Phoenix Suns select Terrence Ross in 2012 TrueHoop Network mock draft

With the 13th pick in the 2012 TrueHoop Network mock draft, the Phoenix Suns select ….. Terrence Ross, shooting guard out of Washington.

As the point man of the selection, I felt like a general manager forced to make a call amid a split war room. Kevin Zimmerman and I favored Ross, and Mike Schmitz and Ryan Weisert wanted Austin Rivers. When Andrew Lynch did not text back while we were still on the clock, I used my chief blogger powers to break the stalemate in favor of Ross.

It’s a good thing our head scout Schmitz was voting by proxy after heading off to Europe having completed videos on seemingly every prospect eligible for the draft. Anybody who watched our draft preview show already knows the debate that would have taken place in our theoretical war room, as Schmitz is high on Rivers for the Suns and I’m not.

Tensions ran high as the clocked ticked down on our self-imposed deadline to turn in the pick, but as VotS general manager I could not overlook Rivers’ abysmal advanced stats and thus opted for the shooting prowess, athleticism and defensive ability of Ross with players like Dion Waiters, Jeremy Lamb, Damian Lillard and Kendall Marshall already off the board.

Although I’m sure Schmitz is bummed we didn’t go for Rivers, he could not be too disappointed after writing the following in Ross’ feature for this site:

“Blanks described the Suns’ ideal solution: a guard who can create and make shots, get out in transition, and defend the perimeter. Of all the players expected to be available at No. 13, few prospects fit that bill better than former Washington guard Terrence Ross.”

And 1

Last season we selected Tristan Thompson in the TrueHoop mock at the same No. 13 spot. Ross might be pleased to know he ended up going fourth in the real draft.

Do you agree with our pick or would you have selected Rivers? Let us know in the comments.

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