Rising Stars Game with Markieff Morris

Tonight, All-Star Weekend starts, which means that A) we get to see Penny Hardaway in a celebrity game. B) We get to see the young guns going at it in their own version of the All-Star Game. One of these young stars, playing for Team Shaq (as drafted by the mumbling maestro himself). He might not get a lot of playing time given Blake Griffin is the starting Power Forward, but he will surely have fun.

Kieff likes playing against his peers, he really does. He’s usually still a bit physically superior, and he’s much looser when he doesn’t have a Kevin Garnett or Pau Gasol breathing down his neck, so I’m betting he’ll contribute in his classic workhorse style, which might just impress coach Steve Kerr enough to keep him on.

Whatever the case however, expect a lot of alley oops, as team Shaq has Ricky Rubio and Jeremy Lin at the point, and with finishers like Blake Griffin, Tristan Thompson and Morris, they’re sure to have a field day.

The opponents, however, aren’t easy either. The lethal combo of John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins strikes back on team Chuck (drafted by The Round Mound of Rebound himself), and filling it out are probable Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving, dunk contest contestants Derrick Williams and Paul George, and the best shooting guard out of this particular draft, MarShon Brooks.

Prepare to be amazed, and a little bored, All-Star Weekend starts soon.

Adam’s Prediction:
Markieff hits a game winning three thanks to the trust vested into him by former Suns GM Steve Kerr. Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. A game winning lob to Griffin might, though.

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