Suns vs Sixers: A Distanced Reaction

After what transpired in the last game, I was fully ready to panic.

That’s why I took a day off before even reacting to it loudly, because it was so horrible to watch.

The Suns deserved to lose it by 40. Or even worse, nobody worked offensively, and the fans were quick to rain down their boos. But it’s just the second game of the season, and the team must recapture it’s lost spirit from last year. Hopefully bringing on Michael Redd will help do that

I’ve said what I had to say about the game in the half-time show, the Suns just need to start working the ball around like they used to, force some rotations, suck some defenders in.

If they don’t do that in their next two games, I’ll consider panic as an option.

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