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Jared Dudley will continue as Phoenix’s one given

May 23rd, 2012 · 10 Comments

PHOENIX — Jared Dudley’s career could be misleading because of his style. Maybe it’s because while it feels like the Phoenix Suns guard has been in the NBA for a decade, he’s only finishing up his fifth year in the league. As one of the better — if not the best — quotes in the […]

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Marcin Gortat aims to have a big, simple offseason

May 22nd, 2012 · 12 Comments

PHOENIX — The perspective of Marcin Gortat’s value and success during the 2011-12 NBA season lie in two paradigms. On one hand, there was his career-high averages of 15.4 points, 10 rebounds and 1.5 blocks per game in his first full season with the Phoenix Suns, and he ended the year as the eighth-best NBA […]

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Requiem for a bench

May 21st, 2012 · 28 Comments

The Pacers-Heat series has been the best matchup of the second round, hands down. With Phoenix’s season over, I have no vested interest in any one team, but I still find myself pulling for the Pacers every time they take the court. At first, I dismissed this as the anti-Heat sentiment that seems to have […]

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Josh Childress rides the pine once again before solid final month, now must sweat out amnesty decision

May 19th, 2012 · 16 Comments

PHOENIX — Pretty soon it’s going to start feeling like Groundhog’s Day for Josh Childress. For the second straight season, J-Chill entered training camp with the expectation of being a rotation player. At training camp, he spoke of feeling much more comfortable in the Suns’ system and said he was ready to put his underwhelming […]

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Sebastian Telfair preparing to build on stellar final month

May 17th, 2012 · 11 Comments

PHOENIX — For three months, the Phoenix Suns received the same kind of abysmal backup point guard play they have become accustomed to throughout the Steve Nash era, save for a Dragon sighting here or there. Sebastian Telfair was so bad to start the season that Ronnie Price was handed the backup point guard reins […]

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Markieff Morris can use this summer to become the Suns’ defensive specialist

May 15th, 2012 · 7 Comments

PHOENIX — Markieff Morris isn’t one to make excuses. Neither the fact of being a rookie nor having only a slim few weeks of training camp time were anything he could control, and looking back at the 2011-12 season, Morris knows that this offseason is monumental in terms of his career trajectory with the Phoenix […]

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