Suns vs Mavs Recap and Grades

No Dirk, no problem for the Dallas Mavericks as they cruised to a 93-87 victory. Yes, it looks close on paper, but in fact, it wasn’t really so. The Suns mounted another late failed run giving us the good ‘ole: “Yea…. Nooooo.” Rollecoaster. So who performed, who underperformed and who hit someone in the face? Let’s see:

Marcin Gortat — A
Marcin gets an A. Sure his defence on Mahinmi and Haywood was lacking sometimes, but he also got at least one weak call against him, and his foul trouble caused him to be a little more pasive on D then he usually is. And even with that, he managed to gather 3 blocks and make a ton of good plays in help D. Also… 19 points 17 rebounds for god’s sake!
Steve Nash — B
Usually Steve will top the list along with Marcin with A- to A+ grades. Yesterday, however, Steve just missed his shots. Going 2-9 from the field for 8 total points (he hit 4 free throws) and diming 11 times, Nash was running the offence well. But not as well a he could’ve been running it.
Grant Hill — C+
Can someone tell me when Grant Hill turned into Michael Beasley? Grant would’ve had an A for his 19 point, 8 rebound performance, had he not had a near triple double. The last element of that triple double? Turnovers.
His 8 turnovers, most of which he comitted in the dumbest way imaginable to the average NBA fan (the jump pass) were a reminder that even when he’s rolling, Grant might be a little to old to be fullly rolling.
Markieff Morris — C
Markieff pulled down 11 boards, scoring only seven points on 2-9 shooting. Eek. Especially that the one three he hit came when the game was decided. However, he guarded Shawn Marion as well as anyone could’ve. The problem with Marion was that he really didn’t care about the defence, making very hard shots.
Ronnie Price — C-
I’m going to give Ronnie the benefit of the doubt and inflate his score a little, if only because he played good defence. He wasn’t good from the field, or anywhere else really, but he fulfilled his role pretty well other than the shooting. So that’s that.
Shannon Brown — C-
I never know what to do with Shannon. Never. The guy is terrible at basketball, but he finds ways to help his team. This game would never be close without his high-volume heroics, back when he scored 8 straight points in the 4th. Still, he took the second most shots behind only Marcin Gortat while playing a mere 25 minutes. Gah.
Jared Dudley — D+
Weak from the field, but making plays. Dudley may have had only one assist tonight, but he was passing the ball very well. He’d probably climb into B territory had he made the shots he usually makes. But he didn’t.
Channing Frye — D+
Just as Dudley, Frye is here to make shots, but didn’t. Just as Dudley he made that up by hustling and doing other stuff, such as grabbing 3 offensive boards, doing all that in the 4th quarter. He may have missed a lot, but he tried. That’s the only reason why he’s not an D-, by the way.
Sebastian Telfair — D
Bassy was surprisingly ok once again, even if he did get ejected for a flagrant 2. He created some shots, got to the line, and played alright on D. His 2 turnovers weren’t that terrible, and he kept playing off the ball for long stretches. That’s a Bassy I can tolerate, even if he plays slap-a-Beabouis regularly.
Robin Lopez — F
11 minutes on the floor, and Robin managed to hit a shot, miss a shot, block a shot, and not grab a single rebound, while fumbling around a few sure ones.
LOOOOPEEEEEEEZ! Oh. And he had 3 fouls in 11 minutes.
Shawn Marion — F—
He actually managed to hurt the Suns by scoring on his ow… Oh wait, he’s no longer a Sun? Dammit.

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