Suns vs Lakers Preview

A classic rivalry in a less than classic setting.

As the Suns go to LA-LA Land, memories strike. Of Kobe’s heroics, of Artests putback, of Raja Bell and Kobe battling it out.

These were the Suns of old, these were the Suns that are no longer with us. While not much has changed for the purple and gold, bar a vetoed trade that is, the Suns went from contender to “Steve Nash’s Rusty Cage”. Yes, the Lakers got swept by the Mavs last year. But at least they had the opportunity to get swept (and to win a first round series before that).

The times, they have a-changed. But does that mean that we’ll be witnesses to another blowout? You’d think so. After all, what can a frontcourt of Marcin Gortat and Channing Frye do against the beasts that Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol are? After all, Gortat can only guard one of them at a time. What can you do against Kobe Luckily, at least Kobe won’t a big issue in all of this. Grant Hill will force him to take bad shots at an even higher clip than so far.

So what can the Suns do to avoid this turning into a blowout against them?

Funnily enough, the recipe is as simple as they come: Don’t change a thing. The Suns have been playing excellent defence thus far,  and if they’re going to play offence anywhere near to last game’s style, they’ll be good. If they can contain Bynum and Pau by playing some solid defence off the ball, double teaming smart, yada yada yada, they’ll get a shot at winning.

Oh. This is Shannon Brown’s first game against his former team. Expect him to be motivated and… Firing bricks all over the court all over again.

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