Michael Redd may return later this week

PHOENIX — Phoenix Suns guard Michael Redd is making enough progress with his surgically repaired left knee and conditioning that Alvin Gentry expects him to return to action as early as Thursday or Friday.

“I think he’s almost to the point where we can stick him in a game and play him a few minutes and kind of let him get acclimated to what we’re doing,” Gentry said. “We’ll have to stick him out there and kind of see where he is.”

Gentry said to expect Redd to play only about 10 minutes or so but the coach prefers to get him some burn to see his progress in game action even if he’s not exactly ready to play 30 minutes a night.

Redd said he feels “great, no pain, no setbacks at all. The training staff has been working with me night and day. I just continue to get stronger, continue to get better, and I feel good.”

He also said it’s “encouraging” that Gentry expects him to be back to game action later this week.


Redd on playing with Nash: “Oh my gosh, it’s a dream man, it’s a shooter’s dream to play with a guy like that. His vision is impeccable, and the man just knows how to play the game. Playing against him I had a great respect for him, playing with him now you can see why he’s so great.”

Redd on the Suns’ training staff: “They’ve been phenomenal. They’ve told me things about my body I haven’t heard my whole career. They’re a special group here. My body has already changed in a week as far as some of the correctives they’ve had me do, and no pain in my knees, no swelling, getting stronger. It’s been going well so far.”

Redd on Milwaukee’s 23-year losing streak in Phoenix: “We never thought about it at all when I came here. It was a new year, a new time. Teams changes, players change, so we always came in thinking we were going to win but never did. I told the guys the other night I got my first win here in 12 years when we beat Portland. I don’t know what it is. When I played with Milwaukee we had success in Milwaukee against the Suns but not here. I don’t know if it’s the warm weather or what.”

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