Jan 15, 2012; San Antonio, TX, USA; Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat (4) takes a shot over San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (21) during the second half at the AT

Suns vs Spurs: Rivalries Die Hard

Hip check.

A Step out of Bounds.

A Suspension.

A lost series.

Half a decade of back and forth fights.

This is the story of the Suns biggest rivalry. Bigger than the ever-annoying Lakers, bigger than the ever-contending Mavs. Bigger than any other team. The various story lines, the championships that could’ve been, it all brews into one pot while the Suns only current player to see the start of the rivalry is Steve Nash. Sure, the Spurs have these three guys who remember. And a former Sun in Boris Diaw on the Spurs roster. Either way, my point is, the intensity should die down. Marcin Gortat, for example never even faced the Spurs in the playoffs, yet he seems to be fired up more than usually for these meetings.

Tonight, another entry into another chapter of the great book of the Spurs-Suns battle royale is crafted, and unlike many from last season, this one will be important in the Valley.

The Suns are vying for a playoff spot, as I said before every single game is a must win from here on out.

This game, however, won’t be easy. The Spurs just swept a back-to-back to back in modified Suns style, resting players one by one for the stretch, including the memealicious “Did not Dress – Old” handed out to Tim Duncan by the Spurs statisticians (or Pop himself). This means that these guys are going to be pretty fresh. The Suns on the other hand, just came back from the road, and might be thinking ahead to Thursday, the beginning of a wonderful, 3 off day stretch. This might be dangerous in a back-to-back with the Spurs in the Clippers.

However, if the Suns are  going to win, they’re going to need a team effort. Marcin Gortat had a great performance against the Spurs in the first meeting of the season, going blow for blow with Tim Duncan. It would be nice for him to replicate that. It would also be nice to get the overall production from the Cleveland game, because that’s what it’s gonna take against a strong and deep Spurs team.

The Spurs come in as the second team in the strong West, the Suns are 10th. However, you can easily guess who’s better after the All-Star Break. So what I’m saying here, is that the Suns might get murdered if they don’t bring it all, as they did in their last few wins, trouble will be brewing.

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