-point threat for the Suns to spread the floor to an even greater degree and at worst could provide a deadly option in clutch situations by coming off screens.

And of course, there’s the obligatory mention that the aging veteran could benefit from Phoenix’s training staff.

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  • Tony

    Oh what a surprise, a former client of Babby being recruited to the Suns……It really makes you wonder how much Babby was involved in bringing Hedo and Childress to the Suns, since both were also former clients of his.

    As far as Allen is concerned, I’m baffled. It only makes sense to go after Ray Allen if the FO is intent upon resigning Nash and HIll and basically going with one year contracts once again. This strategy, of course, will at best result in the Suns being an 8th seed playoff team that gets swept in the 1st round and once again gets them a late 1st round draft pick.

  • Cam

    My hope for the Suns in this draft in this order: Lamb/Waiters SG, purchase/trade for a late first round pick and get Harkless SF, purchase/trade for an early second round pick and draft Tomas Satoransky PG. Satoransky can sit in Spain for another year, giving the Suns an opportunity to figure out if their future includes Two-time and Grant Hill. If it doesn’t include them then play with Brooks and Telfair at the PG position this year and bring Satoransky over next year to take over. Go Suns.

  • PennyAnd1

    Ray Allen is good a asset to Phoenix only, and IF only, Nash stays in Phoenix. I hope Nash stays, Kendall Marshall is selected, Eric Gordon comes to Phoenix, & a PF superstar is brought in.

  • PennyAnd1

    YES! KENDALL MARHSALL! Marshall is a genius on the court. Give him scorers and the Suns wil thrive!

  • Macco1322

    bring Nash bacc and go after josh smith and or oj mayo or maybe even evans from sac town something else has ta happen

  • YouKnewItWasComing

    3 year plan


  • Scott

    Y’know … I was wondering about this during the telecast of the draft, when they were talking about Ray Allen. If Boston really is thinking of bringing him in off the bench, then I can easily see him being like Grant Hill and heading to a team that will let him start.

    And I wondered why Allen would come to Phoenix, with Nash possibly leaving, and then I remembered how he went to Boston despite – at the time – the belief that Garnett had turned the Celtics down. Maybe he’d come to Phoenix regardless of Nash’s signing status, purely for the starting position and cash.

    What does not enthuse me about Ray Allen coming to Phoenix is that Phoenix is getting uncomfortably close to looking like the NBA’s retirement team. Ray is 36.

    Will the Suns also look to acquire Chauncey Billups, to get another cagey veteran? Oh wait. He’s only 35. Oh … hold on … his b-day is in September, so he’ll be 36 before the season starts. He’ll do. ;)

    I don’t know who all Phoenix will get, but there are some veterans out there if the Suns make a major trade and need to re-fill the roster.

    I know some fans would hate it, but it would be kinda fun to see Nash spend his last 3 years with the Suns playing with some of his talented peers.

    Now they just need to trade for Dirk, pick up Kurt Thomas off of waivers … and Phoenix will be able to field the Grumpy Old Men. Heh.

  • PennyAnd1


    Having Redd & Allen on the same team would be awesome! I’m down with that. However the Suns still need that go-to-guy. They must use the cash to bring in Eric Gordon along in that list you made. It’s a must! The team could be dangerous having Gordon in that list bro! They must go after Gordon!

  • RC3973


    Trade to get either Gasol,draft picks or get into the howard sweepstakes. marshall coming off the bench with nash tutoring to become a future starter would be great.Lopez,Childress Lopez and maybe dudley with a pick would be great.

  • PennyAnd1


    Dude, I love your roster list. Damn I wish that was the case. We got Marshall. I’m hearing so much of Allen (which I hope comes through), and then spend cash on Gordon, Nash then would reconsider for sure. Garnett may then want a starting job at PF which we desparately need. This line-up should be could atleast for 2 years! Why NOT?! Let’s lobby for this roster to happen!