Steve Nash's assist record will have to wait

PHOENIX — Steve Nash won’t be in the Phoenix Suns’ lineup on Monday against the Dallas Mavericks after suffering a left knee contusion on the final play of the last game.

Nash ran into a Marc Gasol screen on the left side of the three-point arc while chasing Mike Conley in Saturday’s 86-84 victory against Memphis. Ronnie Price will take Nash’s place in the starting lineup for head coach Alvin Gentry, and Grant Hill, Channing Frye, Marcin Gortat and Jared Dudley will join Price as starters.

The news puts to sleep our make-you-smile preview, where the All-Star point guard would surpass Kevin Johnson as the Suns’ all-time leader in assists against his former team, the Mavericks. He needed just seven dimes to do so, and it won’t come against buddy Dirk Nowitzki, nor former Phoenix players Shawn Marion and Vince Carter.

“That’s a great accomplishment for him, I’m happy for him,” Marion said of Nash’s soon-to-be record prior to the game. “He’s one of the best ever to really do it. What more can you say? He can pass that rock. That’s what he does.”

  • Scott

    It’s a good thing the Suns carry 3 PGs in their pockets. ;)

  • Hindsight

    …should have passed on the Dragic trade.

  • Scott

    ^^ Agreed.

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  • john o

    I never know where to post these type of questions. When the suns had their rivalry with the spurs and were perennial contenders, “make Nash into a scorer ” was a stated strategy in sports media. Did it really mean anything? Steve Nash never struck me as a hesitant scorer although he is pass first. Was the goal of that strategy to fatigue him, to keep his team out of rhythm? Or did teams just play better team defense against Steve Nash and force him to create offense himself? As in did it have more to do with defensive performance than defensive strategy?