Could Kendall Marshall be the Phoenix Suns' point guard of the future?

The Phoenix Suns need a point guard.

Kendall Marshall is as true a point guard as the 2012 Draft has to offer. It could be a match made in heaven.

If Marshall lasts until the 13th pick the Suns have to seriously consider selecting him over the scoring wings that they also covet. Marshall is the best passer the NCAA has seen in years, and the best Roy Williams said he has coached in his career.

There’s no better floor general, teammate, and leader in the draft, and Marshall specializes in pushing the pace and getting his team out on the break. For a Suns team that will be lacking a leader whenever Nash departs and wants to continue to get up and down, Marshall makes total sense.

His ceiling isn’t as high as some other prospects. He doesn’t have elite athleticism, a crazy wingspan, or blow-by quickness. But Marshall is a thinking man’s point guard who understands the game inside and out. If Phoenix were to surround him with the right talent there’s no question he could maximize it.

Therein lies the question however, is Marshall going to be successful without talent? He was loaded with lottery picks at UNC and in large part shined because of it. If the Suns select him he’ll be surrounded by mediocrity by NBA standards.

Do the Suns need a point guard so badly that they pass on some guys with more star potential? Does Marshall have a high enough ceiling to warrant a 13th overall pick?

Those are all legitimate questions the Suns’ front office needs to pose. One thing is certain, Marshall can pass the ball and pass it well. He’s also an underrated three-point shooter — shot over 40 percent during the second half of the season — and you saw how much the Tar Heels missed him when he went down with the wrist injury in the NCAA Tournament.

Marshall is NBA ready, he has great size, and some have compared his below the rim, controlled game to Jason Kidd’s. That may be a bit of a stretch, but Marshall is a point guard in the truest sense of the word and if the Phoenix Suns decide to go floor general over electric wing, he should be their guy if he’s available.

Sure, he struggles defending the perimeter and lacks any sort of mid-range game or explosiveness, but Marshall can get a team into its offense and if the Suns want a steady point guard for years to come, he’s their guy.

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