ValleyoftheSuns Live: Suns at Rockets halftime/postgame shows

  • A-ROCK

    Gentry surprised me, I liked Grant off the bench, He gave great effort and his stamina was awsome he d@mn near played the whole game it seemed like with him out there not getting tired!

    I like how the game seemed more like a team effort today, I like how nash would pass to his 2 gaurd 1st after he crossed half court to see if they could initiate anything then took the pass back and went to work. It looked alot like the 1st unit breaking out of the Nash mold by bringing the ball up instead of Nash and him not initiating all the plays, I also now see why gortat isn’t ready for the passes alot because Nash is perfectly wide open but still passes right next to the basket. 5 turnovers, great passes, he came alive in the forth quarter, Nash is human! haha

    I hope he didn’t play his starters to long due to the game tomorrow.

  • Jason G

    You guys are the best keep up the podcasts! This is the only place I come for Suns basketball. Hopefully they can stay strong and make the playoffs! GO SUNS!

  • Scott

    Glad the Suns won. It keeps the suspense going! :)

  • Michael Schwartz

    @Scott Ha, it really does. I think the suspense will remain at least another week if not the whole season at this point.

    @Jason Thanks for the kind words!

  • Tony


    I suppose Nash’s 18 2nd half points had nothing to do with the team winning right? Now we’re going to hear how he has to score 30 points to prove he’s an asset right?

  • A-ROCK

    well nash did have nine free throws that came in the garbage time so with out the free throws he would have had 9 points. He did miss alot of shots and pass up alot of shots. Nash doesn’t usually go to the free throw line 9 times a game. he did also have 5 turnovers which caused the game to be closer than it really was so he had to play to the end of the 4th according to gentry so we’ll see how fresh he is for the spurs. That could of been Gentry’s planning so he can keep him out during the spurs game. Bassy had 12 points in 14 minutes and he had defense to go along with his points so his shooting percentage is way better than Nash’s a case of a James Harden right?

    Since nash’s shot is declining I don’t think he is elite anymore do to him having the usual turnovers and the defense flaws.

  • A-ROCK

    By the way you asked and Nash is never going to score 30 in a game again. hahahaha