Alvin Gentry loves Tim Tebow

PHOENIX — Count Alvin Gentry as a member of the Tim Tebow fan club.

The Suns’ head coach stepped to the podium for his postgame press conference Sunday night and immediately began gushing over Tebow’s sterling performance that led the Broncos over the Steelers this afternoon:

“I’d like to start this off by saying, to all you Tebow haters: Take that. That’s right, that’s right. For all you guys, all of those expert analysts out there who say he can’t do this and can’t pass, can’t run a pro offense, take that. It just amazes me how the guy wins games, but everybody just kills the guy. I’m sure they’ll find a way to say bad things about this one, too, but he’s going and he’s playing again next week. That’s my team in case you didn’t know it.”

To close out the presser in the middle of answering a question about the fact the Suns have beaten Milwaukee 24 straight times at home, Gentry jumped mid-answer back to Tebow talk:

“To me Tebow completed five passes the first half. I’m tired of everybody killing that guy. I’m tired of everybody killing him. He’s going to New England next week, OK? And then if they lose that one I’m sure everybody will write all the bad things about what went wrong and what he didn’t do and how he didn’t do it, but check his record.”

Gentry set the unofficial record for longest amount of time spent analyzing a game that’s not your own in a postgame press conference but also illustrated how deeply Tebowmania has overtaken America.

Jared Dudley said the Suns found out the outcome just before they took the court, and that Hakim Warrick “Tebowed” during the pregame huddle for good measure.

Word around the locker room was that the Suns may wear Tebow jerseys to shootaround on Tuesday in Los Angeles in part to have some fun with trainer Aaron Nelson, who is a big enough Steelers fanatic that Nash and Hill sent him to the AFC Championship Game last season in the middle of a road trip.

“Our trainer is a huge Steeler fan,” Channing Frye said. “Aaron Nelson was just talking so much mess, so we were back here just cheering Tebow on so we’ve got a nice little surprise for him tomorrow.”

Added Dudley, “Tebow is the biggest thing in sports right now. We’re watching before the game, we want to know who won.”

Well, the biggest thing in sports to everybody perhaps but a certain Suns point guard.

When asked if he was following Tebowmania, all Steve Nash could muster up was a, “Umm, not really.”

Wrong kind of futbol for Two Time, I suppose.

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