Marcin Gortat says he will fight through broken thumb

Phoenix Suns center Marcin Gortat broke his thumb in the team’s preseason game against the Denver Nuggets on Tuesday night, and while he’ll sit out Thursday’s rematch against the Nuggets, he will likely be back in the rotation come Monday’s season opener, according to Paul Coro.

Coro reports that Robin Lopez will start in place of the Polish Hammer. However, Gortat said that he’ll be fighting for his starting spot come the regular season opener against the New Orleans Hornets.

“I’m going to fight for my spot,” Gortat told Coro Tuesday night. “As long as I’m walking and seeing everything in front of me, I’m going to ready to play. I’ll be ready for Monday night’s game.”

Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby said that Gortat will wear a splint on his thumb, and the injury will take two to three weeks to get better, Coro reports.

The injury came in the second quarter of the Suns’ 127-110 loss to Denver, and Gortat continued to play, which goes to show that it might not hinder his performance to a great degree.

  • A-ROCK

    The Suns seriously suck, every player looks weak like they don’t even work out, the team is getting older so there is no speed, so where is the teams edge coming from. Who can the coach play that will make a difference, what is the coaching staff doing as far as the training and progress of the team, after last nights game I think the whole organization is counterfeit. The players have been placed on this team for no other reason than to play a game and not compete, it was a disgrace watching them, the bench almost came back and cut the deficit in the denver game. Not to pick on players in particular, but why is robin lopez trying to hustle steals and exhaust himself on the way to defense, then alowing players to back cut him. He is 7 foot play tall. Channing fry is not a player, a power forward, and starting to look like he just had a lucky season making all those threes, why is he out there, if it’s to space other teams then why????? We don’t have amare or no banger down in the middle to do damage and work, the coaching staff need to come up with a NEW SCHEME !!!!!!! What they have has been remanufactured every year Nash has been here and hasn’t been done right since D’antoni left! ITS ALL A FRAUD THE SUNS ARE GIVING THE FANS WHICH IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!

  • Jeremy

    I am not entirely sure on what exactly i just read… Calm down, organize your thoughts and please think of an inteligent way to put them into words… Channing FRYE drills about 400 three’s in 2 seasons combined, yet ONE bad shooting game (and playing your first game in a high altitude setting like Denver is brutal) means that everything he has done prior to that game can be deemed as “lucky”?

  • LakerJuan

    Gortnot cant stop Bynum baybayyy!! Lakers rule ALL!! viva los lakers!!

  • LakerJuan

    Gortnot is weak just like the suns entire roster!! soon we’ll have dwight “superman” howard then we’ll win 8 more championships cuz all da foos want to play for a winner!!

  • ClipperJuan

    No wait I changed my mind!! It’s Clippers all day long!! I forgot that the Lakers aren’t legitimate contenders anymore and haven’t even won a game since getting smoked by the Mavs but I can easily change my generic bandwagon comments to clipshow cuz that’s how we do in los angeles!! exclamation points to show i’m serio!!