Suns vs Bucks Game Preview

One of the three Eastern teams that Phoenix will be facing twice this season comes into town right after a game with the Clippers in Los Angeles.

Now, if you thought that the back-to-back had an impact on Portland, a team that traveled from Portland to Phoenix for the second end of it, look for the Bucks to struggle as they have been on the road for a long time. And that’s never good, is it?

The Suns are coming off a blowout win over Portland, and with only one starter playing 30 or more minutes (Jared Dudley) they should be in excellent shape coming into tonight’s game. That is, once again, ready to run, and ready to gun. Given that the Bucks will miss their most lethal defensive weapon once again, as Andrew Bogut is on leave due to personal issues in Australia, the Suns might just have an easier job.

The Suns will however, have to face two dangerous scorers in Stephen Jackson and Brandon Jennings. While Jennings is a streaky scorer, he’s been on a roll on this Western Conference road trip, and “Captain Jack” is always a dangerous weapon in Scott Skiles’ arsenal. The only problem?

They both 40+ minutes yesterday.

That’s right, the Bucks are coming into town, with their top two players coming off of a LeBronesque game time wise. Can this end well for the Bucks?

Only if the Suns make mistake. The truth is that a road trip and a back to back take their toll on players, and the Suns have to use it as well as they used it against the Blazers Friday.

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