Feb. 9, 2012; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Michael Redd (22) is guarded by the Houston Rockets guard Courtney Lee (5) during the second half at the US Airways Center. The Rockets defeated the Suns 96-89. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE.

Suns vs Rockets Game Grades or How To Kill a Team's Momentum

Is That a Pulse I’m Sens… Nevermind.
Another terrible game, highlighting the Suns ineptness, and Alvin Gentry’s inability to prepare a game plan. The Suns are running the same plays, making the same defensive errors. I dunno what it is. Is Alvin too busy watching Superbowl lead ups to actually scout a team? Does anyone except for Steve, Marcin and Jared even care enough to compete night in and night out? It’s terrible, it’s shameful. And if nothing changes, I’m going to throw a desk at somebody.

Marcin Gortat: A+
Gortat did what Gortat does. Granted, he couldn’t stop the constant barrage of silliness on the defensive end, but he did his best. He made some stops, even stole the ball twice. But whenever he made a play, the team did nothing to follow it up. Now, as a side note, I’ve been tweeting this for a long time, but perhaps it’s time to give Marcin the ball in the low block more often. He created a lot of shots from that position yesterday, and he wasn’t afraid to show that he wanted the ball. Yet, what we got instead were Josh Childress corner three bricks. The fact that Gortat had the same amount of shots as Shannon Brown is just shameful. SHAMEFUL I SAY.
Jared Dudley: A+
I can’t help but respect Jared’s work ethic and drive. He scored 15 points, grabbed 5 boards and stole the ball three times. His hustle was incredible, and he made some plays on offence, even if they didn’t go recorded as assists. I love Jared Dudley, I really do.
Steve Nash: A-
Yes, that’s a minus. Nash made passes, but he didn’t make his shots. Maybe I expect too much after that 30 point game. Oh well, at least he got some rest. Should be good against Charlotte.
Shannon Brown: B
On the day I blocked someone on twitter for trying to convince me Shannon Brown is a smart player, Shannon had a solid game. Sure he played dumb, but he was the only scoring spurt off the bench. Oh, and he took OPEN jumpshots and drove the lane in good moments. If he keeps proving me wrong, I might not be as mean to him. I SAID MIGHT! Oh… And he was terrible defensively, just for the record.
Robin Lopez: C+
Robin got 6 rebounds in 8 minutes. This is not a joke. Granted, a few of them were lucky offensive boards, something his tree-like physique has allowed him to do a lot. He played solid D and didn’t make any mistakes. Not sold on giving him a B, though.
Ronnie Price: C
Ronnie gets a C for playing good D. Not much else to his game, but he was the sparkplug in a nice Suns run early on in the 4th. Could’ve been a comeback, but then… Oh well, his teammates happened.
Michael Redd: C-
Redd played only 7 minutes, but shown he can make some good plays on occasion. He’s still a bit slow on D, and still managed to commit a turnover in those 7 minutes, sooo… Not a D, but a minus is appropriate.
Markieff Morris: C-
What happened to the early season ‘kieff? I have no idea. I know this ‘kieff missed 7 of his 10 shots. I also know that he didn’t really play a lot of D either. Rookie slump? Perhaps. Will he break out of it? One must hope.
Grant Hill: D+
Grant may have been credited with 3 assists, but he was also terribly Kobe-like in his refusal to pass the ball. He couldn’t handle Chandler Parsons either. I mean… Come on, Grant.
Josh Childress: D+
He came, he hustled, he didn’t make a real impact. Except for  avoiding passing to Gortat in the post, that is.
Bassy Telfair: D
4 turnovers in 20 minutes and only one assist. WELCOME BACK, TERRIBLE BASSY, I ALMOST THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!
Hakim Warrick: D-
Hak only played 5 minutes, he managed to miss 3 shots at the time, but I can’t really said he had a negative impact. And F’s are reserved for those who do. So, this time, he gets a lucky pass, if you will.
Channing Frye: F
18 minutes on the floor, a 6’11” guy grabs 2 boards. He may had had 2 blocks (at least one of them courtesy of Marcin Gortat pushing his man into him), but he also missed 6 of his 7 shots and got beat to around nine thousand two hundred and fifty-six rebounds on the defensive glass. A big reason for which the Suns couldn’t get any closer. Any time Gortat made a stop (he made them, mostly), Patrick Patterson or Luis Scola got the ball off the glass that Frye was ineptly guarding.

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