Phoenix Suns’ signing of former All-Star Michael Redd a low risk situation

The Phoenix Suns signed former Milwaukee Buck guard Michael Redd on Thursday.

PHOENIX — Following two disastrous knee injuries, it feels like Michael Redd hasn’t made a blip on the national radar since being a key contributor on the 2008 Redeem Team.

The former All-Star isn’t done yet.

The Phoenix Suns officially signed the veteran guard on Thursday and the pairing couldn’t be more perfect for either party.

“It’s a rebirth,” Redd said on Thursday. “It’s been a roller coaster three years. At one point you’re at the pinnacle of your career and then the next moment you’re at the bottom with the injuries.

“This is a new day, new age for me and I’m excited about it.”

And for a team that’s missing a go-to scorer, signing a 32-year-old who is coming off two serious ACL tears to his left knee isn’t as big of a risk as it may seem. With Redd signed to a one-year, veteran’s minimum contract, the Suns are hoping their training staff can bring the former All-Star back to his old self, though expectations haven’t been set that high just yet.

Head coach Alvin Gentry doesn’t have a timetable for Redd’s insertion into the lineup, and President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby said Redd won’t travel with the team on this road trip. He’ll join the squad on Monday.

The 6-foot-6, 220-pound guard is still a couple of weeks away from getting into basketball shape, Babby added. In fact, the Suns’ workout of Redd on Tuesday was his first contact practice since April, when he was on the comeback with the Milwaukee Bucks.

“Because I was a free agent, I didn’t want to play 5-on-5 and have something happen,” Redd said of his summer. “Just individual workouts and trained all summer — not therapy but trained.”

So Redd is actually far removed from his injuries time-wise. His first setback came in January of 2009, and his second ACL tear occurred in January of 2010. This second time around, Redd isn’t pushing anything, and taking 14 months off before coming back toward the tail-end of last season was only helped by the prolonged summer break and lockout, he said.

The former 20-plus point scorer played 10 games with the Bucks at the end of last season and averaged 4.4 points in 13.4 minutes played, giving more evidence that he’s healed.

“I took off 14 months between the surgery in (2010) to this year,” Redd said. “Came back in April and played, and by the time my legs started getting back into it, the season was over.”

As for Tuesday’s workout, Babby said Redd looked fine as far as mobility was concerned.

Redd added that his first contact practice since the end of last season went well, especially from a mental standpoint.

“I didn’t even think about my knees,” he said of Tuesday’s workout. “It wasn’t even a thought, which was good for me, not to be in that mindset about this move or the next move.”


Redd on if he thinks he can get back to his old self:

“I want to play at that elite level I’m accustomed to playing at. I asked all the doctors, this last surgery, ‘Can I play at the level I’m accustomed to playing at?’ They said, ‘Yeah.’”

Redd on how, like Grant Hill, he doesn’t have the mileage his age suggests:

“I haven’t played the last couple of years. Grant was huge last year; we were at Milwaukee, and he came up to me and said, ‘You’ll get those years back, you know, if you do it properly and you do it right.’ That was big of him to come and encourage me like that.”

Babby on the signing in general:

“This is not any way, shape or form a reaction to the first couple of games. We’ve been talking to him a long time.”

“If we can get him completely right and back to himself, he’ll be a great asset to us.”

“As Cotton Fitzsimmons said, you can never have too many shooters.”

Babby on the Suns’ medical staff:

“Our guys are the best at putting a guy back in a position to where he can play. I’ve been through that personally through Grant (Hill), and I suspect that this is the next chapter in the history that goes back to Antonio McDyess and Grant. If anybody can do it, our guys can do it if he’s ready to put in the work. I have absolutely no doubt he’s willing to put in the work.”

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  • sun also rises

    I like Redd, but I don’t see him doing more than clean ups and minutes in Gentry’s “shooter line” once he starts actually playing. That’s fine though. I would rather have a veteran anchor in the ninth or tenth spot than suffering through another four months of “The Vinsanity Project 2.”

    And before you get going: stfu about Sarver, Tony/A-Bomb, and get back to mugging around the Mavs forum, VC stalker/Marley. Nobody wants to read your boring copy and paste posts about how Vince is winning a championship this year or how Redd’s knee injuries were Lon Babby’s fault.

  • namer

    Vince Carter 2.o?

  • namer

    Hey robert, amare will be a free agent in 5years

  • Big Daddy

    What the F*CK? TENTH MAN? LOL. This guy has PROVEN he’s an ELITE player in this league. Once he gets his legs going again, there is no reason for him not to be the starting shooting guard. Dudley would be more effective off the bench. Gortat/Morris/Hill/Redd/Nash starting with Lopez/Frye/Dudley/Brown/Brooks(if he returns) would be a very good team. Once they develop chemistry, they will be playing better than what we’ve seen so far. But like I said, redd is starter caliber.

  • Carlos

    I love this signing, there is not question in my mind that the best medical stuff in the NBA will make Michael Redd play like an all-star, they rejuvenated Grant Hill career who was in a worse shape than Redd missing more games for Detroit, and like Hill, Redd also played few minutes and games during his long career, which means he will be fresh for the Suns plus he is only 32 more younger than Hill was when he came to the Suns.
    We will now have a player we can go to in the last few minutes when the game is tight. I know this will push Dudley to the bench, but let’s be honest Dudley is not a starter, defensively he is BUT not offensively, and Dudley is more an asset as Hill back-up than as a starter. If we can just switch Frye with Morris as a starter, then we have a playoff team.

    Nash – Price – Telfair
    Redd – Brown – Dudley (as a 3rd guard)
    Hill – Dudley – Childress
    Morris – Frye – Warrick
    Gortat – Lopez – Siler

  • Carlos

    Made a mistake Hill missed games with Orlando not Detroit.
    Big Daddy we have almost the same 2 first line-ups (except I put Price as second PG and you put Brooks)…. smart people think alike.

    I put 3 line-ups because is good to have 3 line-ups, in case any of the players of the first 2 line-ups get in foul-trouble or are injure the third line-up player will go up as the 2 in the list.

  • Mel.

    Yeah, I’d be more inclined to bank on Redd bouncing back from the brink of obscurity like Hill did than I would on him somehow transforming into some kind of morale-killing second/third coming of VC or Turkoglu.

    And hell. Even if his comeback attempt did turn out to be a disappointment, there’s no way that you let a low-cost gamble like that slide; of all the pieces we’ve cobbled together in the last few weeks, this one’s got the highest potential upside. Easy.

  • Big Daddy

    @ Carlos- Agreed.
    This is definitely an exciting addition to this suns team. I hope Redd resurrects his career here in phoenix like hill did(And if that happens hopefully we hold onto him!). It’ll be interesting to see how the lineup will look like.

  • German_Sun

    Hi all, although the NBA is difficult to follow in Germany I only get Bad News from the Season-Start of the suns. I really hope our Medical stuft can make Redd participate in as many Games as possibile. What the suns Need Most is a scorer and I guess Redd is the best scorer we could get. I really hope we can get a good draft Pick next Season and some improvements at the free Agent market next Year. Alhough I doubt any Superstar will come to the Valley. Especially as I see no assets we could offer…

  • Zak

    @German_Sun – Whether Redd helps or not, this year’s draft will be deep with talent since quite a few talented college players stayed in college another year because of the lockout this season. Even a late first round pick could be a gem and I sure there will be at least some talented role players to be found in the second round. The draft this year looks to be loaded with quality PFs and centers, a good mix of 2′s and 3′s but not much on point guards. Tony Wroten Jr. (Washington) is the only PG in ESPN’s top 20 2012 draft prospects at #16. I really know nothing about him other than that but I would assume that the Suns’ have got to be thinking about who will eventually take over for Nash.

    Hopefully, they cloned him back when they got him back from Dallas and are raising Steve 2.0 in a basketball rich environment as I write this. ;)

  • Grover

    Love this signing. The money is low and it is a one year deal, so even if Redd is a shell of his former self, it doesn’t hurt us short or long term.

    Shooters rarely lose their shooting touch with age or injury. I bet Kerr, Reggie Miller, Del Curry or their ilk could still step on the court and make a higher percentage of outside shots than anybody but Nash or Frye on this current Suns roster. Thats the biggest weakness I see in our lineup – no deadly shooters (especially the way Frye is shooting so far). Without shooters, Nash is far less effective in the pick and roll as it is too easy for yr defense to help – less deadly ways for Nash to punish them for doing so.

    Let’s hope Redd can return to a fair approximation of his former self. If so, maybe he can help the Suns not finish dead last in the West, which is how they are playIng so far.

  • luis

    wow is phoenix a retirement home for all star players way past their peek

  • German_Sun

    Yes that’s my Point before. I guess we should hope for a good draft Pick as the Next draft will be very strong! Especially as I doubt we could sign a FA-Superstar like Howard of Williams. That’s also why I hope that Redd works for the suns so that we already have a good Shooter for the next Season. I think it could be a very good mixture with Nash, perhaps Hill, Redd and gortat with one our two highly skilled draft picks. and for the Second line Morris, Lopez, Dudley, Brown, PG Backup, Role Players(perhaps draft Pick). But I doubt Hill and Nash to be here together for the next Season

  • david

    i think you are right luis first its shaq, carter, and now redd who is next

  • Tony

    Oh my goodness, the Three Stooges comes to the rescue signing none other than Michael Redd!! You know, the 32-year old who played an astonishing ten games last season of which he averaged almost 14 minutes per game and 4.5 points per game!! You know, the guy who has played in 61 games in the past 3 seasons. What an incredible sign. I’m certain the morons, i.e., Sun Also Rises, Steve, and Mel will sure jump for joy like good old trained sheep.

    For those of us objectively looking at the signing of Michael Redd unlike the above mentioned Sarver lovers, this move makes no sense. Once again, Gentry is going to overwhelmed with deciding who gets minutes at sg, assuming Redd is able to play even 50% of how he used to. Furthermore, if the Suns are officially in rebuild mode, what’s the point in signing an over the hill player? What the Three Stooges should be doing is playing Morris, Dudley, Lopez, and Brown heavy minutes so as to get a more accurate assessment of what they can provide or to allow other teams to see them play and maybe just maybe they want them in a trade.
    Babby claims this move was not a reaction to the Suns first two games?! How about some honesty from the Three Stooges? Just admit it, this was another in a long line of panic moves. At least if they’re honest, we can trust them even a little bit. Just admit this signing is based on some delusional thought process that thinks Redd will return to his pre-injury days and become an all-star again. Otherwise, anything short of this will have no appreciable impact on the team’s success and will be detrimental for the Suns future.

  • Big Daddy

    @ Tony

    What you say is true concerning redds stat’s in the past few seasons. He was unable to perform to his standards due to injury. This doesn’t mean he wont come to phoenix and help a struggling offense(and lets be clear, redd is WAY better than brown OR dudley). Saying a player can’t make a comeback is just pure b*llshit.

    [Phil Kessel
    Here we have a guy who found out he had testicular cancer when he was 19 years old. What’s so remarkable is that he had the surgery and returned to the ice less than a month later. Today he is one of the best players in the NHL, helping his Boston Bruins to an incredible 29-6-4 start with a staggering 40 points thus far. ]
    2008-09 MIL 33 36:23 7.6 16.6 45.5 2.1 5.8 36.7 4.0 4.9 81.4 0.7 2.5 3.2 2.7 1.6 1.1 0.1 1.4 21.2

    I’d gladly take that any day of the week. I believe in redd.

  • steve

    It’s funny how we always get the out of towners chiming in whenever a new signing happens. I don’t think redd is bouncing back, but i also don’t blame them for taking him for a test drive.

  • sun also rises

    I think Tony’s little brain broke. He went from at least trying to make sense to showing his true colors, which is to demonstrate the thought process of a retarded chimpanzee peeing in its own mouth. Cool story, guy. You only copied like 89% of the crap you were trying to sell in the last thread and managed to show (yet again) why you’re a pathetic, whiny little kid who claims to support the team yet does nothing but complain, complain, complain, complain, complain…. crying like some Laker fan who thought they were getting D12 and CP3 and hanging around in case the team surprises somebody. Ultimate bandwagoner.

  • sun also rises

    Also @ Big Daddy: you make a good point, and I might have been a little harsh with the Vince comparison. I think Redd can do some work, and that there’s nothing wrong with believing in a comeback. It at least shows some positivity which morons like Tony apparently feel is “anti-fan,” or some such stupid gibberish.

  • Big Daddy

    At least we can agree on something.

    @ Steve-
    Just because I’m outta town doesn’t mean I’m more or less of a fan of the suns than you.

  • Big Daddy

    FYI: I’ve been to every phoenix suns game that’s been in my area; for the past decade.

  • Sun-arc

    @big daddy: I agree with your first post. I want dudz and frye as part of the 2nd unit. I think they are better there, and it distributes the shooters better. Plus Morris would be better getting set up by Nash, whereas dudz and frye can set each other up to a certain degree.

    And, I don’t think Scott was saying you are less of a fan- at least it’s not how I took it. I think he was just making an observation.

    To everyone else: please just ignore Tony and the other spastic negative commentators. The less we speak about them the better.

  • steve

    Yeah, sorry, Big Daddy, i wasn’t trying to say your aren’t a true fan. Even guys like Tony who can only find negative things to say are still fans. We have a lot of out of towners on this site. It’s just easy to spot them because they show up after trades or FA signings. Vince carter, Gortat, brooks, etc, they all bring new faces around. Just an observation, that’s all. The more the merrier.

  • Scott

    For me, the signing of Redd (after a physical evaluation) is a no-brainer for the Suns. I wish he’d been in training camp, and I don’t know what happened there (why he wasn’t signed earlier), but it’s good to get him signed and give him a chance. If he can play, great, and if not, it’s still a good move for both the Suns and Redd to take the chance.

  • Tony

    To all the sheep out there, adding to the list Sun-arc, continue blindly following Sarver, see how far this team goes. You guys think you are fans, give me a break. True fans are objective and when it is necessary to be so, they are critical. I bet you are some of the same dummies who said Sarver shouldn’t pay Amare and oh yeah, Hedo and Warrick will be able to replace Amare. I bet you are the same people who actually believe Sarver will sign max contract worthy players next off-season.

  • Scott

    @Tony -

    I don’t think Sarver should have paid the max to Amare like NYC did. Amare is good, but the Suns seemed to have hit the limit for where Amare could take them, plus there was the risk that Amare wouldn’t be able to continue playing at a high level for the length of that contract. And Amare obviously wanted a larger spotlight. I don’t believe he would have been happy to have played his entire career in Phoenix.

    I’ll agree Hedo was a horrible choice. Sarver may have signed off on it, and I can see what they were thinking, but it sure didn’t work out. It turned out that not only couldn’t Hedo play PF, his career was on a rapid downhill slope regardless of position or team. Personally, I would not have picked Turkoglu, and I was amazed that Portland got so upset when Turkoglu spurned them and headed off to Toronto. I was thinking, “Portland, you dodged a bullet there.”

    On the plus side, Hedo got turned into Gortat, which is a plus. Now the Suns have at least one quality big man at center, and he’s not going to take up a lot of salary, either.

    As for Warrick, I think he’s always had the potential to be a good player. However, he’s always been a NBA SF, not a PF. I still hope to see him play significant time at SF.

  • Tony


    Hedo for Gortat would have been a great deal for the Suns, but…..the Suns previously had draft rights to Gortat when he entered the NBA but Sarver didn’t want to pay him. So, we lost Gortat only to let Amare go, to then sign Hedo, and when it was obvious he wouldn’t fit, then along with J-Rich and Clark, he was sent for two guys no longer on the team in Carter and Peitrus and Gortat. So in essence, after giving up Gortat, we got him back for Amare, Hedo, Richardson, and Clark. Gortat’s a nice pickup, but he’s not even better than Amare let alone including the others.

    Regarding Warrick, I have never seen a player get so many points and be so efficient offensively only for it to be completely negated by his horrendous defense and rebounding. Seriously, even when he scores 20+ plus points, he ends up still being a minus in the box score.

    With that being said, it pains me to say that with the offense so poor, Gentry needs to play Warrick more. He’s the only one consistently scoring since training camp and using him at sf would make sense. I just hope Gentry doesn’t play him at the four.

  • Scott

    @Tony -

    I don’t think ANYONE knew Gortat would be a worthwhile pick back in the draft. And it was probably best for Gortat to be in daily practice against Howard, under Van Gundy’s defense-oriented system. Would he be the player he is today without that? I think it’s doubtful he’d have developed that way under the tutelage of the Suns.

    Gortat was drafted in 2005, the 27th pick of the 2nd round (normally considered an irrelevant pick), and he didn’t see action in an NBA game till March of 2008. He hardly got any playing time in the NBA till coming to the Suns in 2010.

    As for the rest of your trade math, it doesn’t make any sense to me. And of course Gortat is not as good as Amare … but then again, when healthy he can do close to 20-10 a game, for roughly $5 million a year. So he’s more efficient.

    As for your complaints about Warrick, I can only point out that it is the coaches that play him at PF. He weighs the same (or even less) than some SGs, so why he’s at PF I don’t know. SF is the right spot for him, and indications are that he rebounds all right from that spot.

  • KeZ

    Michael Redd is the last guy we need…..

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