ValleyoftheSuns Live: Clippers at Suns postgame show

  • Scott

    Suns won … and were for once the more physical team.

    I think they need to rein in the physicality a little bit, mainly in relation to Blake. I don’t mind the Suns being tough, but let’s not cross the line.

  • Grover

    I haven’t seen the replay yet. In person the Lopez foul on Griffin looked like a cheap shot deserving of an ejection and fine. Other than that, it looked like Griffin was giving at least as much as he was receiving. That was the first game I’ve seen Griffin live. Obviously he’s physically impressive, but he needs a better coach. His attitude sucks… too much pouting, ignoring teammates attempts to high five or talk when going back to the huddle… all those little chemistry things that lead to a better team. He needs a coach and/or teammate capable of putting him in his place before his ego gets any bigger.

  • Michael Schwartz

    I could not agree more, Grover. Blake’s got as much athleticism as anyone who’s ever picked up a basketball, but the attitude is just too much. Remember last year when he was staring down Grant Hill and just carrying himself in a very unbecoming way? The guy just really needs an attitude adjustment.

  • Grover

    Just got a chance to watch the video of Lopez’ takedown of Griffin. It doesn’t look as bad on tape as it did from my angle at the game. Borderline…. If I were a Clipper fan (do those exist?) I’d say it was the right call as a F2. I don’t think there is much argument it was at least an F1 as he gets him across the head and pulls him down. I’m fine with the call… could have gone the other way, yes… coin flip.

    Let’s all hope Griffin and Cousins both continue to see crappy coaching. We and the rest of the West are in for a world of hurt of those two truly learn how to play.

  • Grover

    Question for all… fast forward to next Wednesday’s Suns game vs the Spurs. If you’re Popovich, what matters more – getting the #1 seed in the west so you have home court advantage should OKC and SA both advance to the WCF? Or resting your best players before the playoffs begin as soon as 2 days later?

    OKC will have finished their final regular season game right as Phoenix and SA tip off. SA has one remaining game on the following night. This could have a dramatic impact on the Suns. Obviously I’m hoping Parker, Ginobli, and Duncan all take a rest and cut the Suns some slack.

  • neurotic steve nash fan

    Without a doubt the most exciting and entertaining game of the season. Only thing that sucked was I had to listen to those TNT announcers. My god Dicky Stockton & C-Webb are horrific. So boring and flat.

    We look like a D-league team next to those Clippers. They are just so much bigger faster stronger. How the hell did we win???? Gotta love our boys. So much heart.

    And Dudley bumping up against Blake was the highlight of the night. Couldnt agree more with Grover’s opinion on Griffin

  • Scott

    @neurotic -

    For years the Suns have had the best broadcasters in the business, even better than the national guys like ESPN, TNT, and ABC.

    Though I do like Jeff Van Gundy when he’s on his A-game. :)


    On Blake … yeah, I think he’s probably received some bad advice on how to conduct himself. Of course, who on the Clippers is in a position to be a positive, professional role model? (Maybe Billups, but he’s just been there this season, and was injured early on.)