ValleyoftheSuns Live: Season preview edition

  • A-ROCK

    43:56 ….. Not worth my time, Post something about Nash and Grant Trade, I mean there is no other reason for him to come back to the Suns with youth and quickness at both their positions, they are has beens, Nash had 5 turnovers and 8 assists last game which is looking like a trend, has anyone considered his bad back and Grants aging legs, what made him good was his slash and now we can’t even count on him for the last shot, the owners paid him to much to return and are retarted or they are looking to trade him with a Nash trade.

  • Tony

    Come on A-Rock, Nash did have one bad preseason game, but the first one he was stellar. Hill though does have me concerned because according to reports he also struggled in camp. With that being said, since those two are older players, it may take some time for them to find their groove.
    Although, with the level of talent on this Suns team, Nash and Hill will probably be worn out a quarter through the season.

  • A-ROCK

    Exactly my point the will be worn down, so what kind of investment is going into this team. If Nash can’t play in back to backs then what kind of chance does Phx really possess, I would have rather had ty Lawson in the 1st game he shot more, made more shots, got a couple assists and alot of rebounds and I think he is shorter than Nash. I think Nash just doesn’t have the personell around him to be able to be productive and it shows.Maybe four guys on the team have some type of skills and they don’t make for exciting play alongside Nash, Like alley hoops, Pick and rolls, maybe except for Brown and their won’t be tons of ally hoops to him like when the matrix and amare where here. So my thoughts is Nash needs to be a shoot first PG or get SHOT. That’s the new saying, Nash Shoot 1st or get SHOT in you A@#!!!!!!!