A Bad Week for Robin Lopez

If there’s ever going to be Robin Lopez biography, it’ll probably be entitled “Remember the 21 Point Game?”
Robin went from great to good to tragic in a matter of 19 games. And now he’s been ejected in the game against the Raptors, suspended for the contest against Portland and finally not offered a contract extension before Wednesday’s deadline.
I don’t think there’s anything that can tell a player “Hey, I don’t think you’re a big piece for the team’s future” than this?
The question ahead for Robin is whether anyone will find him a piece good enough to sign in free agency, long or short term. And the question for the Suns is whether you want “The Foul Machine” (as I like to call him) another chance, or whether you should move to greener backup Center pastures?
My take is: Do it, if the price is right. If, however, someone is silly enough to offer more than $5-6 million per year, just screw it. You can get a much better deal for a much more consistent producer at the backup C than that. If however, the price is somewhere below that range, the Suns would be smart to take another, cheap gamble on the big man.
Whatever the case is with Robin, this might’ve been one of the worst weeks of his basketball life.

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